Saturday, October 01, 2011


Today - Nov. 1st - following the football (soccer) match Red Star - Radnicki in Belgrade a dozen hooligans ran by me on Slavija square while I was exiting the tramway and one of them spat at me while another tried to kick me (or kicked) me; my pain threshold is low. A company of two platoons of policemen was standing in full anti-riot gear fifty meters away laughing their ass off while I was passing by. Twenty meters further down a young hooligan, around 18-19 yoa, was making a comment: "We will kill him later on!!!" He was referring to me. ThOSE WHO BROUGHT ME HERE are setting me up FOR BLOODSHED without a need to dirty their hands...the link bettween the government and the hooligans is obvious - hooligans sell drugs for some structures within the government...and since what happened to me was never brought in question on both sides of the Atlantic i know what they say goes...iN THE FIRST HALF they succedded in what they were up to: they completely isolated me from the society pinning me down here in the life of celibacy!! I know I can complain to the Pope as well as the plumbing management!ADDING INSULT TO INJURY:THESE MOTHERFUCKERS CANNOT FIND A WAY TO GIVE THESE SALVAGE WRECKS UP TO ME FOR ALL THEY HAD DONE TO MY LIFE, BUT NO, THEY GOT TO BE EARNED" BY SOME SERBIAN SCUMBAG DRUG DEALER FOR THEIR PION COURRIERS. SEND OUT THE NEW COOKIE PUSHER, THIS ONE AN'T WORKING


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