Friday, September 23, 2011


the things happened today. I was waiting off a bit to post here, I needed some time to cool down. whoever reads my life story will see why and how unsuspecting people become the enemies of the state. USA created my problem and kicked hot potatoes into the hands of serbs who by the way have no clue about anything and esp. not about the love and understanding.
today as i punched in my ticket in the bus 31 rolling down from karadjorjdev park to slavija center city i asked the ticket controller to pose for a photo with my ticket in his hand. the photo i wanted to take for this blog to show how there are some nice ticket controllers indeed. alas, this very young man, around 20 yoa, had second thoughts and straight he went to the three uniformed men - communal policemen - that were standing in the middle of the bus with/for him and that are usually accompanying the total of 3 ticket controllers in apprehending those serbs without tickets in every vehicle. it is the technique of governmental oppression (ratcheting up pressure on pisspoor society) as someone realized how much money there is in tickets and transportation business. it pays off to have the total of six in each vehicle to collect each ride card.
again, if you never had sex come to serbia to see how nice and expensive it is to travel in these prehistoric vehicles where there is hardly ever an empty seat available, and where you can scrub and masturbate against the unsuspecting fellow passengers, cos a number of times you are in their comfort zone and where you can die from ACs they built into these old wrecks but at all times they are turned to maximum. so if you sweat a lot like me or have cold you can die travelling with gsp belgrade.
anyhow, this young fellow complained to these three men in black and soon i was surrounded by the total of six: three communal policemen and threee ticket controllers even though i had a ticket and everything. i exited the bus and they followed me because they wanted to fine me since i took one photo!!!! apparently, i was not allowed to take a photo because by doing that i was preventing the official person of the government (according to the new bullshit serbian law) - a ticket controller - in doing his business. tiny bullshit serbian style. to cut the long story short: the problem was that i took a photo. now, they wanted my ID and threatened with 60000.00 dinars fine. well, i just snapped a shot and while i was surrounded i snapped some more. i told these "gestapo fascist soldiers" to leave me the fuck alone but these three started following me like wild dogs as these communal policemen are shitheads without guns and reason who like to show off against innocent and powerless citizens. it is like empowering security guards (in USA) or black water men to play cops on the streets. serbia has become a poligon for many imposed western bullshit, but on the contrary, i have not seen these things in USA, perhaps they stem from Germany. i think it is possible that one Pinkerton S/O becomes a street cop on duty only in video game but bloody germans probably told serbs they need to impose this bullshit to join EU. after this, i do not want to join EU. Fuck you bastards! I will never vote for you. communal police not only presents a shock to the system but these guys are usually poorly trained bunch of wackos who are here to enforce goverment bullshit. USA does not have this piece of shit spending governmental money for nothing. and, what i hate most about them, they all came on duty knowing someone from/in the government. they were not meant to do this job, but came because it pays well for doing nothing and they are well connected. i can only say they are the far-end personal guard of our president who has nothing to do with democracy. before, in times of milosevic, you could complain about nondemocratic government and USA would understand it. now, even though these "modern" democrats are much worse than milosevic has ever been, you cannot complain to anyone about those who impose, tailor and twist laws as it suits them for they are the sons and daughters of those in power. by looks of these troika (the three) i''d say one was jewish, one montenegrin and one was serb.
if i was not intelligent USA would never put a smoke up my ass big time style like they did, and i could be the real pops (talking bout the pecking order here, nothing else) to those serbian uniformed bastards who now i was confronting at the very center of the city which is slavija square. (even though, i deem i am more intelligent, without connections i could never become not even the lowly communal policeman) at that time, today, they were threatening me with some big fines and i told them i am calling the real cops. i proceeded to the middle of the major avenue and stopped the traffic and i could die doing this because i barely avoided some crazy drivers who were poised to get me. i could have gotten killed because i stood on the middle of the major avenue in belgrade due to these serbian bastards. i did that because i felt i did not do anything bad. and still i was followed by the pack of these maddened hyennas. my right was to take a photo. i wanted to attract some attention and by that - the witnesses because they were really talking about the big bucks here in fines - for nothing - there were three of them and i was alone! WAIT THERE WERE FOUR OF THEM BECAUSE THIS POORSHIT YOUNG TICKET ASS CONTROLLER WAS FOLLOWING US AS WELL - JUST CHECKED THE UPPER PHOTO - I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! NOW IT BOGGLES MY MIND WHY- PERHAPS TO WITNESS FOR THEM WHICH PROVES THEIR INTENTIONS AND THE "SERIOUSNESS". fuck you boris tadic, you bastard!!! fuck you united states! i told them this an't communism no more and i did not want to give them my ID. they started citing more fines they were going to slap me with. they were still there!!! finally they gave up and left because one of them made a call to someone "impohtant". men i was so pissed off i started yelling fuck you serbian motherfuckers. fuck your serbian mother all over the slavija square. and a lot of people saw me and looked with hatred in their eyes. i will never appologize for this, as again i feel tons of pure hatred around this city. bad energy is so empowering that i believe the end of serbia is near somehow, i do not know how, but the country who has so much of such hatred inside of it and bad ignorant people in law enforcement and at power is doomed for the pits


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