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There is not any authority who can tell them to stop. I cannot even go to the bookies to make a small time bet since sometimes the space is filled with young hooligans who swear obscenities "at his dead bulgarian and turkish mother" from half a meter away behind me. They have no principles and when I am turned with my back I keep thinking not of these Serb hooligans and whether they will throw a potent acid into my face but I think of Drexel University (as well as the University of Pennysylvania) where it all started back in 1995 and I wonder what kind of monster thinking (there...) could have ruined one life - my life since I am going through the real Hell since 1995.
I hope these bastards and bastards who own Drexel U. and U. of P. learn what is the true wrath of the Lord. If you think they cannot do that in Philadelphia please see a movie call Trading Places, that's what they did it to me (the similar thing). The only difference is that I was unable to fight back as the movie hero did. They have destroyed me. It was their victory and my story is without happy ending.
Do I owe anyone anything to be treated this way for 16 years?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I an't going nowhere. What idea of coexistence Serbs have when they keep callling me this or that. "Look at this or look at that!!!" Hardly anyone knows my Christian name, I am usually the IT like in George Groddeck's book! It's safe to say, the only fair play person I could meet around here in Belgrade is Novak Djokovic, he is a totally all right guy. They are simply not allowing me to coexist in the same country.

Now, imagine anyone having to put up with the hostile 1/10th out of entire Serbian population on daily basis. I mean, I have been feeling like shit for years being unable to organize myself to do anything right and esp. to start a new family. This injustice is highly distressing...Let Him Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone. HOW IT WOULD BE IF SOMEONE WOULD MOLEST THEIR CHILDREN ( IN SCHOOL ) OR THEM DAY IN DAY OUT AGAINST THEIR WILL AND WITHOUT ANY RESERVATIONS. I PRAY THE LORD SHOWS THEM HOW I FEEL IN MY SKIN BECAUSE OF THEM. THEY WON'T BE VERY HAPPY IF THEY SURVIVE THAT. I ALSO FEEL THE INCIDENT IN THE BUS (SEE THE POST BELOW) WAS SET UP BY THOSE THAT RETURNED ME FROM AMERICA IN 2002/03...
I would not mind if atomic bomb would selectively (though impossible) destroy all those Serbs and Americans that are the hating monsters? This involves many, from hooligans to police. I always ask, what do I owe Serbs to treat me this way? I was born here, I grew up here. Serbs rank among the top international criminals and druglords, why are not they - both Serbs and Americans after them, why are these cowards after me plus they are instigating the human garbage, criminals, all kinds of scumbags and lowlifes, hooligans as well as "seemingly" moral citizens to pick on me? Many of them hate also President Tadic saying that he is Croatian Ustasha (see http://www.serbiancafe.com/ discussions, topic: politika) because of the origin of his mother. I think Tadic is a joke, since it is not freedom if someone is ruining my life and by that I mean that malicious rumors of all kinds are preventing me from living free and that there is not such a force that can stop these rumors and crazy people that are allowed to mentally and physically torture me, see only the post about the ticket controller who went berserk below. Tadic is the joke, because he cannot do anything to prevent or stop that.
Noone can do anything to stop them. Even if God looks upon me and I win one million dollars on the National Lottery there will come one hating holligan or police officer tomorrow and throw a caustic soda into my face. Who taught them to hate me? They turned their hatred to the extremes in the process because they are extreme. Someone put me into their twisted thoughts. I would want so much that he, she, or them pay the ultimate price together with their families same as they did mine!!! There is no justice. For me it is the life of fear and those who did it will never acknowledge it. Only God can judge them and hope God does. I am asking do I owe anything to anyone? I think it is the biggest blessing when you are innocent and they are attacking you. It should backfire on them and their kids. IT is the only way. Someone has to pay for it. For the blood of the innocent and unborn children since this is not the life I wanted neither I did deserve this life without a possibility to found a family. I had one, but the Americans destroyed it. These Serbian hooligans AND VARIOUS OTHER sERBS THAT ARE NOT ALLOWING ME TO HAVE A PEACE OF MIND, if they ever found one family OR HAVE A FAMILY, I am sure their kids will be the madmen or drug addicts. Someone akin to them has to pay for the blood of the innocent ones.

Serbian Minister of Police Ivica Dacic said it well tonight (Sept., 30th) on B92 INFO Channel News' vis-à-vis interview:"Under the pretext of fighting terrorism a number of human rights are suspended in the United States." This is exactly what happened to me. Perhaps I bought something from somebody (who was under federal surveilance) on ebay back in the 1990s, but my basic rights (to live with my family, to procreate, etc) were definitely suspended in America, and now in Serbia I am prevented from even establishing my rights in the same sense of the word. It appears, I cannot be Born Again in this lifetime. I took it, someone also has to take the consequences for my ruined family.


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