Saturday, September 03, 2011

the bottom line

the bottom line, here in serbia: i feel like a jew in modern palestine. even though i got the savvy, i would not be allowed to even suck dick if one asked ex milosevic ministers like mrkonjic and current political line up, etc. thus no gravy and no low you can go here, it is a continuous free fall with no rock bottom in sight

i can be prohibited (yes), slandered (yes), two bob bitted (oh yeah) and WASTED (hell yeah, an't much time left to think about it so scramble and do it now yall motherfuckers, bullet in the head CIA signature style shall do).

i can finally find out who was the angel of death - the retard - that had sentenced me to oblivion and why (nay)

hope god will finally provide me with some leverage to kick some ass

other than that, i look around, belgrade at night, even the two blinds - young man and young woman - had found each other, there were eight couples kissing around me at one spot this evening only!!! about me? after nine years, i can officialy declare my situation - the loser!!! it is a shame mighty united states of america took on the greatest serbian loser of all times. they should have nothing to brag about if they do not want to come down to my level. they should have taken on some serb in better standing and then brag about something. i could only say, that 95% of serbs are in better position than me just having the social life and their freedom while i could only add that whatever happened to me and whoever initiated it, it could had been only a politically motivated thing. half of my expanded family is dead now because of the interim circumstances, i believe even dada vujasinovic was killed because of the same last name. there was only one man in power - that was slobodan milosevic and everyone else was working for him : draskovic, djindjic, seselj, everyone, you name them... they had only put out a make believe theater show for stupid people to see the difference that really was not there/they were all pissing into the same pumpkin/. now, if i had known then like i know now, i would have kissed milosevic's ass wherever he'd go just to be left alone by the serbs (and likewise the americans). period . shiftiness is the quality in serbia as it is in united states of america

trivia: someone told serbs i fear red light from the handheld bar code readers. now, everywhere i go the salesmen are pointing them at me and into my eyes like toy guns to check and satisfy their curiosity if the rumour is true. i do not think these tools are totally harmless, but it is okay if it happens once or twice each week, but it is happening almost everyday everywhere i go - in different stores. i am sure at this frequency i will be blind soon. in addition to that i am sniped from at least one neighbour with a powerfull military class III laser and recently i got eye burns, while entertaining a friend and sitting outside. it is dangerous for me to relax outside the house in the peace and quiet. thanks george bush, thanks mr. ashcroft for packing and sending me to serbia and sentencing me to these unbeliavable things. it was ashcroft's name on the warrant that ruined my family in the first place. thanks much guys. then, for some reason some serbs are playing an okay-sport-game with me, they are all smiles, however, as soon as they turn their backs on me you cannot trust them; after such pretending i overheard a maxi store guy and his manager saying "i should have punched him in the fucking face".....why's that ?!! i think most of these pissed off guys are kosovar serbs and montenegrin serbs from southern serbia. i still have no clue what is behind this behavior and perhaps i should say the unpredecented and unwarranted hatred.

i guess, since i cannot continue having normal life in serbia and there is no other place in the world where i'd "start again" i guess the only way for me is to arrange - a half decent albanian girl (Hala Gorani Rules!!! one like that), since there is no nice way to even begin thinking I will finally meet one 1/2 decent serbian girl EVER and live in peace and quiet! Motherfuckers! They did some nasty spec-ops psych warfare on me before and after exfil. Just want some peace and quiet.

also, i wonder why several low key guys that are engaged in antique and collectibles trade in serbia - like me - are well respected in their neighbourhood, and when i come to see them i also see multiples of people addressing them cordially and politely by name saying hello etc and since i can fully relate to them - i am not politician, i am not ruling masses, i don't steal and otherwise i am not much different than them, perhaps even more successful although i do not have a family now like they do (about the only difference) - i cannot grasp how come serbs hate me like i am albanian (serbs unofficially hate albaians, croats), animal or something, if these were not the doings (aka lies) of some jealous neighbours i wonder - noone ever told me why am i different than many. if these were not the doings of CIA who is pushing serbs against serbs in its secretive ways. noone ever pointed out to me 'this you should change in your behavior in order to earn some respect from the people'. no, noone ever did. however, the difference is - the guys i know do know who addresses them on the street and i do not know why those unknown to me, the masses, hate me. what first comes to mind is the organization, someone had to organize this hatred and then what second comes to mind is CIA, this must be the answer. only they have the logistics and money to play this stupid game with one individual. they were probably sketching it for singling out eastern european spies and it all broke down on me. i suspect it all has to do with united states of america - this bitch country that ruins and spoils everything in life - if i did not go there and if i pledged my allegiance to and sided with slobodan milosevic i would have been 10000 times better off with my intelligence and i would have gotten all of the serbian respect in any possible way whatsoever. i would have been the king. when i see all kinds of human feces, from drunks to college students, that cannot stand me on the street it comes to me to wheep and make slobodan milosevic out of mud. everything i originally thought about who was right and who was wrong was all wrong and one big lie and i am sorry for it.


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