Sunday, August 28, 2011

america rules serbian ass and i an't okay with it

today is the huge christian holiday and i am looking at these postcommunist serbian garbage and their behavior. if ten serbs are okay with me on daily basis then the next three will spoil everything and i will forget about anything good i experienced.
i do not owe serbs anything. in that sense, esp. young serbs behave as i owe them something. for some reason they are full of spite.
the major problem is i get recognized on the streets and these motherfuckers keep evaluating me all the time and taking stance and attitudes against me. i do not know any single one of them neither i know who gives them the right to mind about me. for example, they are getting too close for comfort, assuming menacing looks, spitting, talking shit or staying behind in kicking positions, etc. this is happening on daily basis and it is nothing knew to me. they for sure would not like if i came into their fucking apprtments and start spitting and pissing on their floors et cetera. they are in my life all the time, in my private zones all the time, and i do not like it one bit. one even grabbed my private parts in the bus 39 today. i should have killed that crazy bastard - a basketball player with eyes full of spite, hatred and stupidity but they turned me into a very numb victim. my threshold for reaction has lowered many times.
i am on the lookout all the time but since these fucking city is very crowded i cannot make a good judgment all the time concerning who is going to attack me and who is just posing as an attacker.
serbs think they can behave like the united states of america. i mean america took ghadaffi off power, a legit leader who awarded $3000 scholarships to anyone deserving, while 5 gallons of gas were cheaper than one liter of water. soon lybians will be making their leader out of mud but there won't be no freaking ghadaffi no more. however, i am talking americans! strongest power in the world, they can do whatever they want, kill whomever they like. no questions asked, no responsibility whatsoever. they ruined my family and life as if i were a piece of shit. after 8 years i do not know why and who did it.
it was my mistake i went there in the first place, did not fit into their culture 100% and so i was punished by the wasps in the most brutal way.
but who the fuck are serbs? what world power they represent?!! it is absurd!!! who gives them the right to treat me in similar way!!!!
serbs act as if they were the americans. it is obvious they would like to kick some ass, not selectively. to be honest, in comparison to americans they are the piece of shit like me. american idols for the young serbs i am talking about are gangsta rap stars and black movie (will smith), white and latino trash like scarface, godfather movies and black basketball players, or the serbian nationals. what i am concerned about - since there is a language barrier - what comes through to their minds are bits and pieces of lyrics and messages, simple words like to kill, maim and steal - then, they will not understand why jay-z or tupak are thinking that it is good to kill or steal. they only see al pacino is shooting people, but they do not understand why - they just like the character. on the other hand, i am the character they do not like. it is good that americans kicked me out of their country, we just do not fit together as the individual and the nation. i do not want to be associated with america in any sense whatsoever, same for serbia. the greater percentage of serbs can never fit into the american mainstream but they gave themselves the right to kick me around. i think it is the good servants thing. they assume the master would like them to continue kicking me around and so when someone told them jazzed up stories about me they accepted their roles. it is like turning lights off and on by clapping hands, very cheap tricks from basic electrotechnics 101. but those that do not understand how cheap they are are thinking it is the next big thing.


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