Thursday, September 22, 2011

serbia no more

i have a few friends around me but some of them are hateful police snitches and police was the one who killed prime minister djindjic it turns out, all top managers there knew about the hit. now what happened to me in the bus in the post below seemed well prepared and provoked by those that got me back to serbia in the first place. most likely because of this blog serbian secret service got involved and added a notch of that ole serbian conspiracy. the behavior of that guy was not normal. i guess i was proclaimed rightless in usa and they (who are they? ) are using it to do with me what old greeks were doing with the criminals - dissecting them alive - although i do not have any criminal record. well, fuck them. i was tipped off by the very good friend that the judge and proceedings will be a set up just like they did me in usa - kafka's process style - either the serbian police was ordered that by the united states' fucks or they wanted to play masters of fate on their own turf. it appears they want to send me to prison and fine me although i was the victim without a doubt. but i will fight fire with fire. i hope there won't be serbia as it is no more at one point of time...why? cos i have not done any harm to anybody - and what they are doing to me is priceless.


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