Tuesday, August 02, 2011


if there was anything i was good at, it was uniting united states and serbia around one thing - me. evil people have not got consicence. how bad would i feel if i was in the place of these serbs and some americans that are provoking me on daily basis. they had been calling me king or the king (???) even before i returned. serbs keep looking at me like i am some kind of world wonder. perhaps i am the inspiration for outcome of some awesome and great energy bringing the spirit of the world into their minds.

thanks be to sweet Mary and i praise Lord Jesus - serbs have extracted me from their national caucus - Amen to that. on the other hand, some americans wanted to make a real life remake of trading places jazzying it up on the go without any reasonable script. they got bored now handing a hot potato over to serbians poised to make the mess of my life completely for their idea of fun is to chase me with lasers and pop my eyes out! which practically means i must avoid places where they sell cheap lasers like kalenic market and flea markets [next to Public Transportation and my neighborhood (power military grade lasers)] where gypsies /and those that give them information or the equipment/ and those that cannot grasp the difference between good and bad, right and wrong huddle up.

in america one man has to be dirty rich to have the privilege of living with a nice attractive woman. for many years spent there i did not see the girl of my dreams except what used to be my former wife. in serbia 80-85% men have that privilege - even those that are not making any money, haven't got any looks or mind. that's the privilege of living in serbia although it does not mean anything to me. i can only thank america for bastardizing my life and ruining my family showing to me the life has to be the rolling adventure and that there is another place that can fully replace new york city in the process. that's belgrade, it is seven times more deadlier /enticing?/ than any city in america and it an't boring like philadelphia. still, i am awaiting for some real-time action - can't provoke mafia to get it on me as yet. mr. djokovic has brought the peace and stability to this city and nothing's really going on. i need some action or i'll die. belgrade - that's where i must dress like a bum if i do not want to be the object of serbian evil eyes. when they see me dressed to kill they cannot take it and these dipsticks spit loads of shit at me, which is occasionally worst than what used to be on sex pistols and sham69 gigs i saw on telly. not the kind of adventure i was looking for. and it is contagious, i must be a walking aids monument by now - who never had had /had had/ /becky pls save me or i'll die here/ any sex by the way. but the serbs - they are breeding by sex. initially i came clean to serbia but then the damned united states opened the can of worms on me and as of that time on i cannot escape the serbian ignorance, evil looks, and jealousy, either way it is an awesome adventure dude - you never know whose gonna run into you and start a fight. you may die any time. in that sense, i am posing and they are the real deal, still if they beat me i hope GOd will punish america for putting me into this lockdown situation which makes me pry to publicize this nut philosophy and see if there is gonna be some action soon. bottom line is i canoot find a girl and even if by some miracle i do i still cannot walk with her ignored / not the kind of serb ignorance i was looking for - they want to be the season in everything and i do not intend to be the center of fucking attention or i will break some nose, kick some ass. pussies. as i was looking towards one attractive serb waiting for the tram, "he is under control" said the ticket controller nodding her head at me while the crew of her buddies laughed it away at the tramway stop. this comment affirmed to me that i am being pushed to the brinks of society where different ends barely meet. consequentially, even those pisspoor layers of soc: the gypsies, the drunks, the hooligans, the ticket controllers are raising their hairy legs to kick me around, to have a piece of me. "to be avoided." that's on mind of many serbs. "the man to beat" that's on the minds of all other serb men as i walk down these streets scared for my well being. i feel what a herd of buffaloes feels while crossing over lion's territory. i am that herd of buffaloes. despite that fact, there are several ways i can get together with a nice, attractive serbian girl (80-85%) or not attractive but available (10-15%):

1. in my dreams;

2. if i save her life, or

3. win a lottery and be with someone that wants to be with my money.

like my neighbor said, that thing an't going to happen and i trust her. even if it would happen i would attract more serbian evil eyes, jealousy and ignorance and it would have been impossible to maintain such a relationship let alone walk down these streets. then i would re-need an american help to undermine my relationship again, to make days for these serbian bums


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