Friday, June 24, 2011


day in, day out, year in, year out, some serbian stupid face comes to stand guard behind me, a foot, approximately a foot and a half away and makes some noises, trying to provoke me into violence. just like today did some squareheaded boy, 80 kilos of pure serbian stupidity, twenty some years old as i was packing some groceries in the maxi store (around 16:45) in vojvode stepe str. he quickly ran around registers came up to me, stood just near and started making some noises a foot behind! man, i felt like blowing his fucking serbian head off cos that is what repeats very often to me but then again thought about all of the time spent in prison for nothing for the same fucking reasons earlier. it is obvious that they want something from me. i feel sorry for the croats, they had to put up with the serbs for centuries and no wonder they hate them like crazy. i stem from here but the thing i hate most is provoking someone for no reason and that's what the serbs are doing to me. free provocation is serbian agenda. it is their problem and point and i have no clue what are they trying to achieve with this. sorry croats, albanians and bosnians altogether. i got the same feelings like you guys. serbian leaders are full of shit for they should know about this, and they are probably allowing them or even shooing them into it. i have no idea but to guess what's behind. first thing that comes to my mind is the prime minister djinidjic's murder. it was obivous to me that i was sent as some sort of an american decoy just days ahead of the murder. americans had written me off a long time ago and i know that these provocations started there. at that time i was the legitimate serbian target. serbs are stupid enough to crib american wrongdoings and ignorance cos americans are the biggest racists in the world. so i believe those that are making noises specially for me are linked to the pm's killers. it could be my imaginations as well but it is my best guess. there is an army of those fucking serbs following me around and messing up my life. what i am trying to describe could probably be seen on the security camera of the maxi store and since this piece of shit was recently overtaken by danish or norwegian company (acquisition) the managers should know better than that, they should warn these motherfucking serbian shit that they cannot do what they are doing. i need to have a space to breathe and someone is telling them not to allow me. i would kill all those political serbian leaders that are pushing them onto me. this is not a game or laughing matter anymore, this is a serious thing. my biggest mistake of the lifetime was going to fucking america where the problem started. i'd been million times better off finishing law school as i started and being the lawyer among these motherfucking stupid serbs. back to the topic; i am talking maxi security guys should prevent any potential conflicting situations so i do not have to take pictures with my mobile phone camera of the perpetrators that are following me around and messing up my life. but it is not only maxi, they are everyhwere i go. i hope international judges devastate serbian sport teams with their calls. that is what they deserve, ignorance for the serbian people. i'd like them to assign each devastating rulling in their serbian heads to me. fight menace with menace.
It just shows how powerful CIA is. Applying Divide and Rule policy herewith they made my own nation hate me and me hate my own nation. It is pretty amazing.


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