Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Strange things do happen on purpose

The CIA's mind control perps often lead the subject to believe that someone else is responsible for the harassment, stalking and invasive interference in their lives and minds.

They actually know in Philadelphia what to repatriate means. If the mother country [Serbia, "Motherland"] wanted me back, for Americans to repatriate me either meant that I was persona non grata in USA, or that I was betrayed by Americans, or that Americans [CIA] did not care [let them - "Slavs are Commies", Serbs, "Russians"- kill each other] turning me over to VJ [Serbian Military] which has been actively controlling my life (behind a curtain of secrecy as a punishment for 17-years long desertion) for the last seven years so I have been disadvantaged in many ways, from finding and keeping employment to impossibility of finding a new spouse etc.


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