Thursday, February 17, 2011


USA seems to be a police state where policemen do things that oppose the international law like breaking families apart. This is what happened to me and now I cannot even prove that I had a family. Meanwhile, the likes of Charles Manson can get married in prison and have their sexual life like earlier. I believe also the tornado has more chances to come across junkyard and make a supersonic airplane out of junk wreakage before I could see my child again. This is what type of "democracy" American society is. Meanwhile, USA-Serb related cases: Nastic family and even Miladin Kovacevic were fully and profusely helped by the Serbian state (I am talking millions of dollars) while at the same time I am confronted and provoked by many unknown and sometimes seriously mad fellows on the streets of Belgrade which leads me to believe that somehow Serbian state is responsible to some degree for this what happened (starting in 2002 or earlier) and is now trying to wash its hands off by leading the campaign among the people and spreading various rumors that I have deserved that as a "deserter", "traitor" and so on, but I must confirm these are all false rumors produced at some political, military or "nationalistic" levels that I believe are together with USA responsible for my tragedy. I have been the constant on someone's agenda for 10 years, however, I do not know of any official organization that can maintain such a pressure, unfounded and mostly based on most vicious invectives for years. I would rather opt - it is the human stupidity. The stupidity that becomes crime against one and then I learned that the crime never minds!!!

this is not a wake up call, with it i can only wake up my tormentors to oppress me even harder.
In the local press hub - Sumatovac restAurant - I was passing by some drunken "intellectual" round table as I was laughed off by the crowd with "he got twenty years, we must chase him back to his mother's cunt" /a usual serbian insult: teraj ga bre u pizdu materinu/ and thus inadvertently they informed me of what I was suspecting. I believe it is possible that I got 20 years of something by some secret American irregular court linked in parallel with the American secret societies and unknown to the regular United States justice system and I have indeed, been feeling like living in the jail cell since I got here. I do have some sort of freedom but it is very limited and I had been feeling much more safer (sic!) in that American prison than on the streets of Belgrade where I am constantly experiencing some type of vengeful response on the part of unknown citizens that were most likely tricked into harrasment mode by their political mentors.


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