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Knights of Columbus - DIVIDE FAMILY ET IMPERA - It's true

Persecuted: It is not in my best interest to say anything against the USA, but my pain is simply unbearable. This stain in my book will never fade away and the book is not usable anymore; it stinks and needs to be thrown away. Would wish my trouble only to those that caused it and broke my family. On the other hand, after all of my trouble I am not a Serbian patriot, the job of destroying my family was so well done that some Serbs, I recognize clones of the same type, smile with gusto while passing by, knowing that I have been done for good. Wish they too go to Hell. What was my guilt? I do not think my guilt was political nor, obviously not, a criminal. MY GUILT THAT PROVOKED THE AMERICAN FUROR, HATRED AND SECRET PERSECUTION COULD ONLY BE DEEPLY RELIGIOUS. I AM CHRISTIAN, AND INDICTMENT MOST LIKELY CAME FROM THOSE THAT ARE NOT CHRISTIAN LIKE MUSLIMS AND BOSNIAN MUSLIMS FOR WHOM I WAS TRANSLATING, ANTICHRISTIANS, ATHEISTS, ROMAN CATHOLICS (I.E., 90% OF U.S. LAW ENFORCEMENT AND VARIOUS SECRET POLICE BROTHERHOODS, IT GIVES ME VOMIT WHAT THESE GUYS CAN DO) WHO HATE ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS, AND FINALLY JEWISH JUDGE, THEY ALL ENJOYED IN PERSECUTING ME BECAUSE I WAS “NOT ONE OF THEM.” ON THE OTHER HAND, BEING AN ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN ALSO MEANS BEING WITH THE LOSERS WHO DO NOT SUPPORT EACH OTHER, BEING WITH THE SHEEP THAT OFTEN TIMES IN HISTORY WERE SLAUGHTERED BY THOSE IN POWER IN TENS OF MILLIONS LIKE IN COMMUNIST RUSSIA AND YUGOSLAVIA…

FreeMasons are my Brothers! Just feeling a bit itchy.

TODAY it is 3069 days or 8 years, 4 months, 25 days I LIVE BROKEN FROM FAMILY SOME AMERICANS HAD INTENTIONALLY DESTROYED 265,161,600 seconds 4,419,360 minutes 73,656 hours 438 weeks


Just received a mobile phone call (January 7th 2011, 18:44 on Mobile No. 063 703 2949) with DEATH THREAT voiced in Serbian by anonymous male, 35-50 years of age:
AKO DO SUTRA NE OBRISES BLOG, KLACU TE, BRISI BLOG KLACU TE, ....(repeated in broken up voice several times like the warning). IF YOU DO NOT DELETE YOUR BLOG BY TOMORROW I WILL SLAUGHTER YOU LIKE A PIG, DELETE THE BLOG OR I WILL SLAUGHTER YOU LIKE THE PIG. (repeated several times) Do not know who it was, but sounded very serious and determined. Called from a private number 18:44 on January 7th 2011 (probably using phone booth). Hopefully, this can be traced easily "with the compliments" of the United States of America. I've probably "deserved" it. It is good to know everything that can happen to a regular person and how one's life can be turned to Hell!

Last minute: Trying to smoke this guy out, I contacted some people inclusive of C-pol unit.

Even though they are doing just the opposite in my case -- my message both to Serbs and Americans is this: "Do not do to others what would anger you if done to you by others.", and I live by the golden rule: "One should never do wrong in return, nor mistreat any man, no matter how one has been mistreated by him."
Even though I know One Profits Most Who Serves Best regarding this blog, I could have been writing to amuse others like here:

however, with the not very promising, bright future they slapped on my destiny, I cannot humanize that government force that attacked my family's and my personal well-being so ferociously. Hence, I cannot do any better than write as

go wipe ass with your liberty statue or stop this mental torture and kill me

they can provide 100 technical reasons to explain why they did what they did to me. but it all boils down to one effect, they ruined my life and i did not deserve it. nowhere in the free world, not even in england (a country with probably strictest standards in Western world), technicality does not break the family apart. What happened to American rule of law, a foundation for liberties and for order? Are we going to persecute persons that we don't regard as equal or don't like? Yes, We just had. I mean, "just", I've been going thru Hell for the last 9 years. What US Government did to me equals IN CRIME to what SUN GYM gang did to Argentinian Marc Shiller. Nobody believed that guy when he told his story for it was simply unbeliavable. I mean these was done by the network of people it could not be the case of we made a mistake in his case because we DID NOT KNOW! when I was completely in the system that guy, their judge, Hon. Honeyman, to ruin my life and family all of a sudden in such a brutal way with millions od undocumented and illegal aliens spread across the United States while he obviously took some bribe money under the table from the Colombian-born drug dealer (read in the earlier post below) whom he spared trouble is more than just a swine - this is not a rant just a reaction after 9 years of being hurt - but my that is one of the best Americans, the "judge", what does he represent? I know Larry King and other Jews or Catholics (perhaps my only guilt was that I was not someone privileged in United States like Jews or Catholics are, in other words nothing was supposed to tip into my favor) will defend him to "their last fingernail's worth". i cannot even sue that individual from overseas, since Americans can kill a man, run to united states and be not guilty of anything. i am writing this because i am helpless. all of the human rights agencies in serbia are 100% funded by united states and there is no way they want to understand what i have been going through. Someone should ask Jesse Ventura what he would do to this Jewish freak if he took his kids and wife away from him and set his nation of hungry vultures to brag about it. I am sure any Jew would have done the same to me too if I was Charles Honeyman. I would like to know what synagogue Charles Honeyman goes to only to get the whole perspective of his Rabbi's religious views on family and his Rabbi's opinion on my case. Then I will know how this was done for whatever sadistic reason: They destroyed my dream back there; it was a beautiful dream. All those that took part in it - administration and fraternal orders are legalized mafia that, most likely, under the influence of, most likely, cocaine (successful bust left-overs as seen on tv) AND BLOODY FRATERNAL AEGIS do morbid things like setting people up and tampering with personal data, basically ruining families and marriages, IS THIS WHAT UNITED STATES IS ABOUT THESE DAYS?! someone there thought I would kill myself after they had kicked me out! they enjoyed in kicking me out trying to follow up and see how much I would twist and jerk like a worm in the spasm in missing their country. It is not that I cannot care less, but at least I got aware with what type of people I was dealing with. To their surprise, I am twitching and jerking not because I won't thanks God see their country again, but because SOME MONSTERS there ruined my family. Now, these monsters would like to add some insult to injury, but they cannot, I am looking into the face of death without any fear. If they ant got a clue, I am writing this to provoke these SOBs to do me a favor and send me just one bullet into the head as unexpectedly as from a distance to spare me from this nerve-wrecking miserable life. I see no purpose of life right now. If they ant on drugs and mean cowards they'd do that straightaway out of respect for the one they hate so dearly. This should not cost more than $25000 however the damage I am doing to them with this blog is priceless. They must consider me in the likes of Osama Bin Ladin, Sadam Hussein, Vladimir Putin, Julian Assange and the Palestinians. Once, CIA or FBI paraded me through the airport in NYC with cuffs, shackles and months long hair and beard from solitary confinement, the jeering NYC crowd was yelling "They Got Him, They Got Him!!!" How can you forget that!!? Finally, for the moment back in time, I hope Drexel University and University of Pennsylvania where it all started in 1994 go down the tubes along with bloody Captain Kiefer of Pinkerton’s (who never paid and denied 4 hours overtime, my Gospel); obviously, not a big deal to these fucks but the big deal was to mess the life of one fucking foreigner, all of us against "1 bloody russian", let's go. Hope their hunting arrows back fire on them and their hunting companies somehow.
This guy on current advertisement (seen on my Yahoo account, 23.12.2010) looks like Lawrence Corson's paid intern Ricardo something. Is it Ricardo or similar? Highly specific exotic looks. Lawrence Corson, descendant of Russian Jews, who was my first immigration lawyer did not do much to help my immigration case so I abandoned his services. Many years later, once I got jailed, his paid intern Ricardo something, from Puerto Rico, showed up mysteriously in the prison where I was guarded as if he was weighing something over me. I suspect this whole thing is a set-up and that is why I am naming people, who's whom and from where, because I have no idea why is it happening to me and one's origin and everything about one person may be a telltale sign, a giveaway, as to why. I understand what happened to me to be some form of punishment originating (plotted) on some level of government or by friends connected through nationality or profession. My sixth sense is telling me that this lawyer Ricardo or whatever his name is made some advances to my ex-wife though I do not know if it was in the original scenario. My wife was trying to help me exit the prison and probably contacted every available attorney inclusive of Corson and this guy. It is my gut feeling that one of whoever-put-me-in-there prime intentions was to ruin my marriage beyond repair.
living with my family was the best time of my life. that was the time i was savoring my meals until one morning i woke up with shackles on the orders of this bastard although i never did or meant any harm to anyone. after nine years of hell this scum made for me, even though i let a house spider go by unharmed when i see one, in the ideal retaliatory circumstances (not on this Earth) i would- without any doubt in my mind -squash mr. hon. honeyman and all those involved like roaches. that'd not be tit for tat because their families are unharmed with excess nine years of good time. i am sure these moments will come in between our lives somewhere upthere. those fbi agents or whoever is in charge of family destruction and subversive activities in united states they did not just kicked the can down the road and waited for some else to solve the problem.
Hello, Black is the President. Brother, YOU segregated ME from my family! You CREATED the problem. 500 hundred years from now they'll be doing the same things. Circling. Who cares what happened to slaves in 1700s, who cares what happened to Serbs in 1389 when they too became Turkish, and consequently Albanian, slaves not Slavs! This is honestly chilling. Reality is tough sell for these guys. In other words Serbs have longer history of being slaves than the American blacks while I personally became the victim of American internal purges. In my case Americans went Turkish, I almost feel like a full-blooded Armenian now, they created the problem and REALLY wanted to ruin my family beyond repair. I do not think Americans are jealous as much as they are mean and independent but the Serbs are very selfish and jealous people, always dependent on others; 99% of those that are now in USA went to see their relatives there and rather had a "secured destiny" from there on. So, now, the native -"Serbian"- Serbs that know me well by name and looks cannot stand that I, their marked man, went to USA on my own to even come to some small-time success, but the success nevertheless without anybodys' help; at least I made my family and was one of just a few who said no to war mongers, and since 99% of those young Serbs (teenagers and students which saddens me) cannot even think of trying to make an equally independent move nowadays, their jealous hostility is unspeakable. Every single thing I do that in their view may be some sort of a success gets them off their rocker. They are going mad, trying to spy on me, harass and stuff, just sad way to go for one nation. Driven by unseen hatred, animosity and truly mixed feelings both towards me and USA, they cannot even look at me while walking by. They are very angry. If I was on any Serbian commercial they would not buy that product. My sugar levels are high, I do not need this sort of aggravation next to the terrible issue that has been running for well over a decade with me but I cannot escape it; it's ever there. Their hostility is additionally sparked by the ex-Socialist ministers and businessmen -I do not even want to suggest what their uproot may be. In addition, there is an entire array of those small-time provokers like art dealers from Montengrin clan who would like to see me going out from the art world for good so "they can expand". This was proven on the very successful MadlArt gallery sale on November 11th 2010 when all of my lots were bought-in and my share was 5% off the entire offered lot at this auction. With all of the nice stuff I had and starting bids that is just hard to believe!!! I suspect they found which lots were mine and sabotaged the bidding in various ways. Framework on one exhibited work was even burned by the lighter, most likely on viewing days prior to auction. They completely eliminated my fortunes to enter the art market scene as a dealer. All the while the background of major, major dealers are taxi driver, warehouse worker, security guard and pimp. I spoke to some knowledgeable men and they also concluded that it was influenced to be that way...the little bird has told me it was also the POLICE who ruined my prospects, Mr. Minister Dacic and his Comrades; kamarads who also deal in art as dealing in art in Serbia is allowed or not allowed by the top dealers (some of them are policemen, some nurture strong police connections/alliances) through the mechanism of police horrification.opstruction.relaying false information so I heard the MadlArt man was shitting his pants as they were inquiring about some things, as to Who Owns What, so, btw, consequently they "burned" (art market colloquialism) all of it before the auction started and none of it was sold. They do not owe me some, but if ever there comes a new war, and I manage to become a decision maker, hereby I swear they'll pay me hundred times for this.
If I were a thief I would drive car. With my smarts I would own and drive a lot more by now. Even if I was a stupid thief I would have had at least some small criminal record for 8 years of being in Serbia! This is highly suspicious re their confirmations as they are simply intended to make life for me impossible or at least miserable in Serbia. But no, impolitely rich SErbian leaders put rumors through their sleazy apparatchiks, piss poor social layers like gypsies and young hooligans, the worst kind of all society, that I am a thief and American spy [to that, it is my opinion a posteriori that meanness on the part of some - most? -Serbian intellectuals, writers and publishers equals that of Serb hooligans] Watch him - Beware!!!!!!! Gypsies for example now think that I am worst than them. But all of my family know I am not gypsy and we are not gypsies. God forbid, My last name has nothing to do with gypsies. Enough for the rest of stupid Serbs to hate me. When I see the real riches of SErbia, and they are numerous, should I assume they are all thieves because They all drive and have some social life. I have none. Where is one Serbian thief that does not have at least a whore and I feel I am still a virgin. They are not like me, putting all their proceeds into one basket. In that sense, they cannot find one person to testify that I am not an honest person unless it is someone they may coerce in some way or someone that cooperates with them. They have so many baskets, I am ashamed I ever lived in USA to see that piss poor country. Even the personal American friend of mine who was rich by American standards lived like a hermit in comparison to many Serbs I see now. Where is my car if I got money money of any kind? That is putting up smoke stupid Serbian ass Serbian style. Many Serbs are simply stupid like is the case with any other nation they will simply believe whatever you produce them if it comes from the government, or any other place of authority, even the church. This situation is really discouraging. Where all this money they have came from. Cyprus? Israel? England? USA? Instead of calling me names they SHOULD EXPLAIN THE ORIGIN OF THEIR CAPITAL. SERBIA IS THE COUNTRY WHERE ACCOUNTING FOR WEALTH STOLEN AND ACCUMULATED IN YEARS OF MILOSEVIC's (LUSTRATION) AND POST MILOSEVIC's (DEMOCRATS) DRUNKEN RULE HAS NOT BEEN DONE! There are many Middle Eastern investments into Serbia and 100% of them are suspicious. ThEY do need their usual suspect someone like me to turn public attention away and do things under the table which to them is business as usual. To me, Serbia looks like the heaven in comparison to what I saw in USA and I lived there for over a decade. No, they are not thieves, "they are not stealing my lifetime", but have so much money to make the most "rich" Americans look like some bunch of pisspoor ignorant fools. In comparison to the sort of freedom the money of these guys provides for them in Serbia, American freedom and individual wealth is only a puffed-up joke. No single American I ever saw on television or in private life is in better position than any of these guys I see here, from love life to enjoying their wealth. Word to the wise, if I was to choose whether to become a Roman that lives in Rome, or Roman that lives in Roman Britain guess what my choice would had been.

Just look at me now. guy sitting next to me, the famous painter, is 87 years old, i look much older than him, probably like a hundred and 50 year old. This is what America has done to me.

Look some more, I look like a creep even in comparison to old and used up rockers, because a worry has been sitting on the top of my head for 97 months, that is since September 6th 2002 - constantly:
It is true that one individual can not hold up against one nation, but I did not bring it on; some of them from their administration simply singled me out and took me as the example of their great and demoniac power. Perhaps because I was a maverick. When confronted with inquiries why they did what they did, through their cronies they respond with some unconfirmed rumors, lies because what was not brought before their courts had never happened. What DID happen is that they destroyed my future, my family life and peace of the lifetime.
Emir Kusturica, the legendary film director, dedicated his new book to me with words: "Ili si bos, ili hadzija" - at the Book Fair in Belgrade, October 26th, 010. I believe he meant very well. MOCKING BIRD'S KILLAH
today :::: october 16th 2010 ::: while I was studying some goods, i was pinpricked in the leg by someone early in the morning at the New Belgrade's flea market. it was still dark and obviously the attacker and his helpers acted as a compacted team. there were approximately 6-7 men (hitman, helper(s) and most likely some passersby) fluctuating on the sidewalk behind me or standing next to me (area of 1.5-2 square meters). the time was around 7 AM - i was still groggy and by the time i realized what happened (several seconds) they quickly scrambled, spread and got lost in the crowd. i stood still asking myself was it for real but the piercing pain was there. there have been a great number of gypsies as sellers there but it could have been someone paid by those described below. there is nothing i could do now, but wait to realize if this was infected hypodermic syringe (that someone could have found on abandoned lot frequented by gypsies) or perhaps infected badge someone used to transmit something like AIDS (several months wait for HIV to emerge) or hepatitis (up to 10 years for symptoms to emerge) to me. UBODEN I ZARAZEN!!!!!

follow up::: oct. 17th:: on account of all of my writings, here, at, facebook, and elsewhere i believe the chances are 89:11 (first off, they tried to described me as mentally ill/unstable but failed due to my success with art) that i was indeed infected by HIV virus/Hep C.


when i am in the city, i think i got the problem with 4 out of every 10 serbs. on average. these 4 will do everything to sneakily provoke me the best they can, any way possible. i am lynched mentally day in day out. Belgrade was the first Juden Frei City in Europe and Tito's Montenegrins invented infamous Naked Island - the Serbs, they are the experts. (srbi su od davnina poznate ulizice, dupelisci i Jude - чепуље: Milos Obrenovic - najprljavija mrlja u srpskoj biografiji, marko kraljevic, Vidosava-Vesna Jugovic-Strahinjic, stefan lazarevic, kosta pecanac, penezic krcun, pavle djurisic, i mnogi drugi) I may well be a masochist for staying here, howeryever, George W's shitty terrorists that arrested me are a small time joke in comparison to Serbian covert undercover terrorizing prism, brother. call me a Serbian punching bag, in USA these punching bags used to be called "niggas" but i would change my position with any "1960s nigga" at anytime, no problem. i have been a longtime awaiting American target with name and description. therefore, i am forced to fight my way through life which has turned to pure survival, only i know how hard it is when you have no respect and thus no rights of any kind, how many more broken noses, punches, will be needed dealt till i am finally left alone. it is all because USA made it that way. USA has opened can of worms. i went to USA to seek asylum, both political and military. after i founded family there, USA simply destroyed it by returning me to Serbia without explanation as if they ripped my heart out (when they arrested and held me for months without explanation these stupid assholes called me "Russian" even though I never went to Russia neither though I speak Russian) this was not nicely and silently, but with all of the snitching bells and whistles [WE, SO BORED; THIS IS NOW YOUR TARGET!] straight into the hands of those i had escaped from. milosevic administration. the first thing i knew when i got back, they took me down to VMA to MILITARY psychiatrist (after 10+ years of absence) to evaluate me for depression, competence, effectiveness, and so on. you can guess what she put down on me so i never got a legal job in 8 years and when i got one, three days in a row were my longest working time record. the Serbs thus wanted to make a statement that i was "a dog who switched sides "/some say a pig/ and there was no place for me in the society. every-time someone stood up for me and wanted to get together and be a companion or a sport, these motherfuckers, strong like a pack, harassed that person and I suspect even killed a dozen. Why Am I right? Because Americans are stupid they believe anything these motherfuckers give them. It is so obvious these Serbs are making Americans dumb [world power my ass]. that's how powerful Serbs in Serbia are, I know how they can cover things up since it's been 9 years, their might grew on me ruining my life further and further on and even though I an't laughing my pants off, even though it does not concern me, awkwardly, one side is getting back at the other side that ruined my life. main Milosevic man and successor now is the current Serbian Minister of Police (2010). “Milosevic did not die in The Hague, he was killed in The Hague.” Ivica Dacic was quoted as saying. 90% of those currently in power owe it to Milosevic and communist/socialist party. do i need to describe anything further? revenge is best served cold. this is plain and simple revenge organized by those i thought were my friends - USA and those Serbian avengers that hate all those that did not think the way they do. when they read these lines they laugh it off and intensify their terror, and usually so at anytime i make some progress at anything be it with prospective relationship, job or anything else. these guys are red to the bone same as Americans are incomprehensibly bad and bad snitches too. i am talking with painful experience as my life has been hell. to say america suck! is a compliment; Americans are the most perfidious people on the planet. what they did to me serves as the best proof. L'Angleterre, ah, la perfide Angleterre... If there is an ounce of honor in any American, I swear I'll eat my own shit!


i believe that ivica dacic and his ministry are directly responsible for the murder of Brice Taton, current crime and hooliganism uprising, as well as for what's going on re my showing in the city where i am often confronted by mad crowd and known and unknown individuals who are fed with some despicable rumors to provoke and surge interest in me of all sorts although i have no clue who or why is spreading them. If he meant any good, he would've traced these back to their originators for such individuals are not just a nuisance to society, they are highly dangerous, evil and malignant people. Not even in USA, I believe, I was subjected to such a degree of decadence. It seems to me that they /those who talk/ are also directly responsible for breaking up of my family and are trying now to find some reasons to justify it by painting me in colors i have not been at. It seems to be a real pain for the individual like me to live in countries like USA and Serbia, two almost identical examples of violating privacy and all sorts of rights recognized by the international laws.
on the other hand, like someone said,

You were kicked out from USA by some strawberry Italian shit from around Philly and Hazleton, namely KoC, to put it bluntly, but be ware they'll do you.

if it is true it means that the Jewish judge was their accomplice, assistant or that he was not Jewish at all, like the Jew who turned Catholic. And the strawberry probably means the whistling streetwise sound Italians make when they hate someone. I am now totally afraid of Italians, these secret satans that divided my family to play their orgies, as these sort if one reads history books between the lines, of people are the worst ever, they physically killed CHRIST. They killed my well-being too. It seems as if the Inquisition still flows in the veins of Catholic church. They are the ones who like to ask for mercy and pretend when they are down the tubes, but on the other end, when they are in power they like to command people's destinies. KoC are the Knights of Columbus, same as Masons, but seven times more secretive, powerful, slicker, dangerous and meaner than Masons. Masons never smile, Knights have that evil cynic grin which they repeat which simply sends off we are evil because it is not SINCERE . It simply means that I got involved in all of this because of my Masonic friends - and links with them who in comparison to these boo boo bee-killers are plain honeybees.


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