Thursday, May 19, 2011

master jewish conspiracy - game over

Above: Image of my painting titled Religion from 2009.
One schmaltzy copycat; his name is Borko Petrovic, MFA from Belgrade; stole the subject from me in 2010 after I had posted it on Internet, but missed the point altogether. He titled his work Marakana and his trash an’t worth mentioning for any other reason.
for born again serbs (around 80%) Christanity is synonym for another football team. Their former club was called Tito - Communist Party. They follow the global Eastern European pack and do not fall for the spiritual side of it, but for symbolism. It is tasteless speaking the truth here, even dangerous, as I am often verbally summoned to the asylum by the "public opinion leaders" (one [she] I am thinking of was a guest star on Studio B tv channel today) who cannot believe someone is publicly invoking Christ and criticizing the Jews. "Asylum, let's put them in check and where they belong" they are crying out loud, these global poltroons, although I am the best global player around here. Their peers, the masked atheists in power manipulate the Christian flock by turning them almost into hooligans; to pick on and go after me. For example, two cops were making man made noises today in their squad car (Kumodraska str) as I was passing by as if they were loudly typing something at 129 dB. Their stupidity made me laugh. Surely, I'll continue “typing” my way through these smoky piles of scum. Serb Machiavellianism wants to join European Union touching me by its poltroonic arm. In just half an hour I went out to do some hospital chores, I have seen their frenziedness here today (may 25th, Comrade Tito's Birthday) as someone obviously misinterpreted my writings to them. All in all, these Serbian mamboing and jumboing in the case of me is only toning down the well-made point herewith (see below) unless the Serbs were actually in the background of the decision to destroy my family. Go through passages 1 and 2 below. This nonsense really messes up the focus.

I NEVER CHEATED ON MY WIFE. WE WERE FORCEFULLY SEPARATED BY THE ARMED US GOVERNMENT AGENTS IN SEPTEMBER 2002. AS OF THEN I HEARD FROM THE EX ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS OBVIOUSLY BUMSTEERED BY OUR JEWISH SHE-LAWYER THAT I WAS NEVER GOING TO COME BACK AND THAT SHE HAS TO LET ME GO. I NEVER GAVE IT A DEEP THOUGHT, BUT LET MYSELF BE CARRIED DOWNSTREAM BY DEPRESSION. I HEARD NOW MY WIFE REMARRIED SINCE I CHEATED ON HER. THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUTH, OUR SEPARATION WAS NOT A CLEAN BREAK. ONCE WE WERE MARRIED I THOUGHT IT WAS FOR LIFE UNTIL THE BASTARDS USED FEDERAL FORCE. THEIR INTENT WAS TO CREATE THE PROBLEM AND THEY DID IT WITH PERFECTION. NOW I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH IT, HOWEVER, NOT WITHOUT THIS STATEMENT WHICH NATURALLY WOULD NOT BE IN EVERYDAY AGENDA OF ANY UNTOUCHED NORMAL HUMAN BEING. IN MY OPINION, THERE WERE NO GROUNDS FOR US TO BE SEPARATED WHICH RUINED OUR FAMILY UNLESS THE JEWS HAD THOUGHT I WAS JESUS. FOR THE nth TIME, IT WAS DONE THROUGH THE POWER OF JEWISH JUDGE WHO MADE THE DECISION, AND POSSIBLY ON THE FALSE INFORMATION HE WAS PROVIDED BY FEDERAL AGENTS WHO WERE CATHOLICS (?) AND YUGOSLAV(SERBIAN, CROATIAN, BOSNIAN, ALBANIAN) SECRET AGENCIES AND THEIR CRONIES ACTING IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I WOULD HAVE STAYED WITH MY WIFE TO "LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER". NOW I HAVE GRUDGE AGAINST ALL THOSE WHO ARE BY ANY MEANS RELATED TO \THOSE THAT WRECKED MY FUTURE (WHICH IS MY PRESENT AND WAS MY PAST) WHICH I BELIEVE IS NORMAL (TALKING CHESSY NOW). everybody knew and I have found out just now several years later. my ex-wife is happily married and my child has got a new father. all these years (8+) i lived with mixed emotions thinking that my ex-wife is some sort of the holy nun just going to work and not minding other men as she told me numerous times, in fact she was hiding it from me. and i never went on to pursue other relationship or our separation was a deal breaker in the early stages of some tries. alas, we were forcefully separated. i spent over 8 years in the dark. man! my best years (!), i could have done many things in those years. i was simply blocked out. i am sorry i even speak english, this damned language, i am sorry i am writing this stinky shit at this terrible blog like i had chosen my own destiny. but this blog was what kept me from blowing from inside. i dearly loved her. they separated us all of a sudden without explanation and set up the stage for some jerry springer show; i know the guy she married. (jewish revenge it is, i wrote about how i disliked this fuck's shows while i was married - a big mistake) then again, they did other things i would rather not talk about in the prison trying to show me what they had prepared for me and how the mosaic is going to be completed. now it all makes more sense. it is more than a conspiracy. i do not know what it is, and what was the real purpose. i am not jesus christ if the jews thought so and wanted to humiliate me before it was too late. so what now. to revenge is human. since all those that were doing this ultimate injustice to me were either jews or catholics, do i want that all of the jews in the world and roman catholics die. no. do not even wish anything bad happens to the jewish judge charles m. honeyman and those that were in the center of my misfortune - ordering things. not so because i am not human but because i do not want to be brought up or down to their level where such vicious things originate in minds as they happened to me. two weeks ago i stumbled across the website that a jew-turned-christian priest wrote about this people and what they are about and able to. thinking about my situation, which is simply unbeliavable it is not a surprise. they are hellbound masters of fate and vow to those who stand in their way. they are hellbound masters of fate and vow to those who stand in their way.

Finally, I am relieved that J. and C. have finally sealed my fate and theirs; dii irati pedes lanatos habent . Finally something certain and definite after almost nine years of awaiting for a miracle. This concoction was made possible and set up with the help of some "Yugoslav" monsters there; I can count up to 20 names but won't... lento enim gradu ad vindictam sui divina procedit ira, tarditatemque supplicii gravitate compensat


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