Monday, January 14, 2008

kakvi su to ljudi

last minute news. just got my facebook account closed with final decision over some art i had posted up there. you can see these paintings on, find me by Googling. talking 'bout artistic freedom.

What bothers is that (some or is it plain CIA) Americans are still trying to hurt me like they own some new kind of everlasting slave, like I will ever go back there, it is unbelievable how "powerful" they are still wanting to control me even if I am not in their country. They took everything from me, my future, family, wife, and now they are trying to brag about it before my eyes trying to hurt me more like I will die about it. It would be the same as if they'd chop their heads off and then swung them around their necks showing how funny it is. This is not making any sense, so I can have no feelings in that regard. postoji mnogo zlih ljudi ali njihovo zlo ne moze nikom da naudi ukoliko oni nisu organizovani ili politicari. primenjeno zlo uvek dolazi od strane organizovanih ili politicara, i zato je moja porodica sigurno unistena jednom politickom ili podlom mafijaskom odlukom. there are many evil individuals but their evil can hurt noone unless they are organized or politicians. applied evil usually comes from politicians or the organized ones and this was why my family was most certainly destroyed by way of a political or mafia's decision.

kakvi su to srbi ljudi kad nijedan nije zaplakao nad mojom sudbinom? Christ said, LOVE even your enemies.
Several years after - they are pretending like they do not know what happened to me.

It all boils down to the fact I had not had a decent job in 8 years because I have been blocked out of everything, a continuance of the American prison term. This is punishment and the reason for this punishment is irrational, secret and unknown.

People from Serbia now come in and out of USA freely. On other hand, why would I RETURN to USA where they tormented me in various prisons and did not even say sorry. Who guarantees my safety upon my return? Since my removal was entirely unconstitutional I wanted to get down to the bottom of it and find out who did what and why.

To this day, I cannot with certainty make out who and why except that the main judge who initiated everything was Jewish - Charles Honeyman.

He once stated: "“Visiting Israel was an emotionally charged experience, a personal aliyah to the historic land from which my stateless family and yours fled into exile, second class status and frequent persecution and to which we can now proudly return, celebrating our survival and accomplishments with unprecedented joy and hope.”

By the way, I joined Selective Services to go to Iraq voluntarily. I never took a penny from SSI or any other social benefits I was entitled to. As a matter of fact, I discovered some of the best forgotten artworks and brought some of the best world art to America. I got proofs. If I did not help that country I do not know who did. And for all that I was just shat all over. Nice way to thank me.

Amerikanci su unistili porodicu koju sam stvorio na najpodmukliji nacin. Izivljavanjem. Ne mogu da prevedem tu rec na engleski. Ali to je to, americki stil, izivljavanje -- ta rec ne postoji u recniku ali sam je jako dobro osetio na kozi narocito tokom proteklih godina. Rekao bih da imam prilicno debelu kozu. Doduse, odmah sam ubacio beli peskir cim su otpoceli demonstraciju sile, ali to nije vredelo niti se dobro svrsilo.

Obviously, some American God or Goddess gave me the most horrific of all biblical sentences. The Exile. If you want to find out how horrible it is, try to survive 11 years without a thought that you will ever see your wife or child again.

Hey America, won't hurt you. just want my life back, I liked that life. Do you know how hard it is to find a life you like?

A group of young Serbian gentlemen moved past me today [I wrote this several years ago ] and
commented laughing: "Jebali smo mu majku, ha, ha."
It means they fucked me up so bad, I don't know what's going on,
but I have to say I have no idea what's behind this framed up hatred.
I think the greatest luck in life is to get to know and get accepted by some
good people, and I am lucky to know a few.

The following is some serious stuff that happened to me.
In March 2003, I was in Pike County Prison hoping that after several months someone will finally explain why I was being held in the custody. Guards’ Captain told me if you do not want to go back to your country we are going to sedate you and put you on the plane, so that’s how you are going to go. Then I was taken to Berks County Prison. I believe it was on 5th of March 2003. I was not sure where I was going to and when we got there I was closed off into 1.5 x 2.5 m cell. I forgot its number but it could also be called the case of instant claustrophobia. It’s hard to think of it now, but the closest association is Afghanistan not the United States. Everyone else was allowed to go around the prison halls but I was forced to stay in the cell. The run down cell was without ventilation or it had improper functioning vents. It was filthy with blankets full of pubic hairs from African inmates. The cell was never properly cleaned most likely since it was built well over 100 years ago. Old asbestos paint, lead piping, and all kinds of dust and powder flying in the air, one terrible scene. I could not breathe and I was under distress already. Immediately I started experiencing breathing problems. It was dark. I got no sleep because a voice was ringing in my head, saying “Eto tvoya komnata. Komnata, komnata.” It was like an empyreal message, I do not think in nor I speak Russian. Next thing I know, two special agents came from Baltimore. At that point I did not know what was going to happen with me, but they called me out along with one Russian small time crook who for the time I spent there, approx. 48 hours, kept trying to intimidate me through the door window, making obscene gestures and provoking me as if I was crazy, and that told me this guy was either a crook or an agent, he was there for some good reason. So they told us to go out, and the Russian guy was suddenly on his best behavior, a 100% change of what I had seen of him. Agents cleared us out of the prison and took us out onto the street. They told me [why did I needeth to know it??], "you know, this guy, he is half-Russian, half-Jewish, Russia did not want to issue him a passport to go back so there is nothing we can do, we got to let him go, he is free to go." So, he just walked away into the snow. Just like that. Then, they turned to me and said, "we are taking you to the airport tonight, you are flying to Serbia." Off to the airport. Even though Pike County Prison was 40 minutes away from JFK, Berks County was 6 hours ride. So I was unsure why they drove me all the way down there. To the very last moment, I believe something good was going to happen. I could not understand how they could break me away from family in America. I just thought there was some sort of craziness involved. Next thing I knew, we came to the air-plane meal. I was escorted by the U.S. agents. It was a Czech Republic Airlines flight. A guy looking like KGB agent is pushing the dolly; he is asking me if I want this or that. I said “that” and he gave me that to eat. Okay. I fall asleep. Half and hour later I am waking up choking. I got no oxygen, I can’t breathe. I mean I am about to die. Ten million needles are pricking my brain. In despair I turned to the agent [one of the two U.S. Federal Marshalls who were escorting me] sitting next to me. I said, "hey man, I can’t breathe, I think I am going to die." He told me, "don’t worry, you are just going through a panic attack." And I knew for a fact that it was no panic attack because I experienced panic attack before. This was just something more serious. I then turned to God and prayed, saying, I want to see my family again. And, I believe it was 2 seconds away from death, if I had to wait 2 extra seconds in that kind of situation I would not have made it. It was it, God helped me. Whether high altitude "cephalalgia" happened because of the meal I ate, I am thinking up to this date. At any rate, what I went through could have been an artificially induced severe high altitude hypoxia or hypercapnia. It is a life threatening condition. As a result, I still have a chronic heart muscle insufficiency, a permanent pain in my chest, from that event. It is hard explaining this to Serbs, who got used living in the post-communist country. Under Milosevic, killing was quick. Why would someone go through all of these refined efforts to harm a person is unexplainable to these people in their language.
Double standards : CUT 'EM LOOSE (read image below)
On a hazy spring day of 2002 [right about time when I was imprisoned and tortured both *] in Philadelphia, Police Sergeant caught 4 admitted illegal immigrants thinking they were just the kind of good federal immigration agents would want but he was very wrong. Cut'em loose was the agent's response. Instead, "they went looking for Milos" who was probably the only "foreigner" signed with Selective Services as of 1994 (Texas Rangers applicant, Korean Cpt., Cottman Ave. Recruit St., Philadelphia, as of 1994.) The article goes on to say : local cases are ignored if the person is not from a "high risk"country or a known criminal.
*The highlight of psychological torture in Pike County Prison was when they put me into same cell with some Albanian fellon Selca [saying that he were Albanian Mafia from NYC] who killed a judge and wounded two police officers (was namely serving 20 plus years) and told me "why are you afraid, he is from your country. I thought you guys were going to get together well." The moments before from his prison pants Albanian pulled out and showed me a thick and sharpened end tooth of his comb which he twisted at 90 degree angle away and told me he got an idea of killing me when I was asleep. He said that he was going out soon and that he was going to find my wife and "fuck her". I just did not figure out yet how did he know I was married. American officers were dying laughing to this account.I don't know what makes Americans proud about what they have done to me?


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