Friday, May 13, 2011

insurmountable obstacles, stinky trails

a man was approaching to me from down the street. dorcol, majorily jewish portion of the city of belgrade. i could have seen him grinning for miles. as he was passing by he said: "you won't go back motherfucker. we won't let you go."as the serbian piece of shit continued walking, he started twitching and churning as he probably thought i could jump him from behind.let me be clear here. dead or alive, won't go back to united states. not any time soon nor ever. every freedom, every right, every last piece of human dignity, everything i ever owned was melted down in the pile of kaka there and for nothing. i am more happier with these serbian bad motherfuckers than i would ever be happy in the country that destroyed my life, my dreams. they stacked piles of shit as insurmountable obstacles, stinky trails
so do not mind how will i get there motherfucking serbian monkeys you are doing me a favor


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