Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ships Ahoy!!! When Justice Cometh Upon the Earth

I kept my mouth shut for eight years in fear that the Italian Mafia will rape my ex wife and what not, in fear of another ITalian revenge, but now that she got married to someone else I do not care anymore, Fuck you Gary Barbera. Come to Serbia you Slimy Italian Bitch.

I am not saying all Serbs are monkeys but surely some are into monkey business when I am concerned. In addition, some cheap bitch Serbian Belgrade city skunks are trying to adhere to me, just this stinky scum would only benefit from undeserved popularity if I'd complain about the flavor when they are around. If shunning works for the Amish, it'd work for me too. There is only one guy more popular than me in this country, and it is Novak Djokovic. I would not be able to hide myself here even if I wore wigs and camo clothes like Ana Ivanovic. I recognize many stars around here as I am roaming around the streets of Belgrade. The stars are all invincible, limed and watered down with nothingness. Pure boredom. I do not want to be a star. However, Novak is on the other side of the spectrum, on the other hand, I am despised. Popular and negative popularity altogether. However, he is the only one I can look up to as well, friends excepted. Noone else. There is not such a person in America. I used to believe that some were better than others, for example, Robert de Niro and Bruce Springsteen. But, after what Americans had done to me, I think all of them are worthless idols, there is not an honest to goodness decent person there one can look up to. It's all a monster joke cos what they did to me was monstrous. When they kicked me out, they did me a fucking favor. What bothers me is that they ruined my love, relationship and family in the process. That cannot be repaired. From all sides of that fucking country I was hated. Philadelphian Mafia sniped me when I said something about Gary Barbera's mother. Gary must had been the boss himself or related by blood. Gary Barbera is Chairman of the Pennsylvania State Board of Vehicle Manufacturers, Dealers and Salespersons. About a year ago, the FBI, Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco Agency spent some time removing boxes and boxes of files from his Dealership. Nevertheless, I think at the time I was arrested he and his clan buddies (Cosa Nostra, the Italian Family) ruled Philadelphia. Someone from his Barbera dealership stole or lost my hubcaps and instead of returning them to me, his kapo showed no respect so I said what I said. I said something bad about his mother. Jersey Mafia, fucking Italians, is in cahoots with City Administration, Street and Rendell, Black and White Jews, they are like this. They rule. I have no doubts FBI helped them set in motion a campaign on me. It was not a slap in the face as they sold it to Serbs. Inshallah, the most precious boon is when you are attacked and provoked undeservedly. Somehow I feel I will never meetagain those that do. They pass by and army of those that follow comes up next. Such is the way of the Lord. I am not here to judge people, I do know that the great injustice was done unto me. Everything was taken away. There is no way I can have love and days like I used to have again. I'd like to know what happened to those that did it to me. The judge, is he still judging? I wonder what God ruled after Mr. Honeyman and others did not rule in my favor. They forgave even those that were dealing drugs, but they could not forgive me as well as the Hitler Henchmen. What a company on both sides.


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