Friday, May 06, 2011


- The entire secret of the NWO is that they steal your wife and you have the right to remain laughing..." - Emir Kusturica, Film Director


"i am not crazy. i am watching and listening to all of this. on top of it, i don't know whose victim i am, who claimed the responsibility for me." - M.V.

Everytime I get back from the city there is a lot to think about. There are several layers of Serbs that interact with me. Recalling on instant these are:

1. security guards (1%) esp. those from System FTO Co. and G4S Co. *man made noises

2. Young hooligans and soccer fans in general (31%) *getting tough with me, throwing objects, unsure if mock charging or taking action, possible fight, bat, knives, etc.

as of the time this post was made a cross-breed between older hooligans self-styled male serbian soccer parents in sweatsuits) has chosen different harrasment tactics to escape labeling.

IT'S AMAZING how the most menacing hustlers are trying to imitate/emulate/copycat Novak Djokovic's looks, hairstyle, behavior, comportment, etc like they are on the same level. Noko is my hero too and this has been really bothering to bear.

i caught one of these swines by the name today (may 11th 2011) as i was waiting for the medical results for my father down at hospital. on any given day there are virtually 100s of them, but this one's last name was bulatovic which means he was either montenegrin or kosovar serb, these are the ones screaming for unity but when i came in into the waiting room this little piggy was already alarming his momma. wolf's in or the wrong judgment; momma an't me. in these situations i always say to myself: "Swines, instead of imitating Novak Djokovic and putting your efforts into harrasing me you should be worried of your own misery." i am sure their insides look much like hell. If I had ways to do like these swines are doing in Serbia I'd be the real boss, instead i have to put in 1000x more effort in achieving 1/10 of what these swines get in everything. i must admit they are better than me

Follow up (18th of May 2011) : the best way to disservice myself was writing this post. in a few weeks the number of attackers has tripled, especially serbian hooligans (age 14 - 35 and older) who do not recognize themselves as hooligans. some imitate novak djokovic (style) some don't. most of them most likely did not have computer to find out about my posts. they had to be told by others. this also says something about the IQ of the Serbian Nation. very stupid.

3. Drunks and lowlives (9%) *whistling and spitting - if driving spitting at me from cars in motion

4. Up and coming young bucks (9%) dirty - unspeakable - language targeted at me (repeated, with key ideas, so i know where it is coming from) loud with intention the target can hear

5. Some high school and college students (19%) *man made noises

6. Some pedagogs, possibly some Freemasons (5%) *man made noises, intentional coughing, wierd grimacing

7. Rednecks in suits (11%) *spitting, coughing, manmade noises, acting up manly

8. Teenage girls (12%) *giggling, body jerking, acting manly, looking afraid-like and/or suspicious

9. Old ladies, same as 4. but less offensive

10. Other, non-Serbs, cops (10%) *mean looks, manmade noises, stomping, trying to spray me with windhshield antifreeze liquid if driving by, misc other.

Basically all these Serbs from bums to college professors believe they are smarter than me. They think that I some kind od very very stupid and ugly wacko as it was presented to them wherever they learned about me. They all despise me. I mean, Tesla was not harassed by the Americans, he was harrassed by another Serb Mihajlo Pupin who was most likely beside being jealous of Tesla set off on him by some American, Tesla's competition. For this reason and for accusing Tesla of thievery I think Pupin was miserable sod and I avoid using his namesake Boulevard in Belgrade any time I can. Tesla's merits to mankind are priceless yet his bust at the airport that got his name only recently looks like piece of junk, people say and I agree. On the other hand, I do not want to know anything about any Serb that is trying to "make my day". I do not care about their misery and negative energy they are trying to project on me. I cannot picture myself hating anybody. For example, a guy, the gallery owner that really physically attacked me for no reason when I had entered his gallery later called to apologize and I immediately deleted his name from this blog. I am ready to forget if I have a good reason to believe somebody made a wrong judgement. But these guys they do not even know me and my day is full with them. I should probably write to Boris Tadic, our lovely President, to pay me salaries for working so hard to relieve Serbs off of their negative energy almost every day. I hope people from all over the world will read this and congratulate me for how smart Am I.

speaking out the other side of medal:i am so excited and broken that i was caught up in the crossfire and became the scapegoat for people, the outsiders, that do not even care for what happened to me; they are only capable of adding insult to an injury. other side, of course, cannot care less because they inflicted the wound.


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