Tuesday, July 05, 2022

when attacked by serbian vampires: do not come back unscathed!

if someone can win over my confidence 

after what i had been thru in serbia, 

that person must be the Man!!!

I was at a public event – autograph signing in one bookstore in belgrade (serbia) - this afternoon [july/5th/22] and came almost first and waited for over an hour for the signing to begin. there were a lot of journalists and tv crews and if you are like myself widely exposed to country-wide public stalking and bullying (both are considered crimes) and wait an hour by yourself, it is important who is standing next to you, and if, above all, they are normal people that won’t bother you … and yes these guys were super normal. I felt much obliged for their normalcy and would like to thank them somehow for being nice, normal and leaving me alone to take my time in peace. however, as this was in the crowded bookstore all of a sudden, I have noticed one person leaning over my shoulder like the vulture, he also looked like the vulture or vampire. he sneaked up on me from behind and it felt like as if he was sucking and draining my energy for a while, when I noticed his face close to mine and paid attention, he quickly moved away so it was a giveaway sign he meant business. sometimes in serbia some people make me feel as if I am surrounded by black magic shamans and tribal zombies without any manners. if I have to choose one moment in this event that would make my time worth waiting, I’d say it would be a presence of a fascinating latino looking woman, which was a candy for the eyes. on the downside, I felt burning in and around eyes, and it is possible that someone sprayed something into air or pointed a device at me but I did not see it, or may be I was exposed to UV auto focus rays from many cameras for long, I cannot be sure about the source / origin of my skin / eyes burning which is pretty painful now. when you are by yourself you cannot cover all bases in well-crowded place and I have been out of focus recently. I’ve read in the news there are crazies in Serbia who go around spraying their sperm on others, but in this particular country without rules, ethics and morals, it could even be something more sinister. on my way out, as the line was stretching for several hundred meters, I came across several unknown Serbs who were stepping out of line, some coming at me and some trying to get into my face utilizing some ugly bullying techniques from the old repertoire, but they apparently discovered that I was not prone falling for their ugly tricks. I stood my ground like the real winner (in the end) staying true to the commandment I wish I was given by that nonexistent soul-mate: do not come back unscathed! yes, i have more spiritual scars as of this evening coupled with the physical ones, as it has been described herewith. somehow i am enjoying the rain that came next, it is like the gift from the L.A.H. : the Lord Almighty Himself. no things happen without a good reason ... earn my trust!

Monday, July 04, 2022

on bad things in culture happening here ...

boy was I stunned when for the first time I read comments left with posts herewith by various people including death threats from Serbia. I was just in a mood to write a love story, a novel, but these comments brought me back to life.

my habitat – Belgrade, Serbia – is rather minute one in comparison to the USA and many people have complexes and hate everything that sports and supports the Western culture whose centers are far away and a large portion of Serbian people cannot reach those and judge for themselves what it is like being in the West. so there you lose at least 85% of support on a head start. in addition, national sport is dick sizing and it happens in minds of many men so you will be immediately compared to someone you do not even know and be happy if the sarcasm and primitive humor avoid you in general. a number of people has huge ego inflated on fluff base and if you are a new leader you are promptly accused of anything by those who do not even turn on their rationale if supposed they had one. egos are so overinflated you expect them to blow up at any minute as you are gasping for air. then in order to survive many people are in defense mode by showing their negative traits and sides like porcupines so you will never experience true sincerity here unless you spend years with someone to find out who they really are and that is the waste of time. until you find out on deeds, you also never know if these nasty people are fakes or scumbags.

the minute you make a good artwork or piece of poetry in Serbia you will be accused of faking or stealing it and someone is going to claim the authorship. that is being so unless you are backed up by the Serbian government which means that some most likely criminal clan is pushing you forth. so, I write my stuff in this ugly way, so many countrymen would not even touch my writing with a ten-foot pole. if you are completely original like myself then you are a toast. in addition, to make a point and sabotage this serbian habit, I intentionally did some appropriations and interventions on other people’s work, mainly on photographs and it is obvious where I did that; my goal was to laugh it out. needless to say, I am very proud of my writing and I would never take anyone else’s work and claim it as mine … as is the case with many locals who buy college and university diplomas to get better jobs … it is not the small time issue in this country and it is almost accepted as something that is expected.


Saturday, July 02, 2022

belgrade (serbia), july 2022, experience ...

i think i am in a special mood these days, probably in love,
i do not know, and esp. since i am a triple or may be even a four time cancer in horoscope; i am more prone to hurt and sensations than anyone else in this time of the year. this morning as i was waiting in line to pay for groceries at maxi supermarket on autokomanda square, an unknown to me  serbian man in the line in front of me got itchy in my presence obviously trying to figure out how to unnerve me and inflict some pain and there he went spotting an ice cream box and when i was not looking, i did not know what he was going to do, he had to slam its lid so my ear hurts even half an hour after. i bet that made his day as my exposure here and green light for public torture and bullying are something that not so many individuals would survive for more than a week let alone years. when you realize that you have so many enemies in one land that has no more than five million people, it is soul crushing. it is the Man above who directs who are you going to meet in this lifetime, and obviously he is letting me come across the worst kind of Serbs without any simplest sense whatsoever. i do not feel that Im on any mission here unless it is called temptation. i have not even met that partner for living as yet and only occasionally i come across kind and true Serbs that sometimes bring a light into this tunnel and mess or better yet this outer office to hell. 

Friday, July 01, 2022

won't read this 1 as I, as of recently, usually do so Im putting it up here ...

luda vučica ponovo jaše
po kavanama sad bejava ale
obrće igricu, gazi oranje
muža ne prepoznaje
govori: ne znam tko si
ja sam pijana, umorna sva
i nemam za tebe vremena
u društvu je bednika
koji žele da pokvare igračku
i pobegnu, odu
moja, a ko da nije moja
ipak zbog nje
pesnik ne bi trebalo
doista smatram
da odgovara za svoje postupke
ako bih se koji slučajem
odrekao i džordža
džordža vašingtona
i vinsenta van goga
i nikole tesle
i karadjordja
i noleta
i deda mraza
zbog nje
- miloš vujasinović, juli 1, 2022.
note: in this poem, i used some words purposefully ... even tho they are not in the colloq. Serbian.


Monday, June 27, 2022

preventing a heartbreak (newly executed poems, 2022)

dedicated to Her

you may see her face in every fleeting passerby
turn around to make sure it was not her
she might be somewhere else or there
in every image popping up on facebook
you imagine swapping words with her in diner
under the moonlight ... with candles, romance, jeez
will it ever happen ? and if so, when so ...
will she be with you - under the boardwalk ?
as the tom tom club even vows it on air
and then you just have to take it like a man
hoping and praying, the time will wait
and when all things begin to dissipate slowly
alas, you get to realize your fate
fairy tale endings, uh-huh,
 do not ever happen in Serbia

- milos vujasinovic (june 28, 2022)

Sunday, June 26, 2022

new roles order / just got ticked off (allegedly testing a free speech)

belgrade [serbia] june 26th 2022: this land is so small, if they do a recon and know what you recently bought and have in fridge, they can go to factory to custom make the same, let's say a Coke sparked with the cancer-causing dirt and then do a diversion in the heat of the night and swap it. yesterday I opened a can of Coke and took several sips, about two fingers of Coke, in the dark until I figured out that it was fizzing like crazy as if it was spiked with something. I took a video lasting over five minutes, a Coke in the glass did not stop bubbling like the stuff in it was boiling. these several sips gave me an immediate diarrhea and my throat has been hurting as if I drank acid. what if I had the entire can? If this was what numerous Serbian countrymen have been trying to alert me to by raising drinks and drinking whenever in front of me, I cannot thank them enough, but if that is the sign of something else, I challenge anyone as Im ready to do a simultaneous staring and drinking contest right away … it is all in Lord’s hands, Im pretty sure I would be the winner in the end … and whoever turns out to be the chicken - his sight, body or hands will shake and tremble. if I do not drink in Serbian restaurants, it is because I do not trust my countrymen. I do not even know who are the people that are harassing me in public, for all I know these unknown men could be the owners or the workers in these joints. whenever I drink as a guest that means that I have a complete trust in the owner or worker otherwise I let it go because Im pretty sure a large number does not think the very best of me, so I do not want to be the scapegoat for nothing.

today I witnessed two events whose directors must be the heads of serbian clandestine agencies dealing with potential enemies of the Serbian regime. in the first one, as I was making a left turn on Bulevar Despota Stefana (in Belgrade) an individual, probably an undercover cop, stood on the sidewalk pretending to shuffle an invisible deck of cards in his empty hands. the message was obviously a gambler or gambling. since I do not gamble, as I do not trust my countrymen; I only occasionally make small time tennis bets with registered bookies; I think this act is connected with the following message that was perpetrated half an hour later -- as I was exiting maxi supermarket parking lot on autokomanda square in Belgrade I passed by a car with Montenegrin plates whose driver was acting as if he was shot dead in his driver’s seat. the position of his body was quite indicative. I think one can get the idea and that is the imminent murder presented to the public as connected with gambling activities. I repeat I never gambled in Serbia nor I would ever gamble with any inhabitant of Serbia or this region.

several months ago, most likely the government here, again, set the highly unpleasant encounter with an allegedly dangerous and vicious guy who is the leader of the government sponsored notorious gang. luckily, this event ended without any victims or huge losses on either side, but Im not sure what is next in this country that stinks of communism. it seems as if a number of people is all about some stinking business out here. it makes you throw up, or the custom-made drinks will make you throw up …

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Serbia : post covid spitting and coughing – S.O.S. to the world

following up with more facts and thoughts on my post from yesterday, today I went to buy chicken at the maxi store at 97, kumodraska street, Belgrade, and a deli man actually spat on his fingers to open up a plastic bag and then took chicken with that same hand to place it in it. he said all the best to you with a little bow so I was unsure whether he did it on purpose to unnerve me or he is just like that. anyway, I took the chicken to the register and said that I did not have enough money so I just bought the newspapers. I then proceeded to maxi store on 115, vojvode stepe street to buy my chicken there. and there everything was all right until I got to the register …  

the local man familiar to me from being around and who runs the small business nearby – see images enclosed herewith – and who unprovoked in the past showed animosity towards me on at least one occasion, came next in line behind me and started jerking his feet as he was going to kick me, all in the similar fashion the other person was doing last night in different maxi store, as described in my previous post. when I gave no reaction and cashier went to exchange some money, this tall man then lowered himself and literally leaned his elbow on the register where my purchase was standing: one chicken, four avocados, one Kozel dark and six more newspapers ( I needed additional copies as a demanti article I wrote was published in it), and started intentionally coughing all over it … as we were waiting for cashier he continued coughing all over my purchase waiting for my reaction; the purchase was approx. 20 (twenty) inches away from his mouth and he was not even pretending that he was not doing it on purpose … I could not believe my eyes … I was thinking I was going to throw away the plastic bags in which the groceries were packed as soon as I exit the store. also, I knew any altercation including violence would bring possible charges and lawyers’ fees in excess of thousands of US dollars, a small fortune. so how to protect myself from these worse than animals Serbian comrades I have been asking the world, please guide them if you can and show them the rules of living on this planet. I think impossible! I think the existence of higher powers must be brought to light in Serbia once as these guys recognize no authority but the local post-communist regime that obviously allows this harassment, stalking and persecution to continue … later it came to me, i think i should have left the store without making the purchase, i would have felt less consequences

when i was looking for address to his store this evening, i was amazed that this person is coincidentally portrayed on google images as well ... the address of the simpsons bakery (pekara store) is 111, vojvode stepe str, belgrade, serbia, so his business, next door, must be (or must have been if it is not in function) 109, vojvode stepe str., belgrade, serbia