Friday, December 01, 2023


coming to think of it, the strangest things were happening to me in the meantime including the insults and attacks coming from some art clans and moblike figures as well as the musician-turned-conceptual artist vladan radovanovic

recently I tried to break the feud Madlart Auction House had created in 2015 after the famous French artist Pierre Omcikous [or Petar Omcikus in Serbian] asked me to go tell them to retract artwork titled the, GRIMY SWINE they were previewing on their website for the coming auction as it was not done by his hand; the photo of that painting could be seen below: 

by that time, I was cooperating with Madlart for many years and almost all works I offered for their auctions were accepted and commissioned and the only dealbreaker was at times when I could not accept the lower estimate so I may say that I was well-known individual on their premises. when I approached and told them what Omcikus wanted me to say to them I was confronted with their reaction and I had to promptly call Petar on the cellular phone and have him speak to Dejan Popovic, the head of Madlart. after the conversation was over, I remember Mr. Popovic’s statement: this guy [thinking of Petar Omcikus] is entirely senile. I suspected Dejan most likely based his opinion on the accompanying certificate from the well-known Serbian art expert and even though the author Petar Omcikus [in this case alleged author] said no to the GRIMY SWINE, the Swine still made its way and hit the auction floor but was eventually left unsold for the record. later on it was sold through the internet auction platform.

fast forwarding to the last Sunday, november 26th 2023, when I spent the entire afternoon sending nearly 40 emails with various artworks trying to reenact and relive the previous cooperation I had with Madlart but their bad blood was still boiling, the answer was no and it reminded me of the Soup Nazi’s expression “no soup for you”, a Seinfeld show character, as I was verbally informed on Tuesday [via telephonic conversation] that they would not work with me literally ever again for what to me are petty reasons and this blackballing on their part is playing with my sanity as I have kept saying to myself for the last couple of days -  this isn't happening! so please assume this post as the valve for the gloom ridden energy that Madlart has built up in me by their doings, now ... I know this is Serbia and some Western values do not apply here, even though perhaps Madlart was built by the capital earned in the West, but I would appreciate if anyone could tell me what did I do wrong? i played by the rules. Petar was the greatest guy and it was an honor to do him a small time favor ...

Monday, November 20, 2023

november 2023 in serbia ... they so hot for me

there is a proverbial expression in the country of Novak Djokovic … Serbian society doesn't forgive success!!! and, just like Novak on some courts worldwide I am hereby - in Serbia - surrounded by hostile people full of boiling hatred ready to attack not only verbally but physically as well, while trying to feed their little evil inner selves as the following photos show:

I wish i had encountered the skunk 'going for broke' 💩💩💩 while breaking my rear window wiper these days but these cowardly acts are performed out of malignant infirmity so there you thus know the state of the country you are dealing with and some of its people; they take precautions before doing harm... without a doubt, i must have been successful in something i did not even know as i am truly hated in Serbia. that makes me the top regional celebrity, infamous and legendary like the Robin Hood character almost, just without virtues as virtues resonate well with the public. deep down, perhaps they hate that I am still going strong after so many years that the serbian public has been targeting me. twenty at least … what else could it be!!! just like Novak Djokovic, I have been successful in reviving myself well under pressure as if the pressure is food that refuels me. I am not prone to holding on to grudges but I feel that the dearest ones to those that are harassing me without reason will suffer, it is called universal justice. I would have been afraid in their shoes. that has nothing to do with me – all I have to do is go about repairing my vehicle next to the fighting with onset of diseases when they cough out a ton of germs into my direction and around me on purpose while trying to get to me besides doing similar provoking stuff like that. unfortunately, I have thus recently spread viruses to some of my family members and friends because of these evil monsters.

there is a notion that the top of the serbian state is masterminding these attacks as a few days ago serbian PR agency that protects Serbia’s image – whatever it is called; an apparatus probably run by the handful of people – has shown a made-up movie over the online social media platforms wherein the main actor – an A.I. created petty thief – was stealing charity box apparently in the city of Sabac and as the hint meant for public – he looked something like me … the next thing you know - there was more aggression on the streets towards me on the very next day. in other words, there is no way I can win and progress in what I do in Serbia as the enemies are more powerful and stronger, shorter on brains and morals but they own the Serbian state - commanding infinite funding and manpower superiority on every playing field. unleveled is the word that comes to mind. in the past, some friends were asking, instead of complaining, why do not you leave that [post-communist] shithole. in reality, this land belongs to me, I was born and brought up here; plus there is a dimension of belonging to the environment. when I lived in the united states I was never worried that clinton or bush [administration] would have killed me; I was not afraid even though some people pointed out (privately and online) that Clinton hit squads allegedly whacked numerous people, however, somehow I was feeling much at ease there. here in Serbia it is completely different. I cannot explain why but it is the gut feeling. Serbian social atmosphere creates immediate distress, you feel anxiousness and agitation by just being on-site knowing that you are not welcome, while the post-communist society does not offer any chances nor stimuli; they are reserved for the caste-privileged (Hindus, if you'll pardon the pun) Serbian citizens.

from little that I know, Serbia was the United States before the United States, after its liberation from Turks all kinds of people came to live here - Germans, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Russians, Jews and Italians, a handful of French and even some Scots and Englishmen, this was the real deal, real melting pot at least throughout the 19th century and early on in the 20th century. not having any better ideas as to why “the things” have been escalating with respect to the relation of serbian public towards me, I fiddled mindly with the notion of some kind of genetic disorder in the minds of some serbian men as well as the bastard genes in them acting as the potential reasons why they cannot accept me for their equal peer, that is the Serbian citizen living in Serbia equal in all rights, but that was way too much thinking up to consume and consider, I could not bear stepping into the fields of the unknown. I believe, idea of democracy is strange to those harassing me, and just like the RATM say in their song, they got to do what they have been told – and that word is apparently: go git him!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2023

serbian minutes … just a scribble …

went to banjica fresh food market today and there were congested bottleneck pockets filled with people with many stallers creating commotion and thus allowing those belonging to angry mob (that is out to get me) to step in behind, catch up and breathe down my neck or if they are ahead and you are about to come upon them, they would start intentionally coughing and spitting applying multiple tactics to get to you and at one point it even dawned on me that one can recognize those types, those aggressive personalities, angry looks and absolutely filthy minds – as for some reason they stand out from the crowd - being so eager to punish me for daring to say or write something disapproving about their beloved regime. I actually ran the public gauntlet today and believe someone kicked me in the nuts cowardly from behind as my nuts hurt and it is hard to tell since when you are entering a den full of vipers you get the adrenaline going and lower your threshold for pain. at least two dozen people on this occasion were so fired up to let me know that they meant business and that they will handle me roughly. it all boils down to the notion that factually I have been the only imaginary true opposition to the regime at this point. I do not know anyone else they hate so much in this bottom-up hierarchy. apparently am someone who was not bought. some of the regime men even wanted to cooperate with me during the past years to no avail as apparently, as a wild guess, they found me non compatible and unmanageable; and consequentially, whenever I could benefit from something, someone was there to prevent the event from happening, for example, last month the genocide museum purchase of the assets in my possession was entirely aborted after the committed agreements were already signed and the prices accepted by the museum management; they were obviously acting on orders from the higher up positions in the government as the politically motivated punishment. in the beginning these politically controlled men were acting as the good guys but in reality, they turned out to be bad apples opting out with lame miserable excuses and so on, o.k., they represent what we have of the government, I am not complaining. am now quite cool, calm and collected with some pain in my nuts - - as I believe setting up of a precedent will take place if the hope in better people and better world holds out. keep the faith and 3X Hurrah for the ALMIGHTY!!!



Saturday, October 14, 2023

while the Hills are given a walk in the park Im about being lynched by the angry Serbian mob

october 2023. the recent global news headlines were: the US ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill, fell prey to a verbal attack on the streets of Belgrade on Saturday evening … however, it is a no comparison to what happened to me last night on the grounds nearby. as His Excellency Ambassador Hill and his wife walked around downtown Belgrade most likely surrounded by armed bodyguards, an alleged Serbian female protester shouted paroles such as “Kosovo and Metohija is part of Serbia” and that is allegedly ‘alleged’ as to me it looked like a PR stunt since no risk of any physical harm posed towards the Hills was seen in the footage. just a few days later [last night; 10/13/23] I fell victim to an assault by another Serbian citizen when unknown person intentionally coughed on me on Dositejeva street in Belgrade to the point that I had to retreat into my vehicle and drive away so you can imagine how reckless his coughing had been. similar incidents have been happening around the city of Belgrade perpetrated by unknown Serbian individuals and the situation is getting out of hands for I am pretty sure that citizens here do not realize that intentional coughing is a crime chargeable with criminal battery and domestic terrorism asto intentionally cough on someone with the intent to spread disease in civilized countries leads to assault charges and criminal liability as you are practically attempting to infect another person deliberately, which is much the same to calculatedly passing on AIDS.

and in those civilized countries, the following legal principles were standardized by the court legal systems:

1)     if you cough at another person intentionally and your respiratory droplets make contact with that person, it is classified as battery.

2)      suppose you cough at another person intentionally, but no respiratory droplets make contact with them; that person could not claim battery but could claim assault because you have provided them with a rational reason to fear bodily harm.

and what seems to be the catch 22 related to incidents involving Mr. Hill and myself -- we all suspect why some Serbs may dislike greatly His Excellency United  States Ambassador Hill, but after 20 years spent in Serbia I am still clueless why they feel hostile towards me even more ? eventually the Hills will leave Serbia at some point unscarred, and they certainly at this point are not curious what other nasty surprises their Serbian hosts have got in the running ...

two photos of the last night's assailant apparently a late night colporteur :