Friday, February 03, 2023

presently under heavy attack … keeping a hot hot heat on

serbian post-communist secret service agents are not some sloppy half-assed bunch of second-rate bums ... however, as my experience vouches they are really slick, pumped up, and kind of powerful straight fuckin' nuts ... when they are after you they do a drawn out surveillance as well as ascertainment through a highly professional psychological profiling which enables your not so friendly haters to figure out your weaknesses and way worse, occasionally these agents manage to turn your associates or friends into enemies by setting off intrigues and brilliant innuendos hoping for the ultimate damage. not to mention that it is next to impossible to find new loyal and sincere friends that are not the wolves in sheep clothing set up by these intelligence scumbags that are also the masters of intimidation and rumor spreading within the serbian population so as a result - the unknown people are ganging up on you - performing anything from man-made noises to the most hostile sips - the situation appears as if it were a Hollywood weirdo scripting - and if the serbian leadership chooses so - then you end up without an ounce of peace hoping only that divine forces will be faster and ruin their malicious intents and plans [in the ways you cannot imagine] making them so angry in the process that any off-script-moment would be consuming them. so far, Heavenly forces have been asleep as far as Serbia is concerned. my personal experience - life turned into a nightmare - revolves around constantly running into loads of bad people doing bad things as if i had been a magnet for evil and those that wanna have at it, their hustle never ends. they are constantly trying to steer you into their wormhole of serbian post communist doom, but fortunately with a little help of my self-awareness i could always smell them out good, so in order to engage me further on - as new trick plan they moved on reaching out for the violent option. btw, this city is a dump and not that only i wasn't not bothered by being here but - if anything happens, please avenge me, blood, tears, sorrow, and pain for blood and pain, go as far you can go and do not show no mercy ... i hereby give you the keystone keys ...

in my opinion, Serbia is not a secular state, it is a [post]communist state feigning some surface freedoms inclusive of religious liberties whereby one should understand that [post]communist ideology as well as heritage have the attributes of the most evil religion that is also dominant. in general serbian society reminds me of the villain T-1000, the shape shifting robot from Terminator 2, trying to flash out many attractive colors while aimlessly in its core it is ruled by those who cherish one backward outdated ideology [titoism - a form of communist autocracy] reflected and documented in its relationship towards iconoclastic subjects such as it is the author of these lines.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

the pure example of someone railroaded by the serbian government …

for many years someone in serbia and the region has been trying to ruin my reputation and credibility and they are getting very personal at that attacking me on many fronts; more recently, I noticed many public transportation drivers that were instructed to get crazed and get to me in the ways I won’t describe here to prevent rise of the copycats - Im most likely the most recognizable driver in the city of belgrade … and that harassment never stops. I wonder if those guys that were thinking that I would benefit from relocating and living in Serbia had ever thought twice about the mess in which they had sent me. I could say that my life in the united states was thousand times more better, safe and human(e) while by contrast – present day Serbia doubles as hell on earth, you can take that to the bank. for example – by spreading various rumors serbian leaders [and opinion leaders = the real power] were able to prevent people from buying anything from my store topspin @ serbian ... throughout last year I had a few miserable sales amounting to one hundred dollars – total! these are facts. and it is simply impossible that all of a sudden, some people want written statements signed before the public notary for some stuff they bought as if they had heard something and are afraid of something sinister. I am pretty sure that someone has done some heavy defamation job as I feel that malicious intentional rumors were spread over Serbia and region (especially Croatia) to harm my business. I say the masterminds of that offensive activity must be identified, revealed and severely punished as their efforts were disastrous for my reputation and future well-being. as far as being targeted I assume that praising American values led to that and that I have been targeted by the locals cherishing anti-American sentiment as well as those that are falsely arguing in favor of American interests in the region. I must state – that if you read my blog, I was only saying positive things about positive people disregarding of their race, religion, nationality, never generalizing unless they were bastards or pure bastards in which case whatever was said was particularly meant for that particular group / individual at that time of scrutiny. again, there is a hope that divine forces and some factors in some friendly countries will punish those people that are attacking me without my further involvement in dealing with them so that they will try messing with me no further or better yet never again. it is a hard lesson to be learned and Im in pain over my undesired involvement as I never wanted to do or have anything to do with infliction of misfortune on anyone, but karma and friends are restless. hopefully so, otherwise the dire things will continue in all probability here in Seeeeerbiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ………………………………… Im about to scream at the top of my lungs-  f those mofos,  but I cannot, my best is getting the best of me ... Im unlike them!

Thursday, January 12, 2023

brain injuring weapons - directed energy used against me in Belgrade, Serbia … January 2023

if American officials were concerned and evacuated, what about the entirely unprotected individual like me ...

Im not kidding. I live in serbia and last night I woke with a room spinning around me. it looked like a severe neurological condition including severe vertigo, unsteadiness, stumbling, nausea, and confusion. when I moved away from my bed, I felt somewhat better as well as the consequential fatigue and sickness but no vertigo unless I moved my head around a bit, however at the targeted bed position it was like the wicked spot, the things were tending to go awry and intensify. and so after researching, brushing up, & reading article about American official who was attacked by directed energy weapons and evacuated from serbia after experiencing Havana syndrome symptoms, today – on january 12th 2023 –  around 1:10 AM in the morning I turned off the lights and quickly raised blinds to see if there was any activity going on in the neighborhood and lo and behold some light that was pointed into my room from the building nearby was promptly shut and after few seconds a light in the flat in the nearby high-rise where the local military counter intelligence workers live also went off. after two minutes strange white light* could be seen in the building next to the one where the first light was shut off. I also tried the wet towel experiment and it really worked, it felt that behind it you were protected and as if there was an immediate reaction towards an exposure without it.

I cannot but think that I was singled out for my alleged pro-Western beliefs and writings in this blog and that I was attacked by directed energy of some sort as well -- as these symptoms invoke such conclusion. my blood pressure was close to normal yesterday morning. presently I have a tension type headache. I believe I have been under attack for some time as I was developing neurological symptoms (feeling of heat and pressure, anxiety, tension type headaches, weakness, memory loss, losing balance ... ) but the severe vertigo was something that really made a concern. I also remember unusual recent mention in the media that there was an increase in younger people dying from stroke as if preparing the listeners for some more coming sudden deaths.

whoever is doing this is wrong and will be judged by God. Proverbs 3:5-6

I hereby address all communist and non-communist countries that I had mentioned and their leadership and offer my sincere apology if I generally or personally made anyone feel bad about anything. it is my understanding that certain countries have access to this weaponry utilizing it against their opponents. Im hereby utilizing the opportunity to say that I have no opponents, so whoever is doing this is completely wrong. please stop your actions as they will lead to more karmic damage on the part of those ordering and doing it and their loved ones ...

*on posting of this article, that unusually white light was also gone. i have seen it on before for months all the time, but now it was strange that it went on in the wee hours immediately after the light in the building next to it was shut! that pointed light was also present before but if it did not disappear immediately after i opened the blinds in the wee hours it would not be the point of concern. there is no word for coincidence in Japanese language but I can't be speculating how are the points where the lights were turned off related to me and my home and whether they may be the recon spots, the emitting device carrying drone command posts or else.
follow up on january 12th 2023: as i moved away a bit from the targeted zone i felt cca 60% less intensity in vertigo symptoms and in the morning vertigo was all gone although I have a huge pressurizing headache. they could have lowered the intensity of directed energy, however when i moved to the originally targeted spot vertigo symptoms reappeared in the similar fashion. similar vertigo symptoms happened some time ago and now I have connected the dots as to what may be the cause and origin of my unusual reoccurring problems. Im afraid that I will continue to be under attack involving full intensity of directed emission and Im ready to testify under oath and do a polygraph testing regarding everything stated herewith.

Friday, January 06, 2023

targeted by a hit team - the wacking of the belgrade's most celebrated son

on January 5th 2023, around 19:00 hrs I visited a home in the vracar* villa section of the city and on my way out around 21:00 hrs onto a quiet one way street, I noticed a mini morris with running lights  on parked by the gate. when I started my vehicle that was several parking places away, I had to pass by that car again and as I did, the young romani looking woman was standing by, doing something with her hand as if throwing a spell at me. that was the first association that crossed my mind on seeing her gesture. from there i went ahead to maxi supermarket on autokomanda square that works around the clock and as I was waiting on my turn to buy salami and cheese several quite unusual individuals showed up in the store. firstly, I noticed a guy with watery eyes and the creepiest movements i have ever seen. I was not sure whether his gaze came from being strung out from something but at that point I did not assume that it could have been a quirk of the trade - a thousand-yard stare as well. he was springing around annoyingly in erratic fashion as if he owned the place and originally I was unsure whether I was sniffing out a mobster wannabe that indeed might have done some power lifting on the side or just a hyper semi-autistic nerd. it seemed as if he was interested in drifting over the supermarket without buying anything in particular ... I had a funny feeling so I tried to stay not too close when he was passing tho it felt like he could have appeared behind me at any moment and just in case i kept my back turned against the glass rack. on couple of occasions, he had a brief rapport with an older guy who looked like a lawyer nearing the retirement age but it did not cross my mind at that point that they could have been plainclothes officers of some military background rather, let alone part of some tactical team. then another two shoppers drew my attention, a tall dude with fedora hat similar to the one brad pitt was wearing in the movie ‘snatch’, and since it was all just too strange to me I did not pay attention to the sex of the other individual the tall guy was with as they did not come close to me. they were just in sight. the word that rang a bell was circus. it felt as if some circus workers entered the store but the only thing I was sure about through and through was that they were not part of any circus and they certainly were not from Serbia. nobody has been wearing a fedora around here. then another two guys with funny way about them turned up ... the younger guy, skinny and bloody-eyed with some strange piece of gold jewelry in his nose or ear and the older gentleman in his company. the younger guy looked strung out considerably more than the first weird guy and the way he gave me the once-over signaled to my sixth sense to stay away which I did and as I found myself at the corner by the wall rack with ready-made sandwiches there was a shocker - out of blue there they both were breathing down my neck. Im talking as I was price checking sandwiches they swooped down right next to me in seconds which immediately signalized that something was not right. soon thereafter I felt some discomfort as if something had struck my butt. I began putting the pieces of a puzzle together promptly; thus if I witnessed a signature team performance it could have been performed by only one super renowned covert operation agency but then again, I highly doubt that particular agency would have been after me. later I fell asleep with a strange feeling in the certain point of my butt, as if someone dispensed a poison dart in it, point blanc, and thoughts that I may develop a heart attack in sleep or thrombosis down the line overpowered and brought in some heat. I woke up with another funny feeling in the center of my back as if alleged deadly substance worked its way up - from my butt to spine. Im still waiting to see what will happen next ...  

* btw, vracar translates to sorcerer in serbian ...

follow up: following the publishing of this post - january 6th 2023 - i noticed that i was followed around by at least one civilian who was filming with a cell phone trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. my best guess it was a person employed by the serbian government.


Monday, January 02, 2023

multiple unknown attackers … belgrade, Serbia, and what has been falling between december and january 2023

the difference between post-communist country and democracy is – me. Im living the brutal tyranny of unimportant evil men whose every anatomical bodily segment is million times more complex than any of their irrelevant, simplest thoughts and instincts as if they were not of human sort but the mix breed of humans and some evil conscienceless kind. and since my query goes about who created something so sophisticated but so catastrophically ignorant, I find a great pleasure in following this ongoing terror and studying people that are harassing me in public … and that is how you get very afraid because the logic you deduce is not positive ... but then again, I realize this country is Serbia and not the United States of America that allegedly deals with freedom, prema svecu i tropar. however, there is a karma involved there too, but like justice it comes in too late. furthermore, being European white trash is the thing that connects all predators. even if some of them believe they are intellectuals simply by owning degrees - knowledge earned in communism or post communism cannot be compared to the western knowledge and what is happening to me is the direct proof for in post communist society, humanity that lost its connection with the tradition primarily through abolishment cannot recognize the true values starting with ethics, which happens if you discredit books like the Bible. I even met a university professor from belgrade who did not own a single book! and to say what subject this fellow - one in the group of those targeting me as well - was teaching would sound truly unbelievable. these guys are ruled by primal instincts relying on what they had been told and rumors. then who is to blame - those who control public opinion and spread rumors and talk about me? yes, so. I hope they are the minority in serbia, but I have been talking about it earlier, shit in Belgrade happens more often that anyone in the world would label it comfortable if found walking in my shoes.  

see how one of these guys, serbian hoi polloi who drives the public bus in Belgrade, Serbia is flipping me off, just because he knows who Im and that I have been the target and targeted … I would have been able to pass ahead before the bus if the motorcycle did not come first on the side of it and slowed me up … which is what the cocky motorcycle drivers do, not caring for the rules of traffic … 
then a day later at the same place just in opposite direction, as soon as he spotted me, probably the same bus driver released a compressed air from the brakes raising a cloud of dust coming out of his vehicle, what you see is not a smoke, thus endangering health of all people walking by … those who know what Im talking about will understand … one word : Serbia … sometimes -  the world . coin it … 

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

fake serbs ganging up

i envy british, albanian, croatian, and israeli fellowship [unparalleled unity]. these nations stand for their countrymen no matter what and how deviant you are. their mutual bond is so strong even if you want to deviate, you will not be left behind and forgotten. not so much American fellowship though, as i was the biggest american of them all, still left behind, fell out and finished last.

furthermore, it is impossible in countries like croatia for a serb, romani or any other nationality to pretend to be a radical croat inciting croats against other croats as it is happening in Serbia at least to me. in Croatia it is impossible for a non-Croatian native to obtain a citizenship (Im talking about land repatriation to indigenous individuals like myself) while in Serbia any citizen, any shack rat from any country in the world, from Bangladesh to Pakistan, can easily obtain a citizenship without much hassle. it feels as if Serbia is welcoming foreigners and disturbing loyal citizens like me denying basic human rights. these are the post-communist Serbia true colors … following the WWII, entire Serbian capitalist DNA bank was mass murdered by the commies, while the top-ranked victors were hopping on the wives and daughters of ideological enemies like a bunch of rabid rabbits so no much normal non-ideological, non-radical, non-revolutionary consciousness was left around. the fact that a great percentage of Mongols have some Kublai Kahn blood running thru their veins comes to mind as K.K. impregnated thousands of Mongol females. perhaps that is why a number of Mongols look alike. in present day Serbia, it is a dog-eat-dog world instigated by pseudo-serbian patriots of all different backgrounds. these guys pretending to be fanatical serbian patriots do not have serbian national backgrounds but at best they are the evil souls or at worst – the awakened cell agents of foreign nations. it feels like they own you, as if they expect from you to cede everything starting with dignity ... other than that, i would take any passport other than serbian-cuban-soviet union-north korean-chinese … i do not wanna die a (post) communist in the post communist country cherishing still a communist tradition and a cult of personality, believe it or not, our dear leader tito is still guarded by military deathwatch!!!!! and our sport clubs still bear ideological Marxist names … the proof that the communist party is not a relic, it is alive and invincible yet invisible with the strongest partisanship in the world


Tuesday, December 27, 2022

they are ready to kill you for using a toilet

it is impossible reclaiming a normal life in serbia as the unknown highly frustrated countrymen are provoking as if a target mark was painted all over me … just imagine how it feels if only 10 out of several million belgraders provoke you on daily basis with impunity and what dire consequences this could have to anyone’s life … well, it happens to me every day … on the streets today, bmw suv whose symbolic number on RP plates and 275 / 55 / 22 alu rim size revealed that the driver is related to the topmost echelons – or better yet top three individuals in the Serbian government was standing next to my vehicle waiting at the traffic light, however, the driver revved the engine up into the reds showing no respect obviously trying to make a personal point … that leads us to the cause of this nationwide and region-wide gang-stalking – many unknown serbs seem to have something personal against me which so far has been a big mystery – I am pretty sure I have no personal relation to any unknown individual in Serbia but almost every provocation comes from the people that I do not know or have never met … not to mention that mentioning karmic dues in this blog was a big mistake as it only intensified attacks and provocations since a number of those unknown-to-me people do not believe in karma and obviously think that I was bluffing even though I know for a fact that those that do unto others in the manner they would not want to be treated themselves will pay and unfortunately they will jinx their dearest as well. it is the law. one version of what goes around comes around. next, I went to see a friend who owns a business downtown and as his toilet was out of order I went to a restaurant nearby ... djure jaksica street in Belgrade. there at the door I wanted to order something-to-go in order to use restroom, but since there was a line, I asked the waiter whether I could use a toilet. he answered positively. I entered the toilet that was not in the best shape as there was a liquid on the floor and someone did not flush. while i was inside, someone turned off the lights. on my way out after the call of nature which had involved passing of liquid waste I had to go through what it felt like a gauntlet. a girl that was not dressed in uniform showed a clear frustration that gave away that she was the big boss there and even though she was not even looking at me you could have felt an ocean of negative vibes and she seemed pumped and fired up as if she had just ordered an attack. I told my friend what happened and since on my way out I had to go by several cooks on their workplace positions I said it felt as if they were flicking boiling oil into my face as a punishment for semi-authorized toilet use - as I felt discomfort in my eyes as if I was struck with fireballs that go off when water is added to the boiling cooking oil. when going home I was passing by that place trying to see thru the storefront windows how the cooks look like and whether my theory was possible since the funny feeling and blurred vision were still present, I wanted to see their faces, were they insane hooligan types, when suddenly the non-uniformed girl who obviously runs the joint angrily slammed the door shut. she must have spotted me.