Monday, May 29, 2017

'SERBIA, you are ANGRY, therefore you are WRONG.'?!!!!!!!

All angry serbs can be told one sentence: 'Serbia, you are angry, therefore you are wrong.'?!!!!!!!

Thank you Fyodor Dostoyevsky for thinking about me a while back.

I got used to getting hurt, heavily harassed, compromised and violated by these fucking angry as hell Serbian freaks all the time that when someone suddenly starts acting all normal around me I feel truly uncomfortable. Normalcy has become such a scarce issue in Serbia (a country in Europe where unfortunately I am at).

Najveca blagodat je kad te napadaju na pravdi Boga. u proslosti mnogi su imali takvu najvecu blagodat, Milos Obilic na primer. Prezren kao milos obilic, kada se neko ponasa normalno i dostojanstveno, meni naprosto onda nije dobro koliko sam se navikao na uvrede, zle ljude, zle poglede i nevolju. strasno!

Like I said I’d rather be staying with any Barbarians out there than here with angry Serbs. and the difference is even the Barbarians have got soul!

In 2003, United States should have secured safe environment at least for my return - as my preference was not to go to Serbia, my preference was to stay with my family in America - and after the beating which took place in 2013 when I was brutally attacked by an angry Serbian person who sucker punched me in the throat (Charlie Zelenoff's personality type; I was spitting blood from the throat later on) and heart and testicles and eyes and my head, this person was never interrogated by police even though I reported this attack as I was not willing to fight back so when I realized that this guy was going to kill me it was too late I was already dying. this person is related to someone who lives at gligorija vozarevica street number 4, and I have got to suspect that this is Serbian mafia connected shithead as promptly following the attack I was provoked by another neighbor who started the Serbian spitting spree that I was writing about as obviously these motherfuckers are related and heavily protected by the Serbian police and government as well as the Knights Templar of Malta and I could not do a thing about it, never found out anything about who actually did it. you could see the x ray of my skull which was taken right after the beating took place in one of my previous blog posts. so sorry now they did not take the x ray of my throat and heart and testicles as that is where the most of the pain is concentrated now. the united states in my mind is responsible for this attack and consequences, my lack of breath, breathing problems, unexplained chest pains around heart, my panic attacks thereafter and neck pain, inability to swallow food, etc. the united states' prerogative was to plainly ruin my family as i would be taking care in the future of my child who is the american citizen. by placing me in the firing line they meant not only the harm for me but the harm and neglect for my child whom i was supposed to love and help in the future, and that by living and not by dying in Serbia. therefore, fuck you united states! or as serbs like to say: daj ga spocitavaj. jebi mu mater!

As far as I can understand and I am not a very smart guy, serbian freaks' major objection would be to write Serbian with capital S, other than that Im not sure what they are mad about.


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