Monday, May 29, 2017


I remember when I was walking through this forest named after Timothy J Byford while nobody was there. just me myself and couple of other dog walkers.
then as the years went by my crazy charisma brought them all up here to claim it. first it was tv news anchors who knew that I was always on top of everything that has got some value in serbia and they came there to test the air, walk and jog. then through the word of mouth came hordes of others and came lovers and now it is not possible to pass through without stumbling across safe sex preservatives on the ground. The smell of bodily secretions reeks from everywhere. nobody is cleaning up this mess. one word: human dirt. and half of the forest has already been claimed by the army and it was cut to make up some ground for the faceless concrete properties. you can feel there is less fresh air in what is left of it.
there are also many freaks and as I am walking by they are sporting either passive or active aggression towards me. they do not see my face, they see a target to look at.


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