Monday, May 15, 2017

AMERICA STILL BEING clingy WITH ME AND CNN AIRS IT. still after soundness in my body and mind and my good reputation. hope some karma will show them the truth.

In wee hours of Monday, may 15th, I was watching cnn and almost fell asleep when something – a scene that I saw – dumbfounded me. it was a story about some Jessica Colotl Threatened With Deportation by U.S. Immigration and Customs and Enforcement while her lawyer kept drinking sort of deliberately from a large purple container as if to point out something. I believe the staged performance of this female lawyer in the remotely similar case to mine (contrary to Mrs. Jessica, I am done with living in the U.S. in this lifetime) was related to my employment at chef charin, a philipino restaurant in Philadelphia’s suburb of Bala Cynwyd where I found employment as the waiter sometime in the late 1990s. soon, as I was inexperienced, owner asked me if I could find him more help and I then relayed this information to my neighbor dejan kovacevic who in turn relayed it to Serbian person by the name of Milan Nedic who promptly started working there along with his venezuelan wife (I think both were illegal at that time.) I did not know Milan Nedic but as of the moment mr nedic – who had jumped off ship as the experienced waiter - came to work he was trying to make the owner kick me out to make room for him and his wife who studied culinary science at Drexel University (they did not enjoy sharing tips – money – with me). mr. nedic started being unfriendly, uncooperative, truly annoying and was deliberately putting me down and soon enough we did not talk. finally when his wife messed up a coffee machine he accused me of doing it and philipino owner kicked me out. this is what I know. this can be proven guaranteed and easy by utilizing a lie detector test to see how mr and ms nedic actually intrigued and set me up there. obviously the lies were big enough so I was kicked out. prior to chef charin i was beaten by the system based mostly on prejudice, misunderstanding and over-inflated  rumors and i was made to leave my employment with Drexel University, University of Pennsylvania, several downtown hospitals and finally Le Bus Bakery. mr. nedic - who knew these rumors - escalated them and took the advantage of that. on my part i was literally numb because i felt under fire from everywhere which made me concerned for my stay in the US which at that time was a big time concern, nevertheless. I later found out the more good you do to a lot of Serbian guys the more sinister they become for your well being. of course, my legal position in the states and my imagination brought on fear which was exploited by many inclusive of some menacing folk in the Serbian Church St. Nicholas in Philadelphia whereby I was even rumored prior to that of having being linked to Serbian underground crime figures that I never met – which of course was investigated by the US authorities which and I am talking about negative publicity - brought my US downfall, and everywhere I went to I was suspicious to start with. many church goers I am sure were aware of these rumors that were started I believe by the Serbian priest (whose name I cannot remember and who was serving in the Serbian church at Elizabeth, NJ back in 1994) who was helping me get US papers in 1994. I believe these rumors were based on my political opinion which was contrary to theirs. I did not support Serbian regime then and within Serbian community there were so many adversaries and agents of the regime. so much and so for it, rumors spread and actually locked me in into my world as I started having trust issues which continue to this date. not to mention that my life was qualitatively influenced by these unwelcome events and that I became victimized in all environments among the people that were opinionated while some rumors were never dismissed. Often times I could have felt that on every step. without aegis I was exposed to any bad person out there to lie and conjure up things at their liking and often it was whatever their crazy and malevolent imagination was capable of thinking. by my actions, doings and not doings i made so many enemies that were gaming me and my problem was that I was trying to “read them” often times letting my own imagination backfire on me as I was concerned with my stay in the US. this was how I sent out mixed messages and stirred more controversy. even right now situation has not improved much and I do not trust nobody esp in this serbian environment that is full of spite. alas. this lawyer got me thinking. 


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