Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Serbian ex-UDBA targetting me again - unseen public harrasment, mobbing

as i was waiting for the cashier this piece of shit stood in line behind me and started collecting spit for several minutes as if to spit at me or my food while giving me a piercing look all the time. i was so distraught that i gave more money to cashier than needed to, and she never gave the proper exchange back to me but threw receipt on the floor. taking a snapshot of this bastard was more important to me than to think about money, and this was happening today may 9th on vojvode stepe blvd in maxi store around 18:40PM. as soon as he saw that i was preparing cell phone to take a photo of him, he bowed his head down, and knowingly he kept it there. 

this is the serbian scum. the scum that most likely works for some government agency and the scum that ruined my family. the scum that calls all the wrong things about me (traitor, cheat, you name it) in order to incite hatred in so many serbian people. what should we do to the serbian state for it ruined my family? how come that for the last fifteen years i was the only culprit and the only victim at the same time. where are my rights? what can i do when the piece of shit comes behind you and start making gurgling sounds as if he wants to spit at you. finished. 

following up on may 15th:
everything I say blogwise gets misinterpreted in Serbia because these are two schools of thinking – the Western one and then the Serbian one. locally people cannot realize where and how they make their mistakes. my blog is dedicated to correcting Serbian mistakes in life and bettering their lives but they simply do not want to listen and take it from me.

for example, in the united states no one can play with laser while pointing it in other people’s eyes in public, police comes and takes care of it unless the police in distinct where you live is corrupt. If that happens in Serbia nobody comes, they make a joke out of you esp if you are complaining that someone was pointing laser into your eyes. they never come due to ignorance. powerful laser is a weapon. when you say laser they must be assuming a red laser pointer and not the powerful ones that could burn hole into anything starting with thick plastic. how would anyone successfully explain cellular technology to Tupamaro tribe? namely, this evening around 21:30 PM, as I was coming toward the Vozdovac church there was a group of four young hooligans sitting in the park by the its entrance. I saw them flashing something out what looked like a flame towards me and they hid it as I was passing by. after I had passed by they were flashing it into me again. I am 50% positive that this could have been organized wait while some penis-like guy like the person described above made this stuff available to local hooligans to further publicly bully me while ruining my health in the process. i believe bad karma for them sounds like the only answer. alas they won't care!


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