Friday, May 12, 2017

waging war on Knights Templar “of Serbian Rite” as they are claiming to be and their serbian spitting coalition of hooligans and various other lowlifes

I call it enough. today as I exited my home there was a lowlife walking a small child and as I was about to pass him he turned around and ad hominem spat at me. this piece of shit is supposed to be “a new neighbor” as many new individuals married in into the neighborhood and moved in inclusive of the pieces of shit among them. another one related to the address in Belgrade: gligorija vozarevica str. no. 4 (number four) beat the hell out of me in an ad hominem manner for no fucking reason few years ago. in other words, when someone deliberately spits at you for no good fucking reason while walking a child you are thinking that person is not normal and it would have been a fight to life or death so I realized it is better to wait it off and start thinking about rooting out a problem that started by the Knights Templar “of Serbian Rite” (Orthodox Templars as they claim to be), namely this person on the photo herewith whose name I do not want to even mention:
so I will be preparing a war plan to fight KT worldwide. they should be eradicated because to what I have been witnessing they do not have anything in common with old and true Knights Templar who were allegedly the example of virtues. these guys in serbia, not only that they are not better men than myself, they are the scum which should be fought to oblivion. not only that they let the bug out and incited the spitting and kicking in the ass and genitals, they were being copy-cat(ted) by the numerous lowlife serbs as well. and it is not going to be happening anymore. it is not important who is going to be in my coalition, but the valor will prevail. I do not need donations so these evildoers can say I do it for the money, I am doing it to clear my name and to free myself. Everything else comes second. then Lord all the way to may it be a glorious Victory!
I was thinking what kind of animal one should emulate in dealing with serbs…and the snake comes in as the only solution. they are perfidious and backstabbing assholes and no other animal can match out their fratricidal perfidity. not even the african honeybadger. war as a snake and come out proud as a lion in the end.


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