Friday, May 05, 2017

while fighting the army of Serbian antique dealers and art gallery owners that want to prevent me from excelling in the art word.

may 4th: around 14:50 PM, as I was leaving artmedia company where people gather to get opinions on their art valuables and as I was on Mihizova street passing right by the Art Fondation of Kosara Boksan & Petar Omcikus then an arctic white VW golf (licence plates BG 1012 SC) passed by activating windshield washers before reaching my pace and soon I was engulfed in the mist of windshield washer fluid hitting my face. some of the seeping moisture made its way into my eyes which caused significant disturbance to my vision so now I feel almost half blind. I m writing this one day after and was only able to wash my eyes out in one hour following the incident.  
prior to that small time art peddler dejan dj. - won’t give them publicity here so they start selling their art like crazy on account of me, so first initial is okay – so dejan dj. cowered inside the artmedia gallery with a smirk on his face probably satisfied to see me in this situation wherein the army of small time art peddlers, jerks and crooks are after me (upset with my honesty) supported by a number of Serbian art dealers and art gallery owners who are upset with my success. not only that they ruined my relationships with some really good people like mr. George Momirovic the owner of Mona, these wheeler dealers are able to pay druggies to do me harm and even wait in waits with long range lasers to mess up my vision, the major tool in finding good pieces of art. on account of their stories people like this jerk –
a public van driver – are incited and get courage to step up to me and challenge me in public or do more harm when I am least expecting it. on thursday, may 3rd I entered minivan – on line E9 – which connects Vozdovac with downtown Belgrade only to be heckled – as I stepped in, my legs were not apart far enough so after this old jerk jerked van on purpose I felt this sudden van movement crushing my testicles ……. in all honesty, I cannot name many good things happening to me in Serbia, the land of human malice. nek si im reko


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