Thursday, April 20, 2017

even Nubbuck djokovic does not live here, being a serb. what else. I do not want to say nubbuck but this time I had to, I do not know why. No disrespect. just like you do not say God's name. This is however my favorite Serbian person ever and whatsoever.

many serbs are in constant pursuit of their victims. they are looking for the smallest signs of disrespect for starting trouble with you, like catching your eye glance. yesterday, as I was passing by the Gymnasium No. 12 in Belgrade, vojvode stepe blvd., I felt sorry for ever disrespecting black youth while living in the states. black youth in comparison to these Serbian teenage boys, I passed by yesterday, are naïve and harmless unless the fear in you concocts various imaginations about them. I mean Serbian guys do not mind kicking you because serbs have no idea what liability is. their looks mean no good. let alone liability serbs have no common sense what art is. their national museum has been closed since I came to this country. there are good people still, but if I did not meet so many nasty, outrageous and vicious serbs I would not be writing about them. of course there is an American man behind all of this liable for setting my foot into this damned place where you should had been hated by God for been placed here. his name, actually, was hon. Charles “the nazi hunter” m. honeyman ( who received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Roanoke College in 1971 and it is a pitty he is jewish American, because I do not want to have any bad feelings for jews on account of this person who actually is a Zionist as well.) Because if God loved you, you would have been well off in Switzerland or Paris unless the God had a mission for you to suffer and face a horrible death and torment by these Serbian soldiers of doom. I guess I am supposed to give myself willingly for all the good people of the world and to made sin for you girls and guys. just the serbs showed no ingenuity at all in finding the object such as cross as a tool for crucifixion, they are going a step back using the brute force to violate you inclusive of the wickedness of their untamed mind. will you love me in return?>


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