Saturday, April 08, 2017

can you imagine jews targeting serbs for holocaust???????

I am not saying serbs are animals! but they are behaving like animals towards me and I cannot do nothing about it. I cannot stop it. once again this evening as I was crossing slavija square, a streetcar driver applied brakes in sneaky (as I was standing by), exaggerated fashion which left me in the smelly (as if something’s burning) cloud of semi-asbestos dust. I had to wait until the street car passed having to smell and breath in all that poisonous and cancerogenic  stuff. this is happening all too often. serbs are targeting me. need I say that this was done on purpose. later aboard a bus sixteen year olds were making jokes whether to kick me or not as I was exiting. I am positive that nowadays serbian nation is entirely inhuman. practically one cannot make a difference between people that do not want to do harm to you and those itching to damage you. they all look the same so this is why I am scared of utilizing all sort of Serbian services as I am not sure which kind will I encounter, which kind will serve me. those that make jokes about kicking you from behind as you are exiting something (bus or store) they are ready to do anything. they are not human. there is not anything funny about it. they are targeting the innocent one. Me. can you imagine jews targeting serbs for holocaust??????? It is what goes on here in serbia. also I was thinking, if I ever get married it will be out of a pure interest and who is then liable for maintaining my relationship in the sense – who will be the one responsible for lubing it. no woman will stay with me for love (the one who may like wellington’s nose) as not anyone is interested in having to go through this Serbian torture (nasty looks being the softest side of it, and even being spat and coughed at sometimes feels like nothing in comparison to people getting ready to kick you in the nuts). and when will that happen in other words when will I - in this serbian hell - have family and a peace of mind. I am sure serbs are trying to kill me before that happens because they know this situation is irreversible. they cannot compensate me if they gave me the entire Serbia. same thing with the united states. It is only my point of view, naturally they all would disagree with that, but in my shoes they would all think like me. God would have been on my side  - it’s for sure. they went viral in the recent months with the spitting thing and now they are going the same way with physically attacking me, allegedly potentially, as some have been pretending they were about to for now, but that does not mean that they won’t throw an actual kick – and they might have done it  (felt concerning pain several times after exiting, however in the past I found out I have a great tolerance for pain, for example when I was punched or kicked fighting as a kid, I never felt it right off.)  the last thing I am going to do is to challenge serbs with C'mon farts Im willing to give everybody some. I am truly amazed how the balance of Serbian proper reasoning favors the ugly kind. There are few people like nubbuck djokovic and they are powerless.


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