Saturday, April 01, 2017


this is not an April fools joke. This evening, around 20:45 PM, as I was nearing a friend’s house on jove ilica street, just by the church, I saw a guy shaking something from a bag onto the grass, the dust was coming out of it under the streetlights. I did not think much of it but I must had thought some neighbor was dusting off a vacuum cleaner bag. as I walked up to him (he was standing right in front of my friend’s house) and stopped to use cell phone to call my friend to let him know that I was there the guy said ‘good evening’ and next thing I know he was shaking dust from the bag onto me while he was standing behind, my back turned towards him. ‘good evening’ was used as fake bona fides catch to break my awareness as I brought my guard down for using the cell phone.  I backcrossed the street in disbelief thinking what a crazy neighbor this is. looking back for my reaction, he kept dusting bag for the next several feet and then this person walked down the street into the night. only then I realized he was not any neighbor but someone who waited for me, playing it goofy to carry out a sinister plan. how easy is for someone tapping your cell conversations to “predict” where are you going to be in a matter of half an hour or so. nevertheless this dust or powder whatever was in that bag is making me highly anxious, agitated and nervous, I have difficulty breathing and chest-pain, my throat feels sore and my cheeks are all hot and red.  the friend said this guy must have been poisoning the lawn against ticks but how likely was that someone would be dusting his bag in your direction from a feet behind you on a saturday night at 9PM?

I must say that Serbian secret service is notorious for killing many political opponents and people that troubled the system. nobody never admitted to anything. but many know the truth.  I m afraid that someone somewhere in this country still has green lights to kill and silence people as they like esp. as I overheard some motherfucker downtown that I was the one that had to go to Hague (where people stand for war crimes.) I think the madness is overwhelming. I also think that the united states of America was the worst thing ever happening to me, because if everything that is happening to me was not planned there at least they had allowed it to happen. and that would be it. hope there is God.


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