Sunday, December 11, 2016


serbia - the country where the crowd determines your destiny.this may be the first and only case in the history of mankind when almost the entire nation was (is) stalking one person for the heck of it.
Thanks be to God not all Serbs are bad. Today a few guys were running after me to return my cell phone that fell out from my pocket in public transportation in Belgrade, Serbia. So I do not know what to think anymore, but the truth is the majority or minority of them is after me. That is because I do not know their names and there are many of them - bad Serbian apples out there. so it is all the same to me - it can be thousands or millions - do not know who they are. they ruined my life and now trying to poison me with their evil and kill me.  
from 2003 to the time when the still present political option took power in Serbia I did not have as many problems, just sporadically. I am not blaming the people in power, but it is coincidence that as of their coming to rule my security went downhill. I got beaten to almost death couple of times and motherfuckers tried poisoning me here and there while all the time someone was trying to expose me as a village idiot so other motherfuckers go after me too. even without this added on - forced on harassment my life would have been miserable out here.
prior to that, Serbs destroyed my family and the only woman that I ever loved was thus prevented living with me – by not virtue of the American laws, because what American governemnent did to me was purely illegal, but by virtue of the Serbian wills, wishes and wants. this is why. fucking bullshit bastards. No other Serbian lady can replace my former lady because Serbs are below her standards. Thus serbs destroyed the love of my life. it is their crime - they washed their hands and now are trying to blame me - their victim - for something they are making up. which is the natural thing criminal minds would do. blame the victim!!!!! i feel as if they are trying to kill me too.
I do not know the names of these serbs that are after me but one of those guys unveiled himself couple of years ago when he started spitting at me which after I complained about it at my blog herewith started the avalanche of Serbs spitting and hatred likewise. that was the guy who apparently asked my late father for free legal advices while i was in the USA and the guy who ran the Society of American and Serbian Friendship, also the best known 'Serbian' Knights Templar.
how easy is to get someone in Serbia? – that easy that for twenty dollars you can get a junkie to stab anyone with a needle or syringe  without having to say welcome to reality you have HIV. Couple of days ago when I was looking for antiques at Kalenic Market, Belgrade I felt as if someone stabbed me in the crowd while passing behind esp. since serbs and gypsies there were told to go brush themselves off me to "transfer good luck" (!) a number of people brushed off my back that day while passing by from behind trying "to take my energy" (these trash pickers there are highly superstitious) so when I got home my underpants had a blood speck as if someone stabbed me at that spot in the ass. in the much crowded place it is impossible to determine what really happened.
this movie clip here shows how I feel serbs were dealing with me in the last 13 years of my life. some evil assholes just throw you in the church and set it on fire and you cannot do anything about it. you are bleeding, they know you are bleeding and they just add insult to your injury. serbs! they beat you up, poison you if they could. crazy stuff, that is my life in Serbia. never thought, I would be in the country where people hate you for nothing. I mean Kafka's stuff is all made up, this is the fucking reality. I did absolutely nothing to them, nothing to anyone. I think what goes in Serbia is sort of satanic ritual whereby these serbs (after me) are Satanists or just a bunch of useful stupid idiots, retards doing it for somebody. that’s what happens since i am as innocent as a child’s pants. if this country was smart overall this would not have happened to me. not! if I committed any crimes they would have dealt with me otherwise, but they did not! plus whatever I say will be silenced by the murmur of not only thousands but millions of Serbs whereby the worst happened – the love of my life was forever lost. Some of them are trying to perfidiously deal with me thinking they will achieve some cheap points for their own sake, what a bunch of sleazy a-holes. my reality now is - no peace til the end of my life. the reality of the serbian curse just happened to me - "what will remain of serbia will be five serbs under one pear tree", translated - in my personal life it is so. i do not have nothing good to expect here no more. not anything good.  
just following up from yesterday - what a fucking bastards some of these people are it is amazing. just went out to the store and had more problems than most of them had in their lifetimes. fucking bunch of mean retards. whatever that is that serbs are after me - they are just going strong and i am suffering like Christ! nobody has lost life let alone job over this situation as yet so they feel nothing, they feel the fucking serbian wings giving them more power. i suspect all serbian haters around the world are thrilled having a blast - finally they see the blatant example of who the serbs really are - halfwit retards tormenting one of their own - the worst of the worst kind of bastards. nowadays there is no comparison throughout the world. 


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