Thursday, December 22, 2016


I am talking about Serbs, or some Serbs. Or many Serbs rather since it is impossible that only the same individuals come after me day after day. They are many and they are not only bad to the bone – they are the essence of fucking evil. The most regretable thing I ever did was giving my child Serbian first name. I admit that I may burn in hell for this because from this point it seems like a curse.In other words you should not be tying anyone with evil but break bonds with evil.
I can only state that now I understand all those that truly hate Serbs not that I am going to reciprotate. In other words, if today Serbs are doing this to me their own kind, tomorrow they will do it to anyone. so good people beware!

I was recently writing about the streetcar driver who pressed on the brakes (without need) to raise the lymphoma cancer causing cloud of asbestos dust and particles – now it seems to be the new Serbian sport. Many of them want to be number one like |Novak Djokovic in something, but the only sport the worst of them can be number one in is pure evil. Almost the same thing happened this evening – 12/22/2016 – only with higher intensity when the son of a bitch – the driver of the streetcar No. 10 (streetcar with double wagon) did the same at “Fransh station” around 21:18 hrs braking like a maniac without need – with only a few people onboard and a few waiting at the station - with a goal to annoy and truly inflict a long term injury with possible deadly outcome. I was planning to enter the second wagon and was talking to a friend on the phone when all of a sudden I noticed smell like rubber burning and a huge cloud of dust and smoke full of asbestos (asbestos in the brakes and around the station where a lot of braking is done.) This son of a bitch did it on purpose; there is no doubt in my mind about it. Of course I swallowed a lot of it but did not enter the son a of bitch’s vehicle as I was caught by surprise, I moved away watching. I was so surprized that I did not even take a number of the vehicle down – but only the time and location of it - this vehcile was going towards Autokomanda.

This open harassment with possible deadly consequences because to be honest nobody in the world would apply voluntarily to test their luck by going through what I am going through which only means this is not any sort of game but the pure gaming, only supports my hypothesis that no Serbs realize that I can be of any value in any sphere of public life – I am talking about secret societies, et cetera, but they treat me merely as a scapegoat for public fun. Serbian government left me down the drain because the only reason why I am writing now is because of the pure harassment that has been going on which in any normal society would not happen, period.

Even the police is not on my side, this year the peace of shit traffic policeman Mr. Slavko Cvetic came to court to falsely testify which translated to 30 days in prison if I do not pay the hefty fines. I did nothing to him whatsoever but his hatred is more than just hatred, his hatred transformed into action to falsely testify. He lied that I was running away from him for example. What to expect then from Serbian public transportation drivers who prove themselves to be the lowest forms of life day after day. Let alone other scum. If there is hell on earth it is Serbia for me, period. 

As of the day I came here some of them planted seeds of discord and isolation while some traits that I noticed were as follows

-            Egomania

-            Abrupt often violent aggression  

-          Disregard for life and health and overall irresponsibility and carelessness

-        Sporting religion for the religion sake but not adopting any values and qualities out of it – hatred is not a value

-          Will to dominate others which sometimes clashes with fear of intellectual superiority that also results in hatred of those who "are deemed as more intelligent"

-          Tendencies to provoke “when the coast is clear” so they cannot be accounted for it, victim is the only witness.

December 29th 2016 – I think the biggest Serbian problem is that I am not paid for this writing. What I am trying to say is – this inhuman harassment continues. If I received a dollar for every gang-stalking moment that Serbs prepared for me I would have been a millionaire.
As I was waiting for a streetcar at Cinema Vozdovac stop around 13:15 on december 29th 2016 - the driver of the streetcar No. 9 (green color, Belgian made, Swiss donation, with a second wagon) whom I would be able to positively identify did the same thing – driving like crazy and coming to almost a sudden stop which produced enormous amount of braking asbestos dust that I had to inhale. I think I inhaled enough asbestos recently that was intentionally produced by the Serbian streetcar drivers for ten cancers. Even though this guy was more perfidious in his doing, which was not so obvious like before (less burning smell and not exactly a sudden stop) – I do not know what exactly he did, but the amount of asbestos polluted dust (from braking) was about the same - to feel in the air and inhale.
I wonder what if this guy was the cook that served me? what if he was my doctor? and there are many people like him. I do not have a problem with anyone - they do and they are trying to create problems for me. they are trying to make me sick and shorten my life. they already diminished the quality of my life tremendously. I think everywhere I felt much better than here in Serbia. even in Norristown, one of the dullest places in the States, there was a way out to freedom. here in Serbia you are bound to Serbia and Serbian ways. the malevolent ones that you do not want to know about. the Serbian madness machine and evil, they are not my problem. they are trying to make it one, the reason why I feel as if something is compressing my chest and is preventing me to breath and have enough air, perhaps from this event today (i am updating my original post.) I am waiting for a day when they will hate me no more. but the difference will be that I won’t be the same, I am already changed a lot under Serbian influence. that much that i do not recognize myself no more. sumbitch.


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