Thursday, January 26, 2017


 I call it a very good day now if I pass by people and not one person spits at me. It is obvious that these Satanic minions are trying to prove to you that death is the only escape from their paws and habitat. 

my being is the walking mirror of serbian monstrosity as in the last thirteen years there were approximately 45750
DIFFERENT individuals that attacked me in one fashion or another which accounts for
approx. 10 attacks per day. after thirteeen years i learned that by protesting you do not achieve anything as if someone wants to get you they will do it no matter what. people that are wretched and that cannot discern between what is right and what is wrong will remain wretched because its the genetics you cannot fix. one cannot polish a turd. if month after month you are witnessing new damage specks obviously from lasers misuse in your eyes then you ask yourself how many people are involved in these attacks, what are their goals and how are they paid and organized, by whom? is this going on at the level of national security agencies or is it coming from extreme political options and madmen of all sort? this is not just a plain gangstalking. i think serbs raised it to the higher level. truly wish if someone could retaliate for this manhunt and injustice. 

explanation of one of the most recent attacks
as i was walking on sidewalk on venizelisova street, dorcol, belgrade, the motherfucker that was driving a delivery
vehicle of one of these dorcol joints waited until i came close to his vehicle only to suddenly release gusts of antifreeze fluid the drops of which came into my eyes and it took me more than half hour to come home to shower and three days after my eyes are still burning and red. the look of the son of a bitch that did it was amazing to witness, his jaw dropped his face grinning with joy as if he won the lottery. such are serbs.


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