Thursday, January 05, 2017

The trajectory of the green felt

I think 90% of Serbs know by now they are messing with my life. They may not admit that they messed up my life, but let us not lie to each other, bad things are happening. This is a core human right  issue, they cannot say they are not trying to breach my privacy and publicly communicate with me in ways inacceptable by me that almost look like the rituals of degradation. I say communicate while they in fact are trying to humiliate, demonize and socially correct on a trumped up things that only complete idiots can believe. many Serbian citizens are participating in harassment because it is safe and prescribed. In other words this harassment is organized and maintained by the authorities. Even though they think it is just fooling around and I am supposed to be the number one – a free for all – public fool and target, if they admit to that it is enough. Their admittance proves who the real victim here is. And who should be blamed and tortured for doing torture. Why was I suffering? Why Am I suffering? What are my real crimes? And to what extent are the worst of them are willing to go to eliminate me from the society. |The point is that I do not have freedom in Serbia. I have the full right to be afraid of almost every Serb because I do not know who are those that are in on the harassment as there are quite many of  them and what their final goal is. I am talking at least 100,000 but it could be up to 4 million Serbs. It is the time of the ISIS so this may not be much concern for many people around the world but it is much concern for me since my future is destroyed. Special importance in this human degradation is given to open confessions as the one you are reading right here, so you are actually now taking part and participating in this Serbian dehumanizing engagement. Although I believe it is all a part of the larger plan - I believe that someone is standing behind and pushing for this evil Serbian agenda. 


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