Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Why Serbs hate me? Because they as a whole destroyed my family. I was not the one who had the choice whether to stay with my wife and child or not? Someone chose for me. Also I cannot say that some particular Serbs did it, unfortunately, I can only say Serbs did it.
Therefore some of them, that in practice translates to many, feel their responsibility and hate the one they wronged. The bad news is their hatred is natural – it is the phenomenon studied by psychologists. The same thing goes for some American folk too. 
Lastly, they cannot make it up to me because what they have done is irreversible and irreparable. That is why they do not allow me to get married again, because once I am outside of home they are controlling my every step and every move. It is practically the prison without walls. This city. I am talking Belgrade, Serbia. BECAUSE YOU MUST HATE THE ONE YOU WRONGED, SERBIA.


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