Saturday, November 19, 2016

If Conan O’Brien was part of my posse, I would not need becoming a Roman Catholic, that is for sure

today I’ve seen a guy that belongs to the top echelons of szerb military counterintelligence and we had a short muted staring contest on the street. I wish I could’ve invited him into my office to have a little conversation with him, not in my knifing outfit, of course and then I would have offered him some coffee and some good pappy van winkle's 20th anniversary family reserve. I would have beat him in the game of chess, naturally and goodness, I would ask him what is it that bothers him in me? or rather, what is it – that yearns in him to get on me, or in me?  if you have forgiven someone then you are done with that person. I would have asked him what is it he did not forgive me as yet and lastly I would ask him where the center of the world is.


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