Monday, November 28, 2016


….in all honesty I am not sure if these are the Knights Templar or just a bunch of useful idiots selling dirty books on the sidewalk approx. 200 yards away from the national library of Serbia in Belgrade right next to the public transportation stop on bulevar oslobodjenja - right at where you see the red X mark on the photo enclosed.
they never did it before, they were always sort of behaving, but not today. I can only say they spat a lot which was not polite in the windy conditions, not a mark of someone that wants to sell their goods whatever that may be. to me they do not look like  Knights Templar. what was that all about if you are standing there in not an aggressive manner - just glancing their books on the sidewalk and this trash spits at you. noon-time. not a very bright idea on their part. but again this nation is not a very bright one which underlies the existence of this defensive blog. many Serbs are dissatisfied with many things and must be they are looking for an easy target, a scapegoat, an easy fix to resolve their problems. but they forgot there is a wolf in my surname and i have tendency to show teeth when confronted. I think evil that I am surrounded with lies in the false presumption that they wrongly believe that at one point of time I influenced their lives. Why me? I mean I was posted to the public. How stupid one needs to be to reason like that. I see no other cause. BUT THE FACT IS, the number one Knights Templar in Serbia started the spitting thing – something I had written about many times earlier. I think a neat way to set the Serbs straight would be by addressing them in the world now by the words – BE GOOD – as a warning to remember to put out their good side first and not the bad side many are inclined upon. So whenever you are checking out Serbian passport anywhere instead of welcome or goodbye say BEHAVE BE GOOD  and this may do the trick, at least an inch progress of what needs to be done. PLEASE BEHAVE - BE GOOD. I mean there are indigenous people in our backyard and we need to make them compatible with 21st century ways. the progress of doing this will be reflected in the quality of my life. when I no longer post things like: the guy who drove red colored bus on the bus line 33 (licence plates: bg 782 ZS) in Belgrade around 13:30 hrs on November 27th 2016 should be laid off for not being professional and up to public service standards…this will mean that Serbia did it, though in this lifetime with this type of  progress being made (still prevented from being able to enjoy privacy, have family and decent living in Serbia) I do not think it won’t be as nearly as possible without the divine intervention and without the intervention of good people of the, especially Western, world. in the first place, if I had the problem with anyone – I would have come talk to the person in question. what they did was - they started spitting at me without even a word. after that, my research was easy as far as to who's the person in question, generalia is all over the net, but why? i guess you have to become Knights Templar yourself to find out. i doubt those (many) serbs that get on that train playing out useful idiots and doing the same thing know why the things have to be the way they are too - their goal is just to make me miserable because they do not care about their actions - and it is why i am complaining about. full stop.


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