Sunday, September 04, 2016

unprotected and at peril in the holy and heavenly land of my Serbian brethren

Serbia is probably the only country in the world where they want to make you feel ashamed for making music and a number of other things. I m talking about people whose IQ is - judging by their acts - anywhere from 0 – 40 and there are a great many of them. It is either that or they are mad at their president or somebody and they want to compensate. basically I am taking the fire for someone else because there are crazy motherfuckers around here, and it really hurts. at bottom, any piece of shit can step up to you and do their little harm or cheap trick and when combined all these harms on daily basis or yearly basis do not make me a better person. this is why I regret there are not more Freemasons in Serbia and respect and praise for their good work, for imagine what would it be like if you gave the decisive and executive powers to hooligans, like it is going on in my case to some measure. as the newest thing, these poor souls found out and believe that I had been dabbling in music and now they are trying to make me feel ashamed of it by making all these stupid noises trying to imitate music by banging stuff like savages etc etc. whereas in America they respect you for doing anything progressive and creative on the contrary these people in Serbia are your worst enemies. knife in the back type of sort. Serbians are truly the brethren from hell in my case. I feel sorry for Novak Djokovic for everything he had to go through before he became successful. Serbian society is divided into those that do not want to leave me alone and the rest but I am not paid for being their target neither I enjoy it so to hell with it. the amount of degradation I received from my Serbian brethren is overwhelming but I learned to cope with it.

last night I went downtown and it was like one million people there having fun. belgrade reminds me of these cities Sodom and Gomorrah in the middle of nowhere. things happen in new york city too but they are not so obvious and transparent and in comparison to Belgrade any city I had ever been to seemed to be dead at night. anyhow, the pizza joint whose pizza box I used in making of one of my conceptual art pieces now has the strongest following in town and mind you I guess it is because of my artwork. they are making trillions of dollars, this is the photo of the line around midnight. 
 they should be paying me hefty copywrite commissions, just kidding. It only means that serbs got united to back up something they thought I downplayed which was okay but it is also telling me what I am up against here and it is the brick wall. cannot wait for some time machine to get me teleported from here to a safe zone. Star Wars bring it on.

I then decided to walk home and at around 02:30 AM overheard some girl saying to a guy: you know, I’ve got the hots for you - while they were standing next to each other by I guess his building on vojvode stepe blvd. .it will never happen to me in this city.


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