Thursday, September 01, 2016

disadvantaged much in Serbia the land of my hero Novak and my Serbian Brethren

although im the artist, this is not an artistic performance of any kind for if it was so then my entire life in serbia would have been it in real time.
every evening I walk at least half an hour amongst my Serbian Brothers and it feels as if many of them are pumped up to spoil my walk and ruin my life further on which gives me enough energy to write about it later. they are in the very dangerous business of making an epic dimensions scapegoat of the person that did not deserve that so I guess they will be into some nasty karmas. this evening around 10:00 PM I went into Belgrade’s neighborhood Brace Jerkovica and I just walked into one small store to buy some water and the guy who was standing in the line there jumped and back-kicked high as if an untamed horse feeling that i brushed him by and I just wanted to pass by – the isles there are highly narrow – so to me it seemed as if it was my brush with death. his hatred was oozing out and his posture gave it away. it appears as if my Serbian brethren would like to kill me or at least debilitate me if they only could. then the same guy intentionally lost his turn and swang around the isle and waited behind me just like i described it in the previous post regarding the transit bus situations. the intention was obvious. they need to compensate for their shortcomings and i was made into a good toy like object for them to do that.
number two, i think that a lot of serbs expect me to kill myself after what they have been doing to me for so long.
i am sure they believe it is the natural ending as i am not sure where their harassment leads to and what they are trying to do with it. even if they are not Christian, but many are, they should know that their karma will get them. i would be deathly afraid to do something like they are doing to me to anyone who did not deserve it and especially anyone i do not personally know and even then not. basically, serbiawise, I feel as if Im a scapegoat who was half slaughtered and is now running through the Belgrade-streets for his life while blood is dripping all over him. on the other hand there are curious not-so-mean people that are looking at me like I am the walking dead while passing by. they are passing by because a number of them marches on and they would run me over if i stood in their walking path. this dominating crave and  trait - it is inhabited in their mind. It is nothing like the movie warriors where some guys just had to go back to their part of town. This is crazy as the entire town is turned against me. I am not talking all serbs, God forbid, but many serbs. I am just wondering what ever happened to their brains, and as the matter of fact – 'who' is their brain?! i wish if some rock band would make a song about what is going and what has happened to me in this country and by that send them a message to stop destroying my life further.  for those doing this they themselves won't admit they are the crazy ones. they were given the green light 

If someone thinks that I am paranoid I would ask them whether it is normal to think about somebody who is not a public figure and whom you do not even personally know and to (mis)judge them and do stuff that will piss them off or hurt them.


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