Monday, August 15, 2016

I dare you Vice President to test and check whom the Serbs love more

around 21 hrs this evening went to the main post office in Belgrade to pay some utility bills but the waiting line was approx. 100 meters long. thus estimated a potential security risk as there were many individuals who did not generate positive vibes in semi darkness and then decided to scramble back home and walk over to karadjorjdev park, which is approx. 2 miles long route. in the process I was spat at three times, received a number of hateful looks, heard numerous manmade noises behind me, someone threw something at me from a Slavija square steak shop - dining outdoors area, and a public transportation bus driver tried to run me over on the crosswalk!
I dare joe biden to beat this record tomorrow as he is visiting Serbia. If it takes him less than 20 minutes to break the record, he is the King!
or if he can take time to cry a minute publicly to honor my record i'll give him that likewise!
but if he cannot beat that record the natural conclusion would be: serbs love him more!


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