Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Serbia not the mother for me but a piece of shit “homeland”

I cannot agree more with ljubodrag duci simonovic in some terms. imagine what this country has come to if i cannot agree more with one would-be communist (!) like Simonovic apparently has been painting himself, and also someone that dislikes Novak Djokovic! that is truly unbelievable. I am talking about Serbia the land of mindless treacherous monsters. it is one big scheisse! However, I am not talking about Serbia per se as it has been throughout the history, I am talking about the life in modern day serbia 2016 from my personal point of view. I would have packed myself and moved  from here a long time ago if my ancestors did not fight to live here in peace while enjoying the fruits of their work. This seems impossible for me as a day does not go by without hardcore harassment and/or attacks of some sort on the part of Serbian people against me. today a motor driver sped up at the moment when he was about to pass me from behind on my street, revved engine to maximum only to distract and harass me on purpose. Imagine If I had a child and wife here. Serbs would not leave them alone. mad max part one would have remained a Holywood blockbuster deal in comparison to my reality. Born motherfuckers! Born jerkoffs! Imagine if on your two hour walk in the city when you meet and go by a number of people every fucking day you run into 5 – 7 hardcore motherfuckers who got the green light to make your life miserable. they live up to it like it is the fucking task. I am not talking one monster but 5 – 7 serbian monsters and more at a different times. What would you be feeling like?! I do not know what is wrong with these guys but something is wrong with them, they are as nasty as fuck. It is a heavy psychopath rich environment. If someone gave me millions of dollars I would not have gone into the crowd that welcomed the Serbian Olympic team yesterday. out of pure fear, that is. cos I know what some of them are up and about to and what they are ready to do to me. the only peace that could be achieved out here would have been the one through superior firepower. being the nice guy is not the way to go, cos serbians play filthy. they don't get it. / 

last minute: tonight around 20:00 PM, as i exited this hellhole's downtown bakery on knez mihailova street that was filled with thousands of tourists and locals i promptly ran into three hair shaved gentlemen that appeared waiting for me right out of some soccer hooligan drug deal gone bad. as i sensed another beating sponsored by the government and as they were trying to communicate among themselves who should start what first i quickly ran by, shot through towards the transit bus # 31 station. as i entered bus and later trying to exit, there were some people who by their actions were in the know how to deal with someone who is shit scared of them, trying to come behind me way too close for comfort and as i tried to move up towards front, those who stood there started pushing and shoving me backwards. they appeared telling what they thought of you, that is me, and you or I needed at least six pairs of eyes to see what each one of them was doing because nobody there was up to no good. you can get kicked, spat at or punched at anytime from several different sides as the transit bus was packed with many standees. serbian government does not allow me to drive as they took my licence away under false accusations that i took police on chase which was a pure nonsense for those who know me so i have to use serbian public transportation which is the instrument of torture the way i see it. these are motherfucking bastards, nothing less. 

last minute on august 26th 20I6: today in comparison to other days it was a sea of motherfuckers engaging in cowardly acts of doing harm, throwing stuff, making noises, lasers, spitting, obscene gestures, you name it. hope their karma catches up with them. if you cannot prove yourself as a human being then you hurt others. it happened on numerous ocassions today. that’s what these people are doing. that’s what’s up. it is not that much the pain they are inflicting that hurts but the fact that this is directed at you. you know none of them and do not have anything against anybody because of the plain fact that you do not even know who they are. and you end up singled out as some scapegoat and now what, it is nothing but the motherfucking craziness man. serbs are revamping human hunting for fun, the very dangerous game there is. 

Sunday august 28th

what is the measure of misery these people will go through to hurt me is what I saw today when the guy working at newsstand streetshop on vojvode stepe blvd. extended himself while holding a price scanner in his hand as I was passing while aiming it at me conspicuously. he was sort of hiding in between the merchandise and pointing it at me. as i approached i realized this pour soul did not do it because he was trying to harass me, he did not want to scare me for sure because he was scared himself of his doings. this pour soul really thought he was going to hurt me with it, on the presumptions of my earlier writings herewith!!!!! just the wretched stinking misery!!!!

what’s even more terrible man they teach their kids to hate, today near my home i experienced that contemptuous glance of 13 to 14 year old. that's low. just collected enough energy to make a note about it, it is difficult going through what i am going through and in addition having to think about and write about it at that.


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