Wednesday, August 17, 2016

worldwide conspiracy to do me in

it is hard to believe that so many people are threading on me to downplay like Im some malaka and throw away my positives sides as yesterday's trash. but and this is the big 'but', it is - when they do not allow you to see your child only once in fourteen years then you believe everything is possible. you become supersensitive and more receptive. this is a pure experiment in vivo. there is not one single person on the planet who would accept that for a fact to them and their family as if nothing happened. now everyone plays stupid, its not their ass. though Im fine with that cos God allowed it. got so many advices to give, such as change your name into an Anglo sounding one. who cares about the case of bitten by a snake on one morning, afraid of the rope by the well for ten years. some lawless actions on the part of US authorities made things (appear) this way. plus the stigma. plus nobody is extending the hand of conciliation. plus the karma, there are many things combined in this equation, indeed.


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