Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Novak Djokovic and the Serbian Human Grinding Machine

it is the serbian grinding machine I have the problem with..

once you are in the machine they husk you down like the swarm of piranhas.

I m not saying all serbs are involved and like that but not a day goes by without me having some kind of trouble when different unknown people are attacking me in various dastardly ways.

for over ten years in the united states my body was never jeopardized and my well being was never endangered.  For example, nobody was spitting at me there. No one was trying to hurt me. It is much different here in Serbia.

As soon as they see the smallest opportunity I see some and many serbs are going for it.

Now what is the chance of someone succeeding in tennis if his country does not have one free of charge court available and does not even have one backboard which is fundamental in learning tennis.

 In my humble opinion, 0.00000000001% and less.  

this is exactly the percentage for a chance that Novak Djokovic threw the match with Del Potro in the Olympics after a tight fight.  I feel sorry for Novak in that regard.

but if he did that to send Serbian people some signal, some message: like “leave that guy alone, we cannot win every time, or we cannot be badass everytime; see people, as a Collective, you are bringing a bad karma to everyone in the world", this is exactly what I would be expecting from someone of his magnitude. not more not less. 

I being the talk of the town this is how the small time Serbian politician who happens to be on my list of friends saracastically responds to my newly posted songs which was immediately liked by 73 of his friends and my potential blood enemies:

like he is doing anything important that will change this boring f----- world. just thinking about his name and his bad hair day hairstyle makes me wanna puke.puke puke puke puke

I cannot stand the country in which the greatest lifetime dream achievement of some seventy year old senior would be to sneak up on me from behind in public transportation and kick me while I was exiting the streetcar and myself not expecting any sort of attack at that. somehow a lot of people, young and old, are itching to become national heroes of some sort even with deeds-like-that. they think they will get all the respect because someone, guess who, lied to them about some people who belong to the category of traitors, the treasonous guys who ought to be dealt with illegally…so harm they are doing to me they believe it is acceptable and desirable as well. 

august 10th: these people that are attacking me cannot have peace unless they do me some harm. period. they cannot be at one with themselves unless they act somehow. as i entered streetcar around 21:00 PM, a young man stood up and allowed me to have his seat probably because i had a large bag and a rucksack on me. soon after i sat down, an older lady sitting behind me stabbed my back with her fingers as she was making whooshing sounds and blowing raspberries all along. promptly it felt as if i was feeling the wounds of jesus and i am sure she was doing some black magic on me. this situation was quite awkward and noises she was making were very disturbing to listen. as soon as the other seat was available i stood up and moved while feeling quite unusual discomfort and tension as if my back was opened with a spear. wish if all christians, pagans, jews, muslims, budists, shintoists, and others would have me in their prayers to save and protect me from these evildoers that have been after me since practically 2003 for no reason. 

Friday, august 14th 2016

as some people in serbia are constantly trying to diminish the importance of my work in any field wherein I engage myself all the time calling me bullshit, I say they are the motherfucking bullshit not me. I do not know but whoever is reading this blog should realize that I have been targeted much, but indeed I had been. I also had been in doubt whether to keep posting cos this blog was supposed to be my top secret diary, a hole in the ground where I got to share stuff that had been going on and whisper it in like Emperor Trojan. Not! Friday, august 14th 2016 Was it a trap or not? I feel lucky to have escaped greater injuries but I have been in pain for the last two days. I ve been writing at previous times how I was lured into a trap by the Serbian secret service agent on their premises. this went on again but now in his residence. this same guy (whose initials are M.M.) got his revenge apparently for my blog posting hereby about what he was doing to me on a previous occasion. this time M.M. tricked me into coming to his home through telling me about some highly interesting early documents about opium trade in the Serbian army during the first world war, which to me seemed highly unusual and collectible items. had an omen sign not to proceed with coming over as at a time of a phonecall, i tore my brand new sweatpants by catching it up against some loose piece of metal. after I decided to trade it for something I had left in my home, he offered me a ride back to pick up that thing. most secret agents in Serbia drive alfa romeos for some reason (perhaps they get dealership discount specials of some kind) and then as he was pulling off the way he was maneuvering his vehicle while I was inside with him it was so naïve, slow and sloppy on purpose and later with my eye burn it got obvious to me that he was positioning it towards someone lying in wait across the street from his residence where that accomplice or accomplices had a good laser aim to take a long lasting shot at me enough to do harm. when I was thinking about it later about what he was doing it just dawned on me with burning pain in my eye lasting into Sunday. he was making totally unnecessary moves navigating his vehicle straight towards the laser sniper's nest who burned my eyes with long lasting (talking about 40 seconds) laser beam exposure. also while he was driving the seat of his car was malfunctioning as if the extreme heat was turned on which left my balls feeling scorched and aching too. Ive been in so much pain. then when we got to my place he started molesting my dog, pressing his head against the fence which made the dog gag and choke and calling him names (bitch, pussy, faggot) which made me think and connect things and consequences.
can only imagine what my life will be when one of these motherfuckers sponsored by the Serbian government permanently disables me where I won’t be able to take care of myself and on couple of occasions it was so close to that (these were the moments that produced this blog for real). you know you are down on your luck when the mad haters did you so bad they are afraid to have the change of heart from being afraid of their doings. 


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