Thursday, July 14, 2016


by publicly exposing someone to unlimited harassment 
(unlimited concerning time, manners and means) 
that is the worst punishment one can get for molestation irrevocably changes life. "it's a different type of death... it's the death of who the molested one could have been." 
plus you cannot say "no" to these thugs: to see and hear a bit of the same inhuman and stubborn obstinacy i am dealing with, click here belgrade, serbia, year 2002...lemmy says 'do not throw shit on the stage i do not like it.' a few seconds later somebody throws something on the stage again. guitar player says: the show is over. somebody has thrown a piece of glass like that. we are done. lemmys says: 'why why stupid motherfucker.' and in my case this goes on and on because i live here...
many here just do not or do not want to understand this. his experience are just numerous flashbacks for me. but the random hostile acts are incomparable to sustained targeted harassment lasting 12+ years. they have the agenda and target fixation (as the enemy must exist!), some of them are veterans of Balkan wars as well as gang turf wars and the major targets (the likes of  George W and Bill Clinton are not readily accessible) so they have to unleash their fury, anger and deploy skills against somebody at hand who in their view symbolizes or loves Western ideals. in other words the second best gets his ass kicked instead of those who they really want. i have been the scapegoat.
Serbia, 7/21/2016: all I can say if those I had mentioned can motivate the entire country to spit at me, why they can’t do some greater harm. I m coming and some cars with deeply tinted windows obviously aren’t there waiting just to make me scared, some slight commotion goes on inside and I know something else goes on. what exactly I do not know but I know they are up to no good. If they can smuggle tons of illegal substances into Serbia, why can’t organized crime do some greater harm to me than just making man made noises?! I think happy times of gang stalking only are now over. I come home I experience eyes burning and pain like the entire team of those stalkers with military grade lasers was out to get me. I cannot eat out in public restaurants because of the same exact fear after what had happened to that cop today in Columbus ohio, where they put pieces of glass into his burger. and i would surely - also - like to eat one burger in Stepin Vajat, vojvode Stepe blvd., for sure. these are the ones on top of the “smaller” things that are regularly going on like today around 19:10 hours when I entered store "Desk computers" in Čika Ljubina 18-20 - center city Belgrade, where I was promptly “welcomed” by really unfriendly sales person who then body checked me from behind with violent force and in highly provoking manner pinning me to the desk in front of me, in order to make a passage for him without even asking me to move or step aside. when I looked at him to see what goes on and to say something i saw that he held a scalper in his hand. that really pissed me off but i did not say a goddamn word. i bet this person would have been happier if he took at least one slice of my flesh with that scalpel that is for sure. 
furthermore, around 10PM this evening i got a skype call from art collectors t. family that are currently vacationing in croatia. after i spoke politely with family's head honcho mr. d. for about 15 minutes on supposedly the best of terms telling them that i can barely hear them, so they knew that volume on my earphones was maxed out as we talked about it particularly, when we got out of topics and conversation was nearing the end his wife started banging things into their end of the mic making terrible deafening noises (most likely by crashing dishes and silverware together) on their side of the line that i immediately felt sorry for accepting their call. i know what is intentional shit and what is not (when someone is trying to hurt you, you can recognize that something has not just fallen, human made noise just goes on, and if i was not sure i wouldn't be writing here - as to why, i translate this behavior as "they believe they are the ultimate untouchable art kings" of serbia who have just expressed jealousy over my 1% of success, which i do not even claim but i know it is there, how dare i do something plausible that some people even speak about it; they have to put me where i belong in the sleazy way; low; that is it). mr. d. seemed amused hearing that i was upset asking me - as if to put some salt on injury - hey, what has happened you do not want to talk to us  any more?!! -  i mean... wtf is wrong with all these effin people. and all this on the eve of my birthday which was "supposed" to be the most relaxing day. i know it from experience, this shit will bother me for at least a week. but the consequences last. 

this entire situation prevents me to talk to my son, the commitment that I have intentionally avoided for years as I cannot lie to him that I have been okay in Serbia for my “countrymen”.  poor child.  I’ve been pretty fucking far from okay. trying to explain my situation would be meaningless as gang stalking in general was designed not to be believed and easily explained. what was all that about lasting 13+ years?! the explanation would border with psychosis then. it is a similar experience to witnessing UFOs, there are no points of reference. the gangstalking was meant to be the type of psychological and also in my case corporal punishment because serbs breached what meant to be only psychological harassment and they went into physical contact and maiming, probably on their own – I have brought up many examples of that. even though I believe that without the united states’ silent approval the things could have not happened to me, this is the country that I feel the strongest affiliation to (for all that I had been through I definitely do not and cannot feel anything Serbian), and since someone told me that in times of great distress and duress its flag should be flown upside down, this is how i do it in this case for I am in the state of great distress and under great duress.
when one individual is singled out in cowardly fashion there will be many lowly cowards and lowlifes crawling out from all over the place to strike from many sides.  in that regard, there is an unprecedented concentrations of smile (would be) killers in Serbia which is a messed up place to be for someone in my skin and shoes. they do not understand anything, and nothing can be explained to them, they cannot control themselves and doing harm is the only way they wanna go. this is why I no longer go out to have some fun. i live in the land of the people with psych complexes. growing up in serbia is tough unless you belong to those minorities
who teach kids from a young age that it is not normal to feel bad about themselves and that the shame is forbidden for whatever reason or unless you are very, very rich. on the other side, serbs are racing to exterminate each other while trying to find faults in others that do not exist in people. for example in the usa, many people made their careers because of their looks, barbara streisand and al molinaro to name a few. if you are not rich or do not come off of the rich and powerful background, this seems to be the mission impossible in serbia, where you will be the target of taunting if you have the smallest and most insignificant deformity on your body. in which case everyone will be competing to point their fingers onto somebody else to distract attention from their own personality and / or body which may exist in their imagination only. i must highlight this never ending serbian taunting contest because i have come across the unknown people in public that are trying to make me feel bad about myself while doing exactly the same thing explained here. it is only the portion of organized gangstalking in my case. this is very different from the prejudice (Poles are stupid, Irish are drunkards, Italians are greaseballs, Serbs are crazy and potential security threat to the system) that exists in the US as it is unfolding on the personal level. in america it is not about looks it is about who is more powerful. even with stereotypes, it is always them cops are pigs, but never Sgt. so and so is a pig. I may say that in my case I was put in a situation wherein I could have "enjoyed" the best of both worlds. felt blame for where i came from in the united states (with chicken hawks who kept repeating over and over again: this guy is a threat to national security,
this guy is a threat to national security...) in addition to inflicted pain on personal level in serbia for my looks that i had been completely satisfied with so far and had to reassess them many times over after attacks occured. it seems, once you fall in the public eye, that they both, in america and serbia, are constantly exploiting possibilities to make you feel as shit. while i am dying to belong to some society and enjoy its solidarity and do some good for some country. here in serbia i am neither accepted nor welcome. some pieces of shit are treating you as if a piece of shit, day in day out. any good reason why?!! in thirteen plus years - no clue. the only logical explanation - they were handled. if i'd asked them what was all that about their minds would not know. wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
How will they leave me alone?! Serbian sport stars do not listen to the U.S. POLICE, hello, how will the ordinary Serbian people accept my pleas to stop ruining my already ruined life, stop harassing me, stop gang-stalking me, stop maiming me, stop brain-raping me? as i was watching it appeared to me as if he was gonna deck the cop. there were comments on the part of serbian speaking audience such as "do not even talk to him, fist nail him..." while even the officer's name Cooper was mentioned numerous times as if someone was asking for some public lynching. like i would ever care for someone acting like a prick (might had been very justly so) but i do now, as the serious unjust things are happening to me and i can sense what is right and what is wrong. Click here to watch the video and let me scream out loud

"Gang stalking (rude people in crowds that appear and insult the individual, using both verbal and non-verbal communication). Having 20 people, or more, strategically placed to for example look with a hateful look at the Targeted Individual. They are all strangers, they are all rude. They appear every time the TI is outside, and it can take many different expressions. Sometimes it looks like they have some kind of scheme and the harassment follows a pattern, and when it achieves a certain stage, they reset themselves and it startes all over again."
the improved modification of gangstalking they came up with in Serbia  was that they included thousands of serbian citizens into the targeting scheme so for me it was not 20 people placed strategically over one place at one time, it was rather the 20 unknown people swarming from anywhere i went to all of the time. for example, everyone that knows me can put their life on the line that i would not run away from the police officer but this serbian "bad seed", this crooked cop - slavko cvetic - did not only make a dick move by lying and falsely accusing me with bogus criminal charges, he even went far enough to testify before the judge that i led him on a chase whereby he was pursuing me with his motorcycle. of course it did not happen and it was my word against his, and of course i lost, it is now three months of driver's license suspension, a lot of points on my driving record and a hefty fee. i am sure that he is one of them and this paper below is a little bit of proof, black on white, that certain unjustifiable things are going on. if asked to go through, this guy would not pass his polygraph test. and after i had posted on this blog about his drinking habits while on duty and in uniform i believe that was the moment when my politically (and otherwise) powerful neighbor vojkan milosevic (the first one i saw doing it blatantly in a highly provoking fashion) came forward triggering the spitting pattern that was soon adopted and utilized by many serbians (completely unknown to me) that were jumping on the targeting feeder and spitting at me. that created more of an unsafe and unfriendly environment for me while i am also in fear for exposing and whistle-blowing about his actions, no mater what he said about it, i would not take his word for it even at oath, i am sure he is all about the revenge which is slowly cooking and goes on. i must admit however that at that time i was not fully aware that i was the victim of organized targeting hence that post entry sounds more like a rant. when i think of the powers to be that i am up against i fear for my life, in another daily example (from today), it is not the feeling of complete uneasiness when i am passing by the group of local kids in the park and when i turn my back to them, i hear one of them shouting to the others, NOOOO PLEASE DO NOT DO IT, NO, DO NOT DO IT, NOOOO, and i did not know what they were trying to do behind my back, i did not turn around, i only knew that i was approx. 12 yards away feeling it was something entirely imminent targeting me for who i am, something very awkward, something beyond a rock that will come behind me smashing my skull....there is no way these people can regain my trust in this lifetime, neither they are trying to. 

the very next day post follow up (7/15/16) : as I was talking to a neighbor standing on the pavement of vojvode stepe bvld. unmarked khaki cruiser with deep tinted windows and two detachable roof beacons pulled up right next to me as if to see what was I gonna do – it was my immediate thought as there was enough space all around to park elsewhere. so the windows were like a feet away from my eyes and I could not see anything inside. i thought it was some braggadocio move from whoever it was inside, I did not bother to take their tag numbers, I would not have flipped a coin whether or not they would harm me as I was sure – “you guys want me to post about this, now, is that a fact? oh no, you an’t gonna see me posting, not this time!” but as my eyes really hurt now – 18:44 PM – i've got a new floating object that really messes up vision in my left eye and I wonder what were they really up to and what their real motive was. all I am thinking about is the revenge on the part of authorities’ syndicate and friends of those that felt not threatened but whose egos were touched by the mention herewith.


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