Saturday, June 18, 2016


in all honesty, i am totally afraid of serbia and the elements within the country with power to send the would be hitmen to drive around in unmarked vehicles with tinted windows with obvious intent to harass, provoke and instill fear in front of my home where i was beaten couple of years ago.
in my experience, the united states of america builds personal confidence whereby you easily feel as a free man just by being there whereas the republic of serbia is the total opposite. i am talking about the  2003-2016 period. it is the place where my confidence is constantly sinking together with the belief in human race. It is the place where God needs to be on your side.

imagine what would happen if you had provoked a police officer by pointing even a fake gun towards him from a four-yard distance. today – july 7th 2016 – as i was finishing postal business in the post office (maksima gorkog street, belgrade, around 12:30 PM) and I turned around, one serbian motherfucker who was standing in line behind me was intentionally pointing a shiny object into my eyes. it could have been a bluff – a search light on his mobile phone camera – but the police officer would consider it a threat to his life if he was pointing anything into him. my eyes are watery and hurt now six hours later as if it was a laser nevertheless. as soon as i noticed it, i quickly turned my head sideways and did not get a good look of what it could have been. my point is - so what even if he was bluffing, there was an intent to harass, but i believe that this person was not bluffing (as sometimes they do just to piss me off). now I remember the story of the mom pig and little pig that cried help every time it entered woods. what could have i done at that moment, as this person must be well trained to deal with any kind of escalating situation. i've seen the serbian secret service guys perform magician type tricks, and objects disappear in their hands, in other words, i could not have proven anything and would not have been able to catch him red-handed while doing it to make my case by self evident truth unless lawyers got a hold of inside cameras' video material but it is a long shot even then. i would have made myself more of a jerk, as they are trying to point and do, however i feel comfortable explaining situation at my blog. well now what is the coincidence that so often I will run into some serbian motherfuckers with equipment to make my life miserable? normal serbian people do not carry anything that can harm anyone in their pockets and that is why I believe these are not the deeds of the normal serbian guys, instead, I believe I am the target of some serbian-scale black ops dept. – the paid shills and provocateurs who follow me around with task of making my life miserable in the serbian mickey mouse way which still is the pain in the ass as they do harm you no matter how small it may be in the eyes of the society. that was my point above with freedoms in america, nobody follows you around there to make your life miserable.
as to why, what's the point? this country never stood up for me at anytime.
since i do not belong to the serbian elite - all those who sent their kids to the usa and nobody said a thing - possibly the point is to
punish me (politically, as well as to set an example) for being in the usa while serbia (formerly yugoslavia) was in turmoil. back then, i read the situation as follows,
yugoslavian elites are using the common people to amass their riches and power by  warmongering, so it was not my war. i did not go because i was scared of picking up a rifle.

I have no proofs, they do not necessarily have to be serbian or they may be serbian but orders also may be given to them (i would not call them just stalkers, i would promote them into cowardly hunters because next to stalking they also harm me and i have no way of fighting back) by some foreign authorities, who knows. If this was not the correct explanation, if I’d complain I’d be labeled crazy. of course he is, he is a paranoid imagining things, that is the view of those who’d like to have no liability or are defending themselves from what they are doing to me.

like I had stated, I am apolitical but serious things started happening to me around 2012 as soon as the country leadership changed. until that time, the serbs were not getting physical, they were into harassment by way of man made noises only. coincidentally, as of the time the leadership changed they took the harassment to another level, I got beaten twice without any indications that those beatings were going to happen and the second time I barely survived. I know the blogging here would only escalate the situation, but for me it was something like – you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t - I had to start speaking up against the crimes that were happening to me - the inside baseball - and this continues as the serbian authorities turn a blind eye or may be they are the ones who instigate the whole thing. i hope i find some energy to turn these suffering into the book some day. 
if i was not concerned for my life and well being i would not be writing much.
like today, july 7th 2016, i have just returned from a midnight dog walk and i can feel a strong smell of some military grade poison
on me because it inhibits breathing
, it has a pungent smell similar to ddt powder. this could have been spread easily into our path, if supported by clandestine logistics and midnight is their favorite time as well. a bit of mucus forming within mouth and nausea, a proof of the exposure.
prior to that, as i walked my dog today near hotel M on avalski drum in belgrade, three guys who later entered the premises spat at us but they waited
until they were really close as to show they were doing it on purpose. they looked like the part of some sport team staying at the hotel. this spitting thing was started by my neighbor vojkan milosevic
few years ago and as of that time serbs constantly spit at me. from what i heard, saying the name of this individual publicly compares in serbia
to speaking up against the gambino family in the usa but i had to put my cards down whatever happens because of it, cometh the hell or high water. this guy has the links to serbian secret service as well and traditionally these are
the guys who command serbian hooligans from behind the shadows. so i cannot win here, everything is connected against me, i just do what i gotta do until their poisons, spitting and, essentially, hatred finally ruin me. i can say that my breathing is truly inhibited as i continue to feel the smell of this poison chemical in my nostrils. i also feel really unnerved which is not natural to me and most likely it is by it. what strikes me is that it just happened a couple of hours after what to some may sound as a critique of the serbian regime, which is the upper text in red font. it seems as if every time i complain they roll out the new ways of delivering harder and harder blows. my life has been scripted by them.
what some serbs are doing to me is beyond kicking the body of a dead man.
interesting how immediately after i had raised concerns about my safety in serbia the very next day i
was pushed to limits again. somebody is all about doing harm. as i was returning from grocery shopping in front of
my house i was confronted by three unknown serbian mavericks in their twenties who menacingly walked toward me. when they saw i turned on my camera,
they got a bit confused, and as soon as they passed by one
of them turned and spat towards me while trying to kick me at the same time. as a serbian rule of thumb,
there will always be at least two or three men against one unsuspecting individual even though i threw my towel in.
these three individuals were entirely unknown to me. in 1990s, the three finger salute was started in serbia by Vuk Draskovic (political figure)
and soon the entire nation picked up on that.
now many are picking up on the spitting thing which was introduced by my neighbor Vojkan Milosevic. absolutely stunning that i was picked
as the target by some neighbor. the same thing happened today when i was leaving home to shop for groceries, there were four of them waiting in front of my
but when they saw me fiddling with cell camera they quickly left. it is obvious now they are sent
not only to
harass and provoke, but to lay their dirty hands and spit on too.
as i was walking my English bullterrier in banjicka suma (local forest) today - 17th of june - three teenagers came after us with their dog which
appeared to be some kind of molossus.
as soon as i saw them
i knew they were up to no good. at first i thought they were going to set their much older dog onto my bullie who is still a baby.
but i noticed one of them had a green light stick in his hand all the time pointing into me and my dog's eyes and when he started
 inquiring about my dog i asked him what was that thing in his hand, reluctantly he replied: a laser.
i am sure that this was coincidence as much as Novak Djokovic is the GOAT. i am pretty sure they were instructed and somehow brought there,
because as underaged they are most likely not liable to sentences. i know i have been monitored and surveilled, serbs know my 20 at all times.
it was all fishy and planned. not to mention some people who looked like undercover secret service agents as they
pretended to be dead, posing rather
looking like being shot in their vehicles while i was exiting the woods.
when i complained to other dog walkers, they stated that they never saw these kids before and they also took the most desolate path going after us as if they
were supported logistically. nobody chooses that path often especially not someone equipped with lasers.
when i called police they made us wait for two hours for their response in the ultimate heat and they never came, 911 operator telling lies about
their stolen phone cables so they were not able to contact the local police station. could you believe that? this is 911 serbian emergency unable to
contact police units for two hours, that was the excuse. 
when i again demanded that some police patrol comes they lied again and we waited in good faith without cops ever coming.
these cell phone logs photos are the proof
of our conversations with 911 operator. 


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