Thursday, February 28, 2013


Half an hour ago, around 19:00 hrs, February 28th 2013, maroon colored BMW probably model 850i without any licence plates came ahead of me into my street and was driving slowly 15 feet ahead of my step and all of a sudden when it stopped twenty feet ahead of my house it sped away with enormous speed sending a cloud of what I believe were the mil grade chemicals into the air - whatever it was - it was either in tailpipe or spilled onto asphalt (ground) - it hit my eyes and lungs bad. Two tall individuals were inside, tinted windows. It was some action – attempt I believe.

It is no joke folks. There is more. Today around 14:00 I boarded bus #26 at Trg Republike traveling towards Law Faculty to meet a friend. All of a sudden I was propelled onto another woman by some Serbian female pig. Then the second Serbian healthy pig, the one I was propelled onto, pushed me back unexpectedly and hard as I was carrying some important art in my backpack. NOW I WANT TO HIGHLIGHT THAT EVERY WOMAN FRIEND THAT I TALKED TO KNOWS HOW I RESPECT WOMEN!!! And also, word of wise, traveling in overcrowded Serbian buses is way too close for comfort it is more like having poor group sex Serbian way!!!  I gave poor pig a mild dose of her own medicine but only after I tried to tell her how irresponsible she were. I was not looking for pardon but she had looked at me like she wanted to kill me for no reason. All of a sudden there jumped a Serbian male pig – Captain Serbia – with one hand in his purse trying to let me know that he either had a gun or knife, looked like security guard somewhere, is for some reason a crazed shit-bird for sure. He tried to scuffle with me and push me outside punching me once straight into heart with his fucking Serbian fist. He was also heavily  offending me verbally in the worst possible Serbian fashion as I kept my calm and silence as much as I could. This little being, probable age 57, went berserk and swore at my mother and wanted to fight so bad while I remained calm knowing to what it leads. Then I felt heart arrhythmia and this pig tried to push me outside to fight as the bus stopped saying “I know who you are motherfucker!” HE KNEW damn well who I was he was not mad at me for I wore green jacket - suspicious dressing color in Serbia attributed not to Greeks-Hungarians but to Muslims - and an American hunting hat. I called out for driver's help but this Serbian driver pig was not responsive at all so I had to deal with the aggressive Serbian pig myself and got away with only one punch into the heart. Meanwhile ten other Serbian monkeys were watching me like the ninth world wonder (there were approx.. 60 people in the bus) while this aggressive pig was holding one hand in purse trying to push me out with another and to drill me – since he needs a weapon – a coward – a gun or knife. I hope you die American pig out there whoever you are who had exposed me to these Serbian bastard pigs with bastard Turkish genomes. Tell em my name. Next time you nuke them write my name onto it. It is hard to think only DISCRIMINATE THEM THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. In Belgrade they live in chaos where hooligans and drug dealers rule! Police if it means anything they take it on me,  the good guy!!! These Serbian pigs need to be dealt with. Hit them hard!!! I mean this guy was about to drill me today for nothing – it does not take much brain to know what they deserve here and elsewhere. Croatian Ante Gotovina would not mean much harm to me even if he is described as Serbian killer No. 1. These Serb pigs are amazing! They are jealous or someone is putting a smoke up their stupid Serbian ass. There was a joke in America stupid as a Pole, my foot, there is none more stupid and aggressive than Serbs. I would dead meat them all for speaking about my mother let alone trying to kill me and attack me and play games or play stupid with me. I give you the green light for anything Serbian medieval bad. Show them how it is spent and ask for no change!!!

I must say one thing next to the single individuals and / or groups I mentioned in the post below that are able to pull such logistics: SERBIAN MILITARY INTELLIGENCE AGENCY or SERBIAN SECRET STATE AGENCY (BIA) these are all possible galvanizers who are pushing these poor little stupid mind midget hater fucks onto me. THEY NEEDED A SERBIAN SCAPEGOAT FOR STORYTELLING, LOST WARS, NATIONAL CATASTROPHY AND LEGENDARY AND UNBELIEVABLY STUPID FAILURES DURING THE PAST 20 YEARS!!!!!! Call me no Serbian ever again, even if I was born one. I feel it a tremendous, terrible offence now. Comparing to the Universe, Serbia is a spittoon.


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