Tuesday, March 26, 2013


You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it. I did not learn this in timely fashion. That is why I have to put up with various bastards – dictionary of slang confirms there are such people - on Serbian streets. If I had a message for God it would be Serbia is a pigsty, you have to erase and start your doings here all over again. Here, they – the Serbs – are conspiring to poison one of their leaders from Kragujevac who thinks different.
One is suggesting "chemo therapy" which is lowlifes’ slang to poison him with some chemical poisons. www.serbiancafe. forum ( politics discussions ) will be your 101 lesson on all evil and dirt coming from Serbia. It all revolves about me and this blog too – someone is relaying to them information I put here. I am afraid of Serbs as well as their stupidity and evil.

After I had been beaten almost to death a month ago by a Serb who was incited to hate by the transparence of “the cooks” in Serbian state –- just recently on “my” street one familiar face waited until I approached him and spat when he was about five feet away from me and in my direction. I spat back at him. Then later I asked a neighbor if he or she knew who it was – as this same guy was walking on the street again. He or she said, yes he was one of two brothers /name known to blog author/ who live just a few houses away from you. I thought his face was familiar but did not realize he was another neighbor just fifty meters away. And then I learned that he worked for CIA, BIA (Serbian CIA) and that he got enormous amounts of money from United States to spread friendship among the Serbs and Americans and that he is an expert on terror often seen on Serbian TV. The very next day I got spat at by various bastards and lowlifes on the streets which now goes on day in and day out. There are many such people, I am sure they would at least poison me if they could, if they worked at some place where I would be visiting, let’s say a café or restaurant where they find job easily. I do not even know why they hate me, I assume they must have scapegoats for various disasters and defeats this country faced throughout its recent past and they found me; Serbia has been and is "cooking" and fabricating. Imagine if you would live in fear for life everyday without any prospects of founding a new family ever again. It goes on and on because Serbia and the United States will never admit what they had done to me. "The people" take baits and I feel their stupid hatred. This blog here is my only line of defense. Every unknown work of art has the potential to become a masterpiece soon and/or once. My potential as the creation of God and as of the human being is zero. This in my opinion is the American greeting card, an American protruding arm, as if you read this blog you probably know that I was wrestling with the pigs even there and got smeared for life. Americans and/or American CIA are on me like an incurable tumor. They paid these big guns here to spread their hatred.

One friend wanted me to join Freemasons and thus escape the terror which was brought upon me by the American and Serbian states. No, I would not be able to live in chaos that according to what I am going through rules in Serbia. If I was the head I would bring this country down for another 107 years and start everything fresh all over again from the ground zero. Even then it would not be possible to eliminate criminal mentality and the evil mind and separate chaff. The chaff is really the pig both in Serbia and America likewise. The workings for better humanity is only the dream, the reality is saving your life here from these bastards that want to kill, maim and poison body and mind.


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