Wednesday, April 03, 2013

dealing with bastards


Life is a game and for those who know how to play it -- it becomes a very interesting game. The key is love. Serbs do not know how to play this game. While some nations like Swiss or Danes play ballet, tennis or chess out of life even the harshest participants – the rugby players of the game of life = Americans know the rules. They learn where to stop, when it is enough even though they kill people and do waterboarding. But Serbs are there to take out opponents utilizing primitive and barbarian methods. They are not sports. I never got a chance for the new family beginning. Serbian society promoted pure hostility shaking down the roots of my networks, prospective friends and associates. In 19th century John Colter got a chance from uncivilized Indians. Serbs and "Montenegrins" think they are macho. For some reason they "all" wanna act macho. And for those macho Serbs Nicholas Almagro is papa. All those that think different could suck his original Latin cajones!!!
I have no words for Serbs. [22-32% I am encountering and protesting everyday; ages vary, all walks of life.] But they have a lot of spit for me, enough hatred to annihilate half of the world’s population. When I see stupid faces of those that are after me – I beg God for mercy. The world has not seen such lowlifes as of yet. Thank you America for eliminating me from whatever goodness I could have done to you. Here in Serbia I have published a book on great Serbian American painter Nicholas Petkovich and have done something positive for the benefit of the entire humanity. But no, these crazy bastards (crazy sounds like a compliment) want to crawl underneath my skin and punish me for something only they know what it is. Basically, the more better I am, more damage I am taking in here. I am clueless, no inkling, you cannot calculate crazy. Just imagine if I had to raise kids here in these hostile environments. First off, your sperm count would be so low to have kids in the first place with testosterone pumping situation occurring twenty times a day while living under constant stressful oppression and in constant fear. 

PS please let dear God know what is going on here. be quick. bring packs. 

dixi et salvavi animam meam  

This blog is the proof that human rights and right to free speech hit the rock bottom in Serbia as I am getting humiliated and harassed by many known and unknown people on the streets and other places such as the antique shows(got names), MAXI markets, public transportation,banks (s/o at Banca Intesa, April 6th, Slavija branch, approx. 11:15AM), etc,  as the result of it. This society does not allow me to continue living on. 

In all seriousness, after all, I am the patriot - champion of the human race.

If anyone peeks closely into my American “case” that preceded my Serbian disaster, he will find out that any roll of toilet paper values more than U.S. constitution. 

Imagine I was seeking help and shelter from United States:  what kind of bastards they could be to break you away from your family and return you to Serbia for Serbian revenge and perpetual harassment. Since I have no intentions of going back to USA (I hereby denounce American citizenship and having anything to do with that ...) America does not concern me anymore. What does is that new Serbian national blindness which they call patriotism. Something that America is too tired of. My critic of Serbian society is topping their hostility since the day 1 and I do not see too many prospects for myself in Serbia. However, I will fight all those here who are banging the drums trying to kick me out of this country making my life miserable day in day out. I will stand my ground in the country that has no “perfect” constitution and try to turn it into a better society at all costs.
so far this blog has been my only weapon.
they don't cut me no slack so why'd they have any?

Serbian police is responsible for letting Serbian scoundrels get away with their harassment. I believe they are even enticed by local police and Serbian government. Hence I do not have a moment of peace. As soon as they see me they turn to a harassment mode and they are proud of it! These are not even masonic battles as I do not believe that such an ungainly as Miki Prostran can become a member of a noble order and a brother. These are battles with local and evil Serbian pigs with inborn brain insanity. Prostran is by far the best man of all scoundrels even though he proclaimed many things he would do to me. This is about eliminating chaff from the Serbian society before the chaff eliminates me. My message to all those who support hooligans, criminals, pigs in Belgrade, Be afraid, be very very afraid. This is from me. It is a cool thing to hate America in Belgrade these days. One of the national leaders and a hero to many who is imprisoned in Hague told the Western World and leaders to “suck his cock” /see on youtube/. What can be expected from the followers? To listen to the word of wise, respect and be humane? I do not like America either. So what sparks these mental midgets' hatred unless pure stupidity and ignorance.

I see no other catch. A bunch of posers formed a hip hop band Beogradski sindikat to promote African American ghetto culture in Serbia and now would be gangsta Serbs are trying to imitate what they are not - walking large with hoods and the works. This is what I am dealing with. Madness. Serbs get everything the wrong way. They are lama stupid in lack of better terms and oh, yeah, lama gets my respect and sympathies. And what's worst, I am their American-approved punching bag to brush up on skillz. Just read my lips and mind my words. I believe I have the allies and I've never been alone.

Following up on 11th april 2013: as I was getting off a tram no. 2 near the bridge one guy (approx. age of 23) spat at me with hatred in his eyes looking proud at all passengers as he had done a national heroic deed. I am not accusing novak djokovic but his unbiased supporting of these people after his victiories is directly approving biased hatred and providing them wings. Why novak? He is the only person 95% serbs admire at this time. Next comes putin, but imo only 60-65%. Spitting. Same did one tall palestinian guy who lives in kralja vladimira street and whom I see a lot. He spat at me today. my immediate neighbor is also palestinian whose name is abu musa and he calls my mother a whore. He is backed by belgrade’s muftija (mufti) as they both were looking for donation money throughout arab countries and I cannot do nothing to him while if I said something back both serbs and muslims would be after me. Belgrade is the whorehouse indeed. Many friends said let it go – those who do not know what is really happening to you will call you crazy.. My point is this: how can I enter any object, say a restaurant and expect a decent service from someone who spits at me. I have no idea who these people are, why are they doing it, where they work, to what cause and what they want from me. All I know they come in large numbers, they are mostly male and majorly Serbian. To me this situation is a pure anarchy in deed and once the forces of good prevail in Serbia this blog will disappear. I do not see it happening any time soon. 

April 12th 2013: As I was waiting for the streetcar on Dusanova street, there was a bunch of young hoodlums on the windows of high school across the street booing, yelling and peptalking to one of their buddies who was walking around on the station. All of a sudden something was smelling funny as I believe he took out a can of something and sprayed around and behind me so I got both heart and lung aches all day today.
April 13th 2013, postal office downtown, Vuka Karadzica str.: As I was waiting in line surrounded by approx.. 30 plus Serbs – nothing happened! I was waiting and waiting for someone to start making man made noises but again to no avail. It was unbelievable as they all had made a pact. I was thinking, c’mon motherfuckers  here I am, bring it on. There were several coughs - perhaps unintentional -  and that was it. Simply unbelieavable. For this is Serbia and not Switzerland. As soon as I walked out on the street things started changing a bit. So I reckon it is for the surveillance cameras, someone told ‘em what not to. an't shit, useless phony niggas.
I don’t know if Americans wanted to turn me into a Serbian wipe rag so every single Serbia shit could wipe his dick off of me. I truly feel like the rag. Perhaps America repatriated me under ultimatum: “Leave this guy alone!” and that explains why certain Serbs do everything to confront what America wanted? Every fucking Serbian jerkoff can jerk it on me right now. I feel like an ultimate raped victim.

I am hated by many. Miki Stamenkovic who owns antique store downtown took it on me today (April 15th) by saying: Wash your hat before you come into my fancy store. It looks like you got it at flea market. To what I replied: Perhaps I did. The retort was: Okay, then keep going there* and stay away from my shop ("Nosorog"; *although I have never been to flea market more than 20 times in my entire life.) Prior to that Stamenkovic low-balled me an offer to buy some of his crap he wanted to get rid of to which I counter offered my but-still-a-fair lowball just to let it go.

I was advised by friends: Milos, Milos, please, don’t write on this guy, he is going to kill you. He is connected to both mob, the government and all the fags in the City. He likes to serve his revenge cold. Don't be flashing your pellet pistol with them.
Well, I do not know what to say. Perhaps it is that time that someone do kills me, because it is what these guys really want. I do not see what good life can bring anymore. It boils down to harassment and more harassment. Furthermore, I do not see my bad and what sparks the tons of hatred on the part of these stupid ass Serbian motherfuckers.


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