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Even without too many obstacles 
it would be very difficult to accomplish plain goals. 

Perhaps like my friends said - you never do stuff without a reason, since there is no way forward without redemption – perhaps I should ask America for forgiveness and the big fix /even though they pulled off to break up my family forever together with Vojska Jugoslavije*/ as I had made a mistake of going there /U.S.A./ in the first place /instead of Europe/, it was a case and saga of complete cultural and literal misunderstanding, but what do I owe Serbs who like mad dogs are taking a bite of my flesh and soul everyday. I don’t owe them anything not a piece of me and I do not need their apology ever. I’d describe modern day Serbia as an earthly prison like hell for the free mind.
 *The day of my supposed return February 4 2003 marked the official ending of Vojska Jugoslavije although i managed to prolong my stay for a month which was March 7, when the guy who probably technically allowed it all /signaling with that move that he brought peace and stability to Serbia, like hell he did!/ was targeted by truck to no avail on the highway that connects airport and the city - dr Zoran Djindjic, as his destiny was sealed only five days later. 
Presently, I've been officially twilight zoned, chopped and screwed into una persona-non-grata No.1!!!!!!!
do serbs hate me cos i am so unique - in my past lives i could've only been the american 
(national hero, at that): G.A.Custer, and then Theo van Gogh 
and let's keep a little bit of mystery here...
I was praying to God to let all this about me end in the gentlemen’s fashion, but hell no, with Serbian bastards any reasonable agreement is out of question.
No. 1: For 12 years I have been hoping for a brand new start. For 12 years these obnoxious Serbian cretins have been obstructing my tries to jumpstart fresh again and found a family. This shameful public harassment was heavily intensified by Serbian and U.S. spec-op depts after I was protesting with a banner in front of American Embassy in Belgrade in 2007. I protested because they had been obstructing communication with my family in America. As a result of this public mind impalement, adding to that pressure, there an't one Serb girl with a courage to go out with me, but they look at me like I am a certified maniac. I mind too what they might experience when they are not with me, so I want to spare them from these cruelties nevertheless. I do not want to see any Serbian girl in fear and/or feeling awkward let alone being gang raped by these bastards because of me. Especially not the one who had won my heart. I have deserved a much better refurbished life since I have not done any harm to anyone in my life
The point that they cornered me and I cannot be an ordinary badass anymore (re: love-family life) hurts the least. The major  pain comes from the fact that sticking together with Serbians gives them some sort of credibility, the same credibility - a prerequisite of freedom - that USA does not have at this time. All the while I feel they are trying to skin me alive although they squeezed out the living juice of me already! As regards my precarious situation some things are irreversible and some are fully inhibited while the wholehearted obstruction on the Serb and American part concerning my depleted efforts to get back to "normalcy" is taking continuous effect.
In all that, Americans can rightfully laugh their pejorative asses off, "that's the stone (Serbia) you crawled from and back to, it's your people, it's who you are - look how they treat you. Stay there with your friends and brothers - Serbs, the powers that be and the profane Serbs, you are all brothers. Why complain? Right there we see the difference between the lions and larvae maggots. Americans will shield in awe even their criminals, remember the case of an American youth hooligan who slashed over 200 tires in Bangcock." That bullshit - bigger fish eating smaller fish has been same for gazillion years.
TODAY AGAIN (*18th of April) I was confronted on the tram station by a built-up-muscles Serb hooligan who called his friend “Matsa”. Before they came to the station these two had heartily greeted a known Serbian mob figure who can be seen in “See you in the obituary” movie – Vozdovac gang. At that time, this guy was a small, petty thief. He can be only seen there like the lice, in other words, he was not a major figure (major mobsters were talking, this guy now closer to 50 YOA was not then even allowed time to talk) like the rest who are all dead now. I must note that during 1980-90s when this old school mafia was alive shit like that would not be happening to me. Present guys do not value life. As a matter of fact, any Philly Watts sTreet nigga would eat them for breakfast while they are still alive. So for the power. Serb mobsters do not deserve to be compared with Skinny Joey Merlino as any South Philly American would fuck them many times over before they would know what’s going on. This was only mentioned to get the idea what I am dealing with here Serbia wise. Sknny Joe was for real, and these mofos are for real but only in my life. In Mexico, they would be found elsewhere in the bodybags without heads and bones. They would not be worth mentioning otherwise if they did not have guts to take it at me!!! That’s all they can and that is the point. I wish they come into the nightmare dreams of  George W Bush who was on the watch when crazy things happened to me. Even though I almost feel he was like an older or younger brother to me in our ex-lives. Indirectly, his administration let it happen. And what this Serbian shit was doing? He was walking around me on the station making noise with the set of keys like crazy. All the people knew why he was doing it but they were scared to move. I was not scared to move but was deeply touched. These guys usually spend time somewhere at a gym building up their muscles for the soccer games when they like to engage in fights. Often they are making extra money selling drugs and spending time at the bookies namely “Mozzart” and "Balkan Bet" nearby Vozdovac church - Vojvode Stepe Blvd. Sometimes they can be seen in Vitanovacka street at Caffe Club Mr. Smit (without h). Their age varies, they are approx. 25-30. One of the groups that apparently changed their approach (into acceptable) regarding me is the one with whom a certain “Goozuh” (nickname - thanks being to him) who knows me is associated with. I think they are called United Forces. These two jerkoffs today may be from the "United Forces" as well or completely independent fucks but they also may be Partizan or Red Star thugs who do petty shit crimes like selling small time dope etc. I want it to stop you stupid ass America – since you had started it all while every word I said in this blog counts, I used to rant before, not know. Let 'em RIP (not in Peace but in Pain.) Even though you ruined my family back in 2002 you are still my Big Brother.[family matters] Now go get these worms that crawled out from the can you opened!!! I am growing older every day and don't have much time for bullshiting left in my tank. I say 12 Serbian years is enough.
PS Some people in the Serbian administration right now want to portray as this shit is happening to everyone and they even stage fights – hooligans vs. politicians where nothing really happens and nobody gets hurt not physically nor emotionally. They are all posers unless it is about me – they know noone is protecting me around here – and they are determined to ruin my life and not let me continue living it normally. 

  FOLLOW UP: April 18th 2013


In America, this would have been a $2 million indemnity but I am not that type of guy. 

Walking to Mac Donald’s restaurant on Zeleni Venac, Belgrade (Serbia) I was spat on by couple of Serbs because that’s a major traffic hub where many jerk-offs are roaming around esp. the youngsters. It seems impossible to embed any type of moral etiquette into the Serbian mind. To recollect, only after a Serb spat into the face of German cultural attache in 1941 Belgrade was bombed by Hitler.

As I walked in Mac Donald’s and ordered filter coffee and milkshake I noticed promptly that my shake was only half full. “White shirt” girl said 'our milkshake machine is not working properly so we usually add more filling after the initial sip.' I said 'look this is only half full' and as I was taking the half empty tray the guy who was helping her did not close the coffee cup lid properly and hot coffee spilled all over my dick and testicles. You can see it (dark stains) on my boxers - images enclosed. They asked if I was all right and I said yes even though it was burning like hell. What could have I said: I will sue you now bastards! They returned vanilla shake which had a chocolate residue and in pain I complained again to the "white shirt" guy who was “assuring” me the shake was okay!!! I was not so sure and the white shirt lady than exchanged it for ice cream. As I was asking her for some wet napkins to relieve my pain they grabbed the tray with a receipt so I cannot prove that I was in MacDonald’s today – 19th of April 2013 Zeleni Venac, Belgrade, around I think 19:00-19:20 so I cannot take this matter to court. While I was in WC trying to cool my intimate parts off - they did empty the tray with a receipt on it. If you have any suggestions what I should do, please give me a call. On a lie detector test they cannot lie. See all that hot coffee that did the damage:

 God knows if I will be able to have sex ever again?! And that because of the fucking Mac Donald's

Follow up on April 23r d 2013: As I was driving out wheelbarrow to take trash to the top of the street, a group of male and female teenagers (approx. 10 of them; 12-17 yoa) was gathered in front of the number 7. As I passed I overheard a few of them trying to talk others into hating me on an instance mentioning Novak Djokovic and something that he was (I assume also) doing. When I was returning they lined up in the positions that I immediately realized they were up to no good. They practically closed off the passage in a way that I had to walk next to them. As I passed the crowd I looked sideways not knowing what to expect and one of them had something like a powerful laser light pointed at me. I quickly turned head forward but it blinded me so bad I have a terrible headache and hereby I am confirming another instance of Serbian terror approved and initiated by the United States. I wish this country goes down in every possible way because neither in America things like this were not happening to me. Like I said many times, what prevents many bad Serbs from attacking others is fear; the consequences and a lack of hustling which in my cases do not exist. People here as youngsters are hustled to go at me because they feel they are guaranteed safety or else. Nothing is preventing Serbs from doing whatever bad they can imagine to me. I want the world (not America because it has no conscience) to find out about this nation of pure bastards. I wonder how these motherfuckers can be punished and prevented from genetic anomaly which leads them to do harm to others. This happened over a half an hour ago around 20:10 and I am still visually impaired with some eyeball pain and headache on top of being extremely frustrated, agitated and confused. Please, please try to understand these people are not a joke, they an't Dennis the Menace, they are pure  evil. 
PS Several years ago, when Novak Djokovic was ridiculed as a "smoked up pipe" locally and put down by many Serbs and before he became a national hero I bet some people from CNN know that I had favored him over Federer at this blog. I bet B.A. (from CNN) knows it for I wrote about her too at that time. This is to say that any belief in Serbs does not pay off, in the end you can end up dead or with no eyes whatsoever. I swear by God everything stated herewith is true. This situation could only equal to the one whereby someone in Witness Protection Program is publicly exposed by the government (or those whose power equals the power of government) to be unselectively punished by the masses of crazed up imbeciles on the street. NOBODY IS GOING TO RETURN MY EYESIGHT BACK AND I DO NOT OWE THESE MOTHERFUCKERS ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I don't think you should have sex ever again. You are insane :)

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