Friday, July 29, 2011

anti-serb [ scared to death. ]

government is taking charge with me. they are sending troikas - groups of three crazy looking plainclothed maniacs to harass me in public transportation. usually them three gangsters (aka agents) gather around me on all three sides and start pushing people around and on me. they have well played-in combinations for any occasion as people get aggravated just on me somehow. when i am exiting bus and there are twenty serbs lined up behind me it makes me want to scream if you kick me from behind i will kill you as i am looking down and behind at their killer looking tapered shoes. some serbs wear this kind of lethal shoes they can kill with, not a smooth and wholesome nike sneakers like me. esp. those radical serbs do not wear american joints. well today they got me so scared and aggravated i had to take a shit at municipal building of vracar municipality /while the guards came to investigate what i was doing in the toilet/. i was either scared or nervous to be struck with looseness. luckily i did not have to clean anything not shitting all over the toilet like the last time when it was the combination of a deliberate incitation /to anger/ and a hot bourek meal that topped the notch for the all-firing jetstream. i was so disturbed, could not aim right which also means i will join the seals in another life. only in serbia they provide these extra crazy names to streets and buildings. vracar literally means the sorcerer. another street in belgrade is named after dragon of the night and so bloody on. in philadelphia it was so boring, i street, k street, l street ... taking shit on broad avenue, bluck. while in belgrade, it is the municipal building. that's where i usually take a shit after being bombarded by these serbs from all sides with heavy artillery. they are most happy and beatific if they squeeze a nice and long one out while standing a feet away from me - the slandered one. fart puts smiles on their faces. on the other hand, lavatory gives me the time to regroup and consider what's next. then i go to take a quick chow and am back again to another serb-borne situation.


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