Friday, July 22, 2011

milos, milos, come out to play a game

this fresh scar on the root of my nose is the laser burn. my eyes also hurt (burn) like hell. today, somewhere, somehow someone has got me with the laser beam. fuck you united states, your freedom and liberties likewise.

Imagine if Robert P. Hanssen was released from jail. There won't be a place in America where he would have been bothered in public. I cannot imagine that; for everything is spread out, there is not any concentration of people at one place, not even in NYC, esp. not of those that would be ready to instigate trouble like the soccer hooligans or young post-soc hoodlums. Most people there would not even know who this guy was and they would not follow him around ready to attack at any minute. On the contrary, Serbs want my death and I an't no Serbian R. P. Hannsen. what america has done to me reminds me of the plot in Walter Hill's movie Warriors... In order to come from one part of Belgrade to another I need to pass through several enemy territories and I have not met many people that wish me well around here as a number of especially young hooligans (esp. in groups) is eager to attack me. that's the most obvious thing, but what are they doing that i cannot see is probably the scariest part. in the end those who truly killed the 'great' leader are calling out milos, milos, come out to play a game. everything is surreally real, even the man-made noise which they make by rattling their keys instead of rattling empty bottles of milk. the only difference is: instead of happening only once like in the movie, to me it is happening every day. I think it is the lowliest dirty game USA has ever played on someone as they must be all smiles right now of how well they were able to set these cavemen onto someone like me who did not deserve to undergo such a horrible terror in the first place. I would like to know one reason behind why all these hordes of Serbian maniacs are after me, young and old, what are they trying to achieve, why would they like to get me, why are they pointing lasers at me, why would they like to swish my ass when I do not know any single one of them and how come they all know me. I know there are many more people, if not all, who really deserve the public scrutiny and lynching. Why was I the only one at this rolecall whereby I ended up as the only one that cannot walk freely in this city but have to have a bunch of loonies following me around, freaking out when they see me and doing things that are suitable for some terror-concentration camp rather than to the civilized city like Belgrade. I am not even talking about consequences and that is the development of personal hatred and animosity toward me in each one Serbian being. For these self made "vigilantes" I am the easiest target as they are born cowards like Jack Ruby, and they think they can get me on their own either to become heroes in the eyes of the nation, or just because they are mean and stupid and evil, or as the consequence of some larger public or private conspiracy, I do not know. I just know I am innocent of something they hate me for. I can prove that. I also know that my life has been in apparent danger for almost nine years from the moment the United States introduced me here.

Concerning Goran Hadzic, war fugitive wanted by USA and covered by Serbian network of confederates, this guy was able to remarry in hiding and even father a child. Just read the post below to see what is going on with me, the one who is not hiding while apparently "living large" in Serbia. Large - my ass. My life has been a million times less interesting and procreastic than the life of the man, Hadzic, in hiding, the one United States was after for seven years. Fuck you, United States for subjecting me to the lights of unwelcome publicity and for setting the new standards for conspiracy so monstruous Stalin would have been proud of.
Note: One small clue how the system and people are turned against me in this country - if someone would want to investigate - are the doings of internet auction site (aka serbian eBay). Even though I have all positive feedback there /no negative, or neutral/ they have exercised their discretionary right to close my auction account for good and are not allowing me to open another one under different user name all under entirely nebulous explanations. It was the source of the very limited amount of funds I was able to make there. This to me is pure and conditionalized (by political and military factors) discrimination which also influences further attacks on me across the country. While in other words Goran Hadzic is the perfect example of someone who in hiding was enjoying all the benefits of a perfectly normal life and more, my living represents all things he was supposed to undergo in hiding. Nothing allowed.

Let's be honest, Serbian government recently dug out the dog bones and attributed them to Draza Mihajlovic, WWII guerilla, who was fighting Germans as well as the communists. What a joke. What is really going on, Serbia is governed by those that stem their power directly from the communist post WWII movement. In this country the president is the poser and one has to ask Jovo Kapicic, Joska Broz, Milutin Mrkonjic and other Milosevic;s men for what goes. While in America I was confronted by anticommunists accusing me of being Slobodan Milosevic's spy (they dreamed up a funny dream) and they through their connections benefited to what happened to me there. This is happening wherever I go, I make enemies - unwillingly. I can smell the rat as far as "the Serbian eBay" - is concerned in the socialist and communist camp (now well camouflaged with different westernized names) whose influence is the greatest around here even though it is July 22nd 2011. Even if by some miracle - because there are only two centers of power around here - my living quality in Serbia is being limited by democratic forces the shame for this country would be even bigger then, and the consequences are well known.

Some of my alleged sins with limundo that were the basis for banishing my presence at that site were- selling tobacco (instead i was selling empty pouches of pipe tobacco)- posting a funny auction which was posting a postcard with an image of lion holding a mirror with reflection of a cat- posting a link to wikipedia several times for several penalties- malusing limundo system for posting key words in the auction/ key words not allowed- posting an official document (instead i was selling police id card of a deceased person who happens to be an ex-Yugoslav chess champion) and so on...stupidity never ends while even now there is a unbanished limundo user with user name gestapo and noone at limundo has been bothered with that. Limundo, look no further, the first stop if your start looking about the equal opportunity in Serbia. key words: political revengefullness, serbia, totalitarian regimes and atavism ...

In 1999, TIME wrote BRINGING SERBS TO HELL: for as long as i can remember i was always in the crossfire of those wanting to bring serbs to hell and those accusing me of being a traitor and UNpatriot ... perhaps, my problems originate even in elementary school and those that know me can witness that i was always a single target of all bullies (out of 38 kids in the elementary class).


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