Monday, July 25, 2011

underrated troublemakers

there are people who self-sentenced themselves to unmistakably and always pass between the opportunities.

now that the story about me has dawned on the pages of one obscure vojvodina's magazine a multitude is approaching me ... thinking ... this guy is lying b'out the trouble he is in ... see, he is passing us by, we cool, nothing happened, it is baloney ... my hearing is good, i hear their silent comments, but, they do not see me when i quickly turn right and find myself in the bookies and other places they do not go to where in a matter of seconds my "normal" life shuts down and it starts spinning in the unknown, uncontrolled direction.
it is what i am talking about. today as i wanted to spend 0.75 cents on my daily sport tips i ran into two young gangsters, serbian hoodlums nothing else, one had a montenegrin accent, who were "proposing" love to my favorite - sweetest teller ever. she is the cutest among the tellers. i stopped to listen what would she say and was amazed that she answered to all of their stupidity. i thought - i was coming there for months and the simple key to her heart was to be rude. babe, i know you want to. just like that. out of blue and be persistent for minutes on end. could not quite imagine that. if i was a girl i would immediately dare vomit at the very sight of these two punks but i decided not to test my luck and made an exit quickly. i am not a movie de niro, i am a real life de niro - a pussy. damn. i've just discovered, it seems as if some girls like to be raped when i get down to the bottom of human courting. i cannot be nothing but nice and it must be my deal breaker with girls, the serbian girls just despise me. unfortunately, even in usa my luck was to come across love soliciting gays. as soon as they would see me greeks and philadelphian gays were after me salivating their mouth for my hips and greco-roman-jewish-arabian-irish-scotch-hindu nose (which was fight broken and looks so and i complexed it ever since). i must be a real gay magnet. this unconfirmed fact made me hate philadelphia but it also helped me out of the united states. bruce the boss made song philadelphia about gays - philaldephia must be the gay capital of the world. there are a lot of gay guys there - especially jews - and gays do not like anyone - they are all natural born killers like the guy who killed versace, they ruled an out for me (see earlier). perhaps in order to maintain my family i should have kissed ass and sucked dick of those that were kissing asses and sucking dicks of those that ruled for me.
well, vozdovac where i live was the base for the vozdovac gang and these two young hoodlums were not even born when goran vukovic monkey was around. but these two were behaving like they owned a freaking place, i could have not got to the teller's boot because they were right there on it, jumping around and moving in jerks. i thought, if need be, i could fight my way through, i could punch one in the face and take another one down, pacman style, as i am sure they wanted to get me involved in trouble as of the minute i got in. one of them was sizing me up and when i went toward the exit it was proven to me they obviously knew me as he was leaning to snoop where i was and what i was doing and his sight was right there onto me until i got out. i felt weird. well what, he drives a space machine, he's got money - if i was for sale to buy me many times over - and in serbia he has got every right to scorn and disrespect me, right?! i could not just stand there and take their bragadochio and their scorning looks, i decided to bail myself out from those pits of hell. even if they had guns, i was not afraid of no guns. what's this bozo's point?! what's my point? i am not sure. i wonder if there is any girl anywhere in the world that would be brave nuff to come live with me. maybe that's point. not a number one as becky a. or blonde candy (sporty, jiffy and lubricated), mind you, but any decent young bird, even the american is okay if she works for no cia or the government. if i'd lucked out with no.1 i'd give her on paper i want nothing of hers so she'd know - it an't for the dough, but just for that fact that i would not feel hard doing anything as long as she is around. /surprise, surprise/ apropos, i ve seen a number of american girls in belgrade during this summer. they all knew who i was [k], but they were all ignoring me, neither one wanted to say hi, so i guess there went the opportunities. (opportunities for what, i am glad i am learning about becoming stupid; one day i will be the man) jeez, i am quite undecided; i just know i feel bad for my time is running out and girls go for those who drive fast cars with tinted windows and flash money. without a car, i simply walk and by walking i get into more troubles for trouble awaits in the means of public transportation. all disturbed, hating, maverick serbs are there. i am screwed from all sides. i know these two bought their car that will get them my favorite one by either selling drugs or robbing some object. there cannot be any other way. i know they will destroy her and make her regret remembering what destiny had in offer. but then again if i do not write this, she would not know what was offered in the first place at any rate down the line. well, i blame united states for everything. they (cia) are the ones that got onto my immi case for like i said i was born suspicious and a trouble magnet besides being a gay magnet. united states and their serbian associates tried to link me with mafia. they were testing me and the story got broke for many of these agents and snitches (church habitat) are winos. wrong story emerged nevertheless. usa got me into the trouble. i mean i was innocent of anything and quaking with 22 yoa for uncertain future imagining 50 bullets in brain and body. i knew it was coming one day, they set me for the course. nope. i am not and was not mafia member but i am an adventurer. i am not robbing banks but i like going places where one can meet trouble and an occasional rose. trouble forms itself of others who spend their ill gotten gains. i just do not go to businesses where they (who are they?) and their buddies (the waiters) can poison me. in that respect, just a superficial screening of guests gives me positive or negative vibrations - about whether it's okay to stay there or not. it's too bad the number of places where i can relax is very limited. by looks, regular people regard me as one of their own, and they cannot imagine anything bad happening to me, but they do not go to bookies and suspicious places, et cetera. when cia linked me to serbian mafia, when it all started, i tried helping myself by electro shocking self on a daily basis with 9 - 12 volts, i was biting and chewing on these silly ends knowing americans do not care for endangering anyone's life... for them i was only another serbian maggot from russia. then i found art. i was trying to help myself but it did not work, i was getting into the real nightmare that still lasts, not 24 hours a day as it used to be, but once in a while when i run into the serbs - maniacs that can get girls./
in addition, 10 montenegrin albanians gang raped american girl in yugoslavia's tito time basing their defence on one fact - she was asking for it - she wore a mini. in order to maintain political relations, the well known case was thrown under the carpet (in other words it was not on cnn when there was no cnn). this montenegrin guy - not albanian, but perhaps a kosovar serb - and the other guy, from today, i despise them. montenegrins, albanians, italians, greeks, levi strausses, assanges, these types they will be on the top of your girl the minute you turn your back (and the pricks know how it works - the bad-mannered, primitive way) just like the turks in istanbul, or egyptians in tripoli (naturally not all, most of those that can get it up) , they want to fuck everyone as soon as the chance appears. i mean i was living in the friend's house with him and his wife for months and never used an opportunity to try advancing situation to a physical sin. finally, another levi strauss jealous of my young wife stated : you know what, he was soliciting (naturally, fbi provided this false and crooked information, who else, these morons were either hallucinating on bad, seized and unburned opiates or they did it on purpose since i was the "serbian" - I WAS THE VICTIM OF AMERICAN GENERALIZATION SO WHY CANNOT I GENERALIZE, OF COURSE IT IS NOT POLITE BUT I WILL, I AM POWERLESS TO ENDANGER ANY LIVES AND MINE WAS RUINED PLUS I AN'T A BETTER MAN) and i am kicking him from the united states. I WAS NEVER SOLICITING YOU BAD JEWISH PRICK, ASK DEJAN KOVACEVIC AND HIS JACK AND JILL ICE CREAM SELLING GIRLFRIEND FROM TEL AVIV AND OR WHOMEVER MISIDENTIFIED THEMSELVES AS BEING ME. ASK THOSE WHO PAID WHORE FOR CELEBRATING NENO'S (I ONLY HEARD OF THIS BOSNIAN GUY) BIRTHDAY AND PERHAPS IDENTIFIED THEMSELVES AS BEING ME WHEN THEY MADE THAT CALL. YOU UGLY PRICK. NOW IT IS TOO LATE. YOU RUINED MY FAMILY. it is simply unbeliavable what is happening to me, i am not a monk, i am not stupid like all these stupid that get what i don't - the girls. hey (as to a horse) i want to be stupid too. ninety degrees. being a smart ass i used to date an american greek transexual without even noticing it - i have not had a clue - until my serbian friends, aforementioned dejan, turned my attention. the only time i got lucky, jewish stupid ass judge - honeyman - shows up, whilst the other guy who would have had more understanding was alas transfered to california, and then this fucking guy, this heinie-shit, farts and ruins my life. that's it, he just farted and it was my ass. he slushed my future showing no remorse as if i was not an all american dog. i had asked earlier what was my point - i do not know what my problem is, let alone the point. comes to think of it, perhaps it was the magic that cia casted upon me. i get the picture of a lion chasing for the kill, and the prey stops, the lion stops, the prey comes forth to the lion and he just does not know what to do with his hands. america has killed the lion in me, it killed my instincts. they poured something into the prison water, in the drinks. if someone smoking red hot serves herself on the table, i would not know what to do. even though i wasn't ever really a lion, it is cool to dream about being one and it happening soon, altho safest is the shortest way around. but they gave me the life of slow death, prison that stretches a bit into the open city, a bit of space surrounded by urban monkeys, they washed the dirt off their hands and that is about it
and if it was not just enough i am splitting with my confidence, there are numerous those aggressive as well as downright dangerous in their aggression that are just told they are supposed to harrass me any way possible, or at least they do so, not understanding anything about me or my situation as it happened today on kalenic market when the gypsy guy hit me in the back and continued goose walking showing off muscles and everything. it was very nasty. then i realized man, this has gone out of hand, completely. they are not only trying to jump on the wagon and pick on me to have their photos appear on my blog, these guys have no clue what are they doing other than for the primitive territorial instincts and me being in their bullsights, imagine black rhinos in africa, or damaged crazy bulls in spanish corida rings. true, spaniards do not call me the matador as yet. now i know shortest dogma is the human destiny.


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