Thursday, July 28, 2011


oh becky i keep dreamin of you! charmelam! if i just had the support of the serbian government. / man, this guy is crazy!!!!/ what life has to offer, they make a vital scandal here in belgrade, and she comes around to do her job, instead of let's say - arquett? damion?, cannot think of her rrright name right now. not. ray, ray, ray, ray, ray, sunshine!!! sweetie pie!!! earthquake!!! babycakes!!! man oh man - boeing!!!! i am missing my RIB!!! and namely am serious!!! come save yAr robot with missin rib && drained baterries!!! bear witness - tell it to me - it an't my imagination!!! bear witness - in love /from the moment i saw u/ but not endorsed on the serbian part by not having that kind of friendly mechanics available hither. otherwise, i know dress code of state's tv anchors targets my situation. in that regard, wife of serbia's foreign minister (major tv anchor) went south with her decor after i had posted the blog entry below. well, it immy parallels to the guy a harvard post grad who shows poor verbal skills articulating english by talkin into his chin. okay, mr. power line man, my blog got in your way, but you better start avoiding mr. djokovic's lodge cos his my favorite man on the tour.


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