Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the worm...jew in palestine scandal

July 20th 2011: Neo nazies in Hungary release WWII nazi criminal responsible for slaughtering people in Novi Sad, Serbia. Jewish nazies and Italian fascists in USA have destroyed my family. I feel like a Jew in Palestine, land is mine in the holy books, but I am surrounded by enemies. How could I feel safe anymore? I am roaming throughout my neighborhood examining hatred in the eyes of those that were led to hear something about me...They are asking themselves a great question, how does this man survive, only to conclude: "it has to be something under the table, some cheat is underway..." their thought process is such for their mind is crooked, they would have sold their mothers for 50 bucks. If America wanted to get rid of me, American Embassy in Belgrade should just reanonunce the $50.00 headhunt reward. There would be many of those Serbs getting into the American ass and rubbing their palms, earning fifty bucks along the way. A big time reward. People in the world have no clue how Serbs hate me and when they see my new Crocs they are boiling with hatred I was able to buy a pair. There are two sorts: one that has got much better living than me, and those that "are so poor the snake cannot bite them". True for both types is that their social life is much better than mine as well as sexual life. They are allowed to socialize and live - because that's all there is to it - friendship - either you got friends in Serbia or the life is a prison. I cannot get laid on the top of the fact that I am not allowed to set up a new family. Okay , ol'e Mom , America [through its proxies] was very enthusiastic about not allowing me to set up the new family, but at the same time they scared the shit out of all the girls that could have been with me. When these girls see me, they turn their heads away as from the something unacceptible, and they shit their pants shaking and shivering from the possibility that I may ask them something or anything. they see no security with me, they will feel safer with even the most retarded, resentful, boondock cheap serb. a key to their success may be that serbs like to lie, i am this or that, and after that is too late, i guess for the girls. i have no chances. comes to think of it, even if i had money and cars like jay leno, i doubt the things would have been any different for me. from my point they all look high maintenance although they are going out with some unbelievable jerks to my entire dismay. and i an't picky, i would have sailed off with the first half-decent one. i can only sob: ...america, america, whut did you do to me... serbian girls feel they would be burned like they know i was / i am and it is all american fault. this country is deliberately on the top and behind all of it. no girl, not albanian nor bushmanese, would trade their freedom for getting burned in the eyes of its nation. i always wondered how did the accused killers ira einhorn or charles manson got girls?! i do not even know what my crimes are but to me it is the mission impossible! serbs look at me as if i was a worm. i did not want to fight for milosevic's family, america, and all those that made profit in the war that are now ruling the country from behind the curtains. i've never seen such luxurous living anywhere on the planet. like they all are dealing drugs. let's see, cars, breezing of the refreshing aire of freedom around these beautiful bodies...i am just noticing... (at the end of the day, money talks and america and those it was fighting have put up to destroy me; what else is happening to me) on the other side of the medal, those serbs that do not have money parade themselves in front of me looking down at me like 19th century peacocks as if i was some cheap swindle and they look to me as if they would kill for five dollars. these are the serbs. always wanting to be on the top - following the great leader - whoever that may be. 99.99% of Serbian girls do not care about the intelligence of my type. i do believe i am more intelligent than all these serbian macho sheeyat which i can still beat in the street fight anytime even though i am 0% machismo and done up by the dirty acts of the united states. these toads have nothing on me but the serbian girls go for them. both are loaded with love and sex, for them there is nothing but the love and sex, just a little money. i can only dream like i had used to, before america has done me up; in all honesty, i feel like, as if i was a top jewish american surgeon send to serbia to be back engineered by this cavemen. nothing but. this injustice is killing me. i would slay all those americans that played this untruly low game with me. there is no damage control here; no compromise plan. if americans were to ask themselves something they never will, why do we care about it, i would've replied because you broke it, motherfuckers, to the point of repair impossible. tick, tick, tick, tick... i was sent here to die. psychologically, more than anything. this is the modern day slavery of the worst type and i am the slave of the nbc renee chenault's husband chaka fattah and all those that played this dirty game with me dying a slow death here in serbia. the only thing they are not affectin' now is my ability to serve Lord.

i think i have been off of the track for two long and i may be screaming: as if they are forcing me to write this, i am not no monk and i am not down to an animal fuck not just yet nor ever, i am the human being and my needs are natural, and as if they are forcing me into writing this in or after some unsuccessful experiment they initiated (usa to be precise)... in mycase, you can catch them with dirty hands any minute, because i am living their wrongdoing... i just cannot start up my family, cannot even reach the step one in the process, and when i see all those that do, i get sick in my stomach asking what did i do to them to earn all this; so my goal is to react no matter what, not only because all of my human rights were stepped over but i know full well my life has well ended even though it will never truly begin.


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